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Romantic Messages For Your Husband

Romantic Messages For Your Husband

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There are so many ways to spice up a marriage; you do not have to break the bank before getting gift for your husband. Trust me, sometimes little things such as sending him romantic messages matters a lot. You don’t have to wait until his birthday or wedding anniversary before you send him heart warming messages.

One of the sweetest modes of sending these romantic messages is by dropping it on his phone before he wakes up, or when he is at the office, you can also do that while both of you are sitting together in the living room. Just find a unique way of sending these messages in such a way that it turns him on and makes him yearn for you.

Men, sometimes, act like they are too busy to pay attention to their romantic life, but they need their wives to inspire them by giving a greenlight, and they would take a cue from that.

Here are some of the romantic messages for your husband

  1. Nothing beats waking up to see you by my side each morning. I look forward to 100 more yeas of this beautiful moment. Good morning heartbeat.


  1. I can’t ever get enough of you; you are my priceless Jewel.


  1. You are the epitome of what a man should be, I trust you with my life.


  1. I just want to let you know that you mean the world to me, even if I don’t get to show this to you often.


  1. You are always my big baby. We have been each other “besties” before the kids arrive, and we will forever be. Trust me, no one would ever take your place. I love you.


  1. You are not just a loving husband or a caring father, you are an amazing man and I love you dearly.


  1. Marrying you is one of the best decisions of my life. I am glad our paths crossed. I will always love you my darling husband.


  1. My love, thank you for giving me nothing but joy in these past years. You have loved me beyond my expectation and I won’t take that for granted.


  1. Thanks for making other women jealous of me, you treat me just like the queen I am. You are my king forever.


  1. I pray that we wake up each day with joy in our heart, so that we will continue to keep to the loving commitment we have made to each other.


  1. You are not perfect, but you are the perfect choice for me. I look forward to eternity with you with my soulmate.


  1. Thank you for being my heartthrob, my best friend, my better half, my partner in progress, my ride or die and the father of our cute children. I won’t stop loving you.


  1. Thank you for showing me what true love means. With you, I know love isn’t just about cuddles, kisses, poems or gift. It is sacrifice. Thanks for all you do to make me happy.


  1. I bless the day I met you and I will forever be grateful for the gift of your love. You make my life better darling husband.


  1. Now I know perfect marriage happens for two people who are willing to make it work. Thanks for complimenting the effort I put into ours. We would grow old together to see our grandchildren. I love you till death do us part.


  1. You are all that I ever wanted and of course the best thing that had ever happened to me. I don’t mind showing the whole world how you mean to me.


  1. Even if I don’t have all I wish for at the moment, knowing that I have you means I have the world, and I won’t trade you for anything in the world.


  1. You are indeed a masterpiece of God. It took him to create you, because you are the cutest man I have ever seen.


  1. I feel blessed and lucky each time I know that you are mine only and I am all yours. I love you.


  1. You are the captain in my boat and I would ever sail the deepest sea with you my love.


  1. They say marriage is a risk, but being in this marriage with you is one of the most profitable risk I ever took in my life. Can’t wait to grow old with you my adorable husband.


  1. Sometimes I think that I may have been so good in my past life, for God to bless me with you. I am blessed to have you as my husband.


  1. Amidst the hustling and bustling of life, knowing that I am going back home to enjoy the peace you give me calms me down and give me the needed strength to survive the day.


  1. Dear husband, thank you for making my happiness your utmost priority, your love for me is impeccable and it knocks me off my feet.


  1. One of my greatest achievement is getting married to you. I just want you to know that you mean the world sweetest husband.


  1. Just want you to know that I shiver each time you wrap me in your arms and whisper into my ears that you love me. I love you too baby.


  1. I thought true love was a fantasy until I met you, and from the moment I became your wife, I realized true love exists and I would always love you for showing me this true love.


  1. If loving you is a crime, then for your sake I want to be a criminal of love for life. You are my heartbeat and I can’t do without you.


  1. You are my everyday crush; I will keep dating you till I take my last breath. Have a beautiful day sugarplum.


  1. Every time I look into your eyes, I see fire in them and I desire you every day of my life.


  1. Baby, you are my coffee on a rainy morning and my duvet on a cold night. You are my peace and comfort.


  1. Thank you for bringing out the best in me. My life gets better with each passing day with you in it.


  1. Thanks for making our abode a paradise. I was scared of marriage, but you bring me piece of mind and I am proud to say that our home is a model to others.


  1. Thanks for giving me a shoulder to lean on, I can conveniently strike a balance between my career, the kids and home making because of the immeasurable support you give me. I love you eternally.


  1. I love you for always putting a smile on my face, thanks for wiping my tears and bringing sunshine to my life.


  1. You are my shining armour. You are not just handsome but hot. Continue to set me on fire baby.


  1. Thanks for your faithfulness, I adore the fact that you are only keen about loving me better and don’t have time looking around for other women.


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