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How To Be Friends With Someone You’re In Love With

How To Be Friends With Someone You’re In Love With

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You know, I’ve been preaching this for ages, the heart is like the wild child of the body, totally unpredictable.

It’s almost like it’s got a mind of its own, pulling you in unexpected directions.

As it happens to us all, you’re cruising through life, and suddenly…

You find yourself falling deeply in love with a close friend.

But what can you do?

You make it known, let them know what’s up.

But the catch is that you are thinking they might not feel the same way, or maybe they’re already committed elsewhere.

No biggie, it can be anything, you never can tell until you give it a shot.

But you want to keep that awesome friendship intact, as it has been from the onset.

Here’s the thing, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Expressing your feelings is totally cool.

And guess what?

They won’t hate you for it.

Now, the million-dollar question is how do you stay friends with someone you’ve got heart eyes for?

Be ready, my friend, the answers are coming your way…

How To Be Friends With Someone You’re In Love With

1. Be genuine, be yourself

How To Be Friends With Someone You're In Love With

You have to keep it real.

There is no reason why you have to put on a fancy act or pretend to be someone you’re not.

Just be you.

Authenticity is one great addition to a character that makes friendships awesome.

You don’t have to pretend in any way.

Just kick back, relax, and let your friend see the real, unfiltered version of you.

Who you are is who you are, including your peculiarities.

After all, it’s the peculiarities that make you uniquely you.

Be yourself, and your friendship will be as authentic as it gets.


2. Find common ground

What do awesome friends do?

They bond over shared interests.

Don’t be shy or afraid to do the things you both love to do.

That point where you and your friend both have a hidden talent for being an undefeated sports team.

The TV shows that you both love, the video games you both like to play, or your favorite music and dance.

Just find what floats both your boats.

You have done all these things before now, why stop?

These shared interests become the cool point where your friendship meets.

Do not forsake the gathering of the friendship.


3. Friendship first, romance later

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We know you have been crushing on your friend like there’s no tomorrow.

A rom-com plot you’ve seen in films is now being played out in real life.

But note this, you have to hit the brakes on the romance, at least for now.

Don’t go zooming into pressuring them to be more than friends right away.

Hold on still and focus on building a solid friendship foundation.

You need a sturdy base before adding the cool, fancy turrets.

Rushing into romance could turn out to be like you have a hidden agenda to them, it might not hold up so well.

Be patient, enjoy the friendship, and let the romance evolve naturally.

Friendship first, romance later.

And if the romance doesn’t happen eventually, so be it.

You have a great friendship with them already, and that’s fine.


4. Communicate openly

Every form of relationship requires open communication, and yours is not exempted.

To have real talks without the fancy jargon.

Tell your friend about your feelings when it feels right.

But, take good note of this, and be ready for whatever response comes your way.

If they’re not feeling the same way or they’re in a committed relationship, respect it like you’d respect someone’s choice of food.

We want different things in life.

And it’s okay if they love you as a friend, not as a romantic partner.

Keep it cool, keep it honest.

No pressure.

Just be empathetic and understanding.


5. Create opportunities for bonding

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Plan things to do together that are not just scrolling through memes on your phones (although that’s cool too).

Do things that make memories.

Things like seeing movies together, engaging in paintball games, going to watch your favorite games, and so on.

We said this because shared memories in friendship are great for bonding.

They make you stick.

You laugh together, maybe embarrass yourselves in the process (in a positive way), and like that, you’re building a friendship hold.

Go out there and create those moments that’ll make you both remember those times.

Moments you would remember and laugh hard when you are alone.

Believe me, it works.


6. Don’t go over boundaries


Don’t forget what I said earlier that your friend might not be catching the same feelings as you.

You should accept that not everyone loves what you love, it’s not that weird, it happens.

So, be cool and respect their boundaries.

If they’re not going along with the romantic move, don’t push it.

Give them space to process what’s going on.

For your friendship’s sake, take a chill pill.

And don’t forget how we feel when we come across a pushy salesperson, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

It doesn’t end well when it appears that you are not respecting their boundaries.


7. Don’t disregard their other relationships

See, we get it, it stings a little when your heart has a different plan than theirs.

But, you know, they might be into someone else or already in a relationship they are not ready to quit.

So, why not cheer them on?

If they’re loving up someone else, be the friend on the sidelines, it’s not a bad thing.

Don’t get all grumpy about it.

Instead, show them you don’t feel bad about their romantic adventures.

You might not be the star player in their romantic life, but you can be the friend like a teammate.

Playing it cool and supportive keeps your friendship strong.


8. Don’t force things


Let me point this out.

Let’s say you’ve told them about how you feel, and your friend’s response is not exactly the romantic ending you were hoping for.

Don’t go all out trying to make things how they were or force a friendship if it feels like pushing a boulder uphill.


If the romantic gestures are making the friendship wonky, it’s okay to take a step back.

Sometimes, friendships can’t handle the weight of unrequited feelings.

It’s no one’s fault, these things happen.

Give it some breathing space.

If it’s meant to bounce back, it will.

What will be will be.

But don’t go full steam ahead if it feels forced.

Let it flow, see where it takes you, and in the meantime, focus on keeping the good vibes alive.

Life’s too short for awkward friend-drama.



Friendships turning into something more are lovely.

You are not just getting to know each other.

You’ve got a solid foundation to work with.

Still, don’t skip the part where you really get each other.

If they’re up for taking it to the next level, congratulations.

But if they’re not on the same page, no problem.

Life doesn’t always give us what we crave.

Keep it cool, be understanding, and remember, we can’t always have everything we desire.

Be good.