Catchy Birthday Instagram Captions For Yourself

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One’s birthday is a memorable event to look out for, and it, sometimes, takes a lot of preparation to celebrate on this grand day that comes once in a year. Considering the rampant use of social media these days, people have seen Instagram, in particular, as a medium to express themselves.

As you plan to have a birthday photo session, party or hang out, it is equally important to complement the posts with catchy caption. Instagram captions for pictures are one of the things that brings people’s attention to the post.

Here are some catchy birthday Instagram captions for yourself to post to celebrate your amazing self on your big day

#1 Heaven released a cute angel on this day in some years ago, Happy birthday to me.

#2 Make you to surround yourself with a circle of people who are more excited about your birthday than you are. Thanks for the birthday wishes peeps.

#3 It is not really about the years that count, but how many memories that is being made. It’s my birthday guys.

#4 God bless mom & dad for giving birth to this Jewel. Happy birthday to me.

#5 I’m not just getting older in age, but getting better in all ramification. Thank goodness, it’s my birthday peeps.

#6 I promise, all I am just going to do from now is to make my years count and not just count the years. Happy birthday to me.

#7 I’m just gonna party hard like its my birthday, of course it is.

#8 surely this birthday cake is as yummy as me.

#9 This day is a great one just because it is my birthday.

#10 Birthdays are the nature’s way of saying “eat more cake”.

#11 Age is nothing but a number, glad I don’t look half my age. Happy birthday to me.

#12 On this day, the most beautiful person was born. I am proud of myself.

#13 Life is meant for great adventures, I made my birthday one.

#14 I am so privileged and grateful to be alive to witness yet another birthday.

#15 I am grateful for how far I have gone, not just older but better. Happy birthday to me

#16 Yet another birthday, 100 more years to go. Cheers to the beautiful years ahead.

#17 Yeah, I can finally wear my birthday crown like the queen I am.

#18 I’m just gonna live my life and forget my age. Yay its my birthday.

#19 Aww, this is my year of dream come true. Happy birthday to myself and I.

#20 I’m just gonna party hard on my birthday because I am not as old as I will be next year

#21 Yipee! Don’t tell me to act my age because I haven’t been this age before.

#22 You ’all should loud it because its my birthday.

#23 It’s my birthday and we are turning up.

#24 You don’t need to wonder about the glow, it’s a birthday glow.

#25 Though I am physically aging, but my inner mind is ageless.

#26 So I got the license to pop champagne because its my birthday.

#27 All hail the birthday girl.

#28 Grateful for the gift another birthday.

#29 I just got to celebrate myself, if I don’t, who will? Shake it baby, its my birthday.

#30 Glad “cos” I am celebrating my birthday with my favs.


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