Ways to communicate with your spouse

8 Ways to Communicate With Your Spouse

It is no longer news to say that communication is the bedrock of every relationship. For two persons to start dating, get engaged and eventually get married, they have to communicate. So, it is important to keep the light of that communication burning to maintain a healthy marriage.

Ability to communicate depends on individuals, a lot of people find it hard to express their feelings, but regardless of our personality, we need to learn to make things known to our partners.

Insufficient or improper communication in your marriage can lead to frustration and breakdown of the marriage. So for you to preserve the love you share with your spouse, it is important to learn how to properly communicate.

Having said that, here are ways to communicate with your spouse


#1 Carefully Listen

One of the ways to improve communication with your spouse is to pay attention to them when they are talking. It is not okay to interrupt, let them finish speaking and you can make your comments at the end, whether you agree or not. Use phrases such as “okay, I understand, go ahead” in order for them to know you understand, if you actually do. Sometimes nod and smile to let your partner know you are getting them.


#2 Have small talks

It is not all the time that couples have a deep conversation. The importance of having small talks are underrated in building communication with your spouse. Sometimes, my husband and I just talk about a scene in our favorite TV show, it could also be about how his favorite football club “arsenal” played their last match. These little talks help to improve emotional connection between lovers.


#3 Mind your choice of word

Whoever says couples won’t have disagreement is not being sincere. So, in an attempt to express one’s grievances or make one’s opinion known, it is important not to use vulgar or harsh words to avoid hurting the feelings of your partner.


#4 Ask each other questions

Assumption is one of the major destroyers of relationships. A lot of people assume they know things out of speculation rather than asking their spouses questions for clarification. It is also important to ask your partner what they feel, thinks about issues before taking any vital decision, their opinion will help you do things better while they are happy that you carry them along.


#5 Share little experience together

Sometimes, the little moment you share with your spouse create beautiful memories. In the course of doing dishes or laundry together, eating snacks or taking drinks, you can reminisce on the past, talk about the sweet things you have done together when you first met, speak on the hurdles you have both crossed together and any other thing that comes to mind.


#6 Don’t Shout

Trust me, no one loves to be yelled at. Be calm when correcting your spouse, no matter how bad you think what they have done is. Yelling may just aggravate issues instead of sorting them.


#7 Cuddle

It is not all communication that is verbal, sometimes leaning on each other, holding each other hands, warmly hugging each other speaks volume.


#8 Avoid Nagging

Nagging your spouse would never solve anything. Yes, you may feel disappointed, bitterness, or resentment, but in communicating these feelings to your spouse, you need to be specific, state your points concisely and not dwell too much on them every now and then.


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