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How Long Should A First Date Last

How Long Should A First Date Last

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You have your first date planned, most likely with that person you are attracted to and willing to see if there is more between the both of you beyond the spark.

But as all first dates go, you are full of nerves; what do you wear? Where do you go? Who will handle the bills? What will you say? Will you like the person after the date? There is just so much going through your mind as it should.

I mean, it is the first date; it determines the course of your relationship with that person. There is a reason there is a saying that says, “The first impression lasts longer.”

However, there is a question we forget to ask that is equally as important as others; how long should a first date last?

I would be lying to you if I said I had a number of hours to tell you a first date should last as well as wisdom on the psychology of humans to back up my claim.

The truth is that some first dates will end badly, some awkwardly and some will end up being the beginning of a beautiful love story and all these will determine how long the date will last.

If you are enjoying someone’s company and will want to be with them again, there is a high likelihood you will want to spend more time with time as against someone who is boring you to death or someone with whom it is clear it won’t work out.

However, I can give you ideas on how to spend your first date and if you have achieved that, then you are ready to live.

Get to know the person: Of a truth, you cannot know everything about the person in one date. As a matter of fact, some people who are married for years are still learning stuff about their partner.

There is always a lot to one person. I always tell people humans are the most complex beings created by God and there are so many layers to us that it is a lifetime project getting to know someone.

But there are important facts about the person you should not leave that date not knowing and there are certain questions you should already have answered.

Questions like if you agree on core values, if you enjoy their company, if you both can keep up a conversation, if there is chemistry, if they are nice.

If you have all these questions answered, they are a good foundation to make a decision on whether the person deserves a second date or not.

Don’t overkill your time with your date: Right, you are enjoying the person’s company and can already see your babies, however, be respectable enough not to overkill your time together.

Sometimes, it can be awkward for the person who finally mentions leaving. If you end up being the one, try to be polite – if you are not enjoying the person’s company and leave room for a second date – if you are ready to see the person again.

If you are, however, not the one who mentioned leaving, be courteous enough to agree to leave, no matter how much you want to stay and don’t look too eager to leave, even if you are. Whether you desire to leave or not, don’t make the other person feel bad while doing it.

Plan a date that makes it easy to leave if you are not feeling it: Make sure not to plan dates that will take hours so you are not forced to be in each other’s company if you are not feeling it. Planning a date that will take 5 hours or more is definitely stretching it.

Great ideas for a first date are usually simple; coffee date, dinner, drinks, a movie are all good ideas.

In essence, plan a date that is long enough to answer pertinent questions and short enough to not make it awkward.


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