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8 Smart And Simple Hacks To Drink More Water

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One common reason people forget to drink enough water is that they don’t know how much this affects their health and wellbeing.

Ensuring your body stays properly hydrated each day can help clear out your bladder, normalize blood pressure, and regulate your body’s temperature.

It can also help protect your joints, organs, and body tissues while aiding with digestion.

If you are not drinking enough water, here are simple hacks that would enable you to drink more water and stay hydrated:

1. Carry a bottle around

If you have water with you all the time, then your chances of drinking it are very high.

This reduces the urge to reach for a can of soda every time you’re thirsty and also saves you money.

Use a water bottle you love and remember to always refill. You can add ice if you want.

2. Use a straw

Studies have shown that if you drink with a straw, with each sip, you swallow more than from a glass. And a straw makes water much more accessible than opening and reopening a bottle every time.

3. Eat watermelons

Fruits are essential for the body. Watermelon and cucumbers are mostly water and are also very delicious.

They can serve as a meal or dessert. The more you eat, the more water you get into your body.

4. Add flavor to your water

Sometimes, drinking plain water can be boring.

Fruits can be sliced and added to water to improve the taste and make it more appealing.

For instance, lemons and cucumber slices are great options.

5. Replace fizzy drinks with water

Fizzy drinks are more of sugar and they do nothing for the body nutritionally.

Therefore, it would be good if you cut down on them.

Fizzy drinks increases the chances of lifestyle related illnesses.

6. Use an app or reminders

When I was pregnant, I had an app that would remind me to drink water every 2 hours, and it really helped. There are several apps that can help track your water intake. Use them.

7. Exercise

We can’t overemphasize the benefits of exercise to the body.

The more water you lose during and after a walk or a run, the more water you will take.

8. Set goals

There are other methods to drink more water each day.

You can decide to drink a glass or two after you send/receive a mail, go to the bathroom or receive a phone call.

It could also be after every cup of tea or coffee, before, during and after every meal and at bedtime every day.

These are some of the simplest hacks to drink more water. The most important thing is to stay hydrated and healthy!