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What Smart Women Do Differently To Be Smart

What Smart Women Do Differently To Be Smart

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Do you want to be a smart woman? I know you do.

And maybe you have accepted it as one of those things that come as a result of genes.

I have good news for you; you can be smart if you simply know the habits of smart women. Smart women simply do things differently and you can too.

What do smart women do differently to be smart?

12 Habits of Smart Women

  1. Love and believe in themselves

Smart women have healthy self-esteem; they don’t think that they are not worth it. They believe that they are great women and they show it by how they treat themselves.

They don’t allow people to walk all over them and they don’t believe that they don’t deserve good things in life.

When a smart woman wants something, a smart woman gets it. She is a goal-getter who believes if she puts her mind to it, she can make it happen.


2. Mind their business

Minding one’s business is the best way to stay out of trouble and smart women understand this.

But beyond that, they have so much going on for them that other people’s business is the last thing on their mind.

They stay focused on the business that pays them.


3. Do not compare

We all came to this world alone; even twins didn’t come into the world together at the same time.

So, we all have our individual journey and our paths are different.

Thus, smart women do not compare themselves to other people. They understand that even if someone has something they desire, they should stay happy and content with the position they are currently.

They know they are unique and live happier lives as a result.


4. Are open to love

Smart women are not closed-off; they do not drive people away. They open their heart to love; to love others and be loved in return.

Their heart is full and they live fulfilling and satisfying lives because their life is not devoid of love.

Even if they have been hurt before, they know that it is not love that hurt them but someone who doesn’t know how to love properly.

So, they are always open to giving love a second chance because they understand that life without people to love and people who love us is empty.


5. Build others up

The secret to smart women doing great things in life is because they are always ready to build others up.

They know tearing others down will not add anything to their lives; in fact, they will attract negativity into their own life if they do that.

So, they do whatever they can to help others to reach their own goal and ultimately, others also look out for them.


6. Live a life of gratitude

Although life is full of ups and downs and smart women have experienced their own share of downs, they stay grateful.

They understand that there are many people who don’t have half of what they have and will be grateful for just a glimpse of it.

So, even though they are not where they want to be, they are forever grateful that they are not where they used to be.


7. Nurture healthy relationships

Smart women do not live in isolation; they understand the importance of networking and healthy relationships.

They make out time to spend with family, friends and loved ones. They nurture all the healthy relationships by investing in them appropriately.


8. Forgive themselves and others

Smart women do not take themselves too seriously or think that they are perfect; they know they are liable to make mistakes.

When they do, they are quick to forgive themselves. They move on and don’t stay burdened by the mistakes from the past. Instead, they learn from it and make sure not to have a repeat.

In the same vein, smart women understand that others are also not perfect and liable to hurt and offend them. So, they have a forgiving spirit.

They understand that withholding forgiveness will not hurt the other party anyway but them.


9. Have principles

Smart women have principles and values that they hold dear.

They are not women that can be tossed and turned by every wave of new doctrines. But that does not mean that they are not teachable.

It simply means that they are not easily influenced by anybody.


10. Practice a healthy lifestyle

One thing smart women do differently to be smart is to take their life and health seriously.

They eat right; for them, food is their medicine. They also make sure to exercise regularly so they can stay fit.

They know they have a lot to do in the world and they do not want to cut their lives short by not minding how they live their lives.


11. Work hard

Smart women understand that nothing good comes easy; if you want it, you are going to have to work it.

They are ever ready to give in their all to get what they want. They are known as hard-working women by their bosses, colleagues or staff and they inspire others to be hard-working.


12. Play hard

Smart women also play hard; they don’t want to be Jill, the dull girl. They give room for play in their lives.

They hang out with friends, travel, go on road trips, join communities, party, read and so many other things that they are interested in.

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