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How To Have A Fun First Date

How To Have A Fun First Date

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Of course, the goal of having a date is to have fun, everyone aspires to have a pleasurable first date, but if you don’t put measures in place, you might end up having a boring one.


In order to have a fun first date, here are some of the things to do


  1. Wear something nice

You can’t imagine the confidence that comes with looking classy in your outfit even if its simple or flamboyant. Dressing nicely to your date, especially wearing something comfortable will make you enjoy your date. You won’t have to bother about adjusting your dress often, or going to the washroom to check if everything is alright. You only relax and enjoy the moment.


  1. Pick the right venue for your first date

This is one of the best ways to enjoy your date, you need to settle for a location that suits you both. If you love to eat local dishes, but your date doesn’t, it might not end up well. If your date is an introvert, you may want to choose a serene location to avoid public disturbances. Considering those factors that interest you two will make you have a fun filled first date.


  1. Be open minded

You need to maintain your standard, but do not have too much expectation when going for your first date. Do not imagine that you would be ordering for the most expensive menu. Do not be too serious that you would be having the best conversation in a lifetime. Just be natural and see how things unfolds.


  1. Be real

You would enjoy your first date by being yourself. You can’t be too sure of the ways to please your date. But when you are authentic, it will be easier to get along and enjoy each other’s company.


  1. Choose the right activity

Remember the date is about two persons and not just you. So, it is better to select activities of interest to both parties. You wouldn’t have your date meet you up at the gym if working out isn’t his or her thing. It is better to discuss ahead and figure out something that you two would feel relaxed doing as you have nice conversation.


  1. Do make an offer to pay

This may be more applicable to ladies; this topic has generated a lot of controversies over the time. People always debate on who should pay on a date, a gentleman inviting you to a lunch or dinner date may have the intention of paying all the bills, but do not hesitate to politely make an offer to pay, especially if you can afford it. You two might end up laughing it off, but it would also give your date an impression that you are self sufficient.


  1. Add some mushiness

If you are having a first date with someone you love, no harm in sending some right signals, have good eye contact, smile as you chat, touch each other’s hands, hold each other’s waist as you walk if need be. This is one of the ways to enjoy your date.


  1. Let your composure be top notch

I know one can sometimes be so anxious having to hang out with a crush for the first time, but be sure to compose yourself very well. Present yourself nicely that the other person doesn’t have to notice how much you have planned or looked forward to the day, to avoid being seeing as a naive person.


  1. Do not appear on your first date with friend/friends

There is nothing so distasteful as showing up on your date with someone who wasn’t invited. I have seen people going on their date with friends even without the consent of the other person. This can make your day unpleasant because the other person may find it disrespectful and cold through the time.


  1. Be moderately humorous

It is okay to show sense of humour, but do not overdo it. Smile moderately at funny conversation, but do not loose your morals in the name of being or wanting to be humorous. I know one wants to be real and feel free, but doing things moderately is key.


  1. Ask good questions

As you plan your first date, also think about the things you want to know about your date and don’t hesitate to ask the questions. Remember one of the best times to have people open their heart is a lunch or dinner table. So, make use of that opportunity effectively.


  1. Have intellectual conversation

As you merry on your first date, don’t forget to exhibit your intellectual skills in an appealing manner, not being too serious, but don’t belittle yourself. Engage in meaningful small talks. They say “first impression matters most”. So, sharing beautiful ideas will make your date enjoyable.


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