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6 Reasons Sex Is No Longer Fun In Your Marriage

6 Reasons Sex Is No Longer Fun In Your Marriage

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Sex can become boring in marriages after a while especially when kids start coming and the whirlwind romance stops.

But it doesn’t have to be so. As a marriage progresses, your sex life can get better and better, and renewed like new wine.

But why is sex no longer fun in your marriage?

Here are six of the reasons sex is no longer fun in your marriage and what to do to make it fun again:
1. Less communication
We get busy with our individual and everyday lives even as couples.
It’s easy for couples to become preoccupied with adulting and barely have time to sit back, relax and just talk as lovers should.
Communication is the soul of every meaningful relationship. Communication fosters intimacy between two people.
When couples stop communicating, it negatively interferes with their intimacy. Sex without intimacy is just like doing it with a stranger.
If you want to restore the fun to your sex life, you’ve got to prioritize communication. Don’t let life get in the way of intimacy in your marriage.
2. Kids
As the family expands, sex automatically decreases and becomes often shorter.
You have no idea when you will be interrupted by a hungry toddler, a soiled diaper, or a child who just needs attention.
Parenthood can take a huge toll on a couple’s sex life, making it boring and sucking the fun out of it.
Enjoying sex even with kids requires a lot of determination, patience, persistence, and spontaneity.
Don’t always wait until you have a perfect time before you and your spouse get it on. Sometimes, a quick here and there could go a long way to spice things up in your marriage.
You might also need to schedule sex nights – nights when you and your spouse agree to have a steamy bedroom session, and be committed to it.
Otherwise, you might not get any for weeks.
3. Unsatisfactory relationship
For a lot of women, sex is directly related to their emotions and feelings.
If a woman doesn’t feel great about a relationship, it could greatly affect her sex life.
Couples need to communicate and deal with every issue in their marriage so that their physical intimacy will not be negatively affected.
4. Exhaustion
This can happen to either or both partners.
Career, kids, finances etc. can take a huge toll on the emotions and in turn affect romance and sex.
Getting it on requires some level of energy and motivation, and if there’s no time to refresh and relax, sex will definitely not be as it should.
5. Troubled waters
If there’s trouble outside the bedroom, it could lead to trouble inside the bedroom.
Boring sex could be a sign that something is not right with one or both partners.
Marital satisfaction and sexual satisfaction go hand in hand.
Partners will need to sit down, sort out their issues or get help through counselling.
6. Routines
Routines can be fun at first but will eventually turn out to be boring.
Getting it on only in the bedroom can become boring after a while.
Couples need to be spontaneous, try new things in and out of bed, spice things up by changing locations and styles.
If sex in your marriage is affected by one or more of these issues, sit your partner down and communicate without holding back.
Work on the problem, wait and watch yourselves have great fun again.
Good luck!
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