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5 Bad Reasons To Get Divorced

5 Bad Reasons To Get Divorced

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Marriage is a beautiful journey that, like any beautiful thing, requires daily care to maintain its beauty, just as you care for your skin.

Sometimes, your skin faces challenges like acne or pimples.

What do you do?

You try beauty products to overcome the threat.

Do you simply give up on your skin?


Yet, I often wonder why some people choose not to put effort into making their marriages work.

The rising divorce rate is disheartening, with people quitting on each other without considering the impact on children and society.

While divorce isn’t always bad and can be the last resort after all efforts fail, it shouldn’t be the first choice.

A lawyer highlights abuse, addiction, and adultery as valid reasons for divorce, though these issues can often be addressed, except for abuse.

Many rush into divorce for every misdeed, losing sight of the true essence of marriage.

Social media marriage advice complicates matters.

This raises questions about commitment in marriages.

Living with someone for life isn’t always smooth.

Ups and downs are part of all relationships.

Choosing not to live your life with someone anymore doesn’t mean they truly leave your life; the scars remain.

This can be avoided by choosing to work on it.

Some excuses aren’t worth the divorce, as flaws are inevitable in human relationships.

In this blog post, we aim to discuss reasons we believe are bad excuses for divorce.


5 Bad Reasons To Get Divorced

1. Falling out of love

Bad Reasons To Get Divorced

People often get tripped up because they set these crazy high hopes for marriage, thinking it’s going to be just like those fairytales or rom-coms.

But real life Isn’t always a happy ending.

Sometimes you can feel like you’re falling out of love even if everything seems fine.

Thinking marriage is this non-stop joyride without any bumps is a classic mistake.

When reality hits, and things aren’t all rainbows and butterflies, some people jump ship, claiming they’ve fallen out of love.

Quick divorce, right?

But let’s be real from the start, relationships have their ups and downs.

Instead of chasing perfection, why not embrace the imperfections?

Face the challenges together instead of running for the exit.

That’s how a healthy marriage works.

The lovey-dovey is great, but what holds a marriage is a commitment that stands strong through the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Yes, a marital union starts with love, but it’s way more than that.

It’s about going the distance, come what may.



2. Financial strain

Bad Reasons To Get Divorced

This takes me back to this Nigerian song by Adekunle Gold, you know, the one with the line, “Love is not enough, baby, talk to me, mo lowo.”

Basically, it’s saying love isn’t everything, come and chat with me because I have the cash flow.

So what happens when the cash is not flowing anymore?

I got bummed hearing it because it seems like people nowadays put everything on the money card in relationships.

When tough times hit, they’re ready to sprint from marriage like it’s a fire drill.

It’s true, money messes can strain things, bills to pile up, surprise expenses, and general money stress.

It happens.

But divorcing just ’cause of cash crunch?

Kind of doesn’t add up for me.

I reckon couples can tag team this money thing.

Marriage is like a squad, and dealing with money is part of the whole thing.

Don’t bail; instead, figure out the money matters together.

Relationships hit rough patches, but that’s the time to huddle up, not bail out.

You and your partner can tackle money problems as a team.

Think and scheme together on making that moolah and overcoming the rough patches.

Why quit?

Because you see money troubles as your partner’s fault and not your joint challenge?

Nah, it’s a shared problem that needs a joint fix.

Like they say, teamwork makes the dream work, even when it comes to money woes.


3. There is someone better

Bad Reasons To Get Divorced

Some people believe in this idea of a flawless, perfect soulmate, like there is someone out there who is PERFECT.

You know, it’s pretty common for people to dream about finding that ideal partner who could magically be everything in their life.

I get it; society, movies, and social media paint this picture of flawless relationships.

But nobody, not a single person, is perfect.

Not even your religious leaders.

We all come with our own collection of strengths and flaws.

Expecting your partner to be flawless is like hunting for a mythical creature; good luck because it just doesn’t exist.

As they say on the streets of Nigeria, “You go look tire.”

Stop chasing perfection.

Instead, embrace each other’s imperfections.

We all mess up and have areas to grow in, that’s just human.

A solid relationship is teamwork, accepting each other’s peculiarities, and growing both individually and as a team.

So, forget the quest for the perfect partner, and focus on making your current relationship better.

Let go of the idea that there’s someone out there who’s flawless because, truth be told, no one is perfect.



4. Lack of communication

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Well, we all know communication is the heartbeat of a marriage, keeping everything flowing smoothly.

But let’s face it, there are times when chatting isn’t coming easy.

Maybe you’re not quite on the same wavelength, or perhaps you’re stuck in silence.

But just because communication hits a snag doesn’t mean it’s time to quit your marriage.

Rather than seeing it as a dead end, take it as a signal that there’s room for improvement.

Just like when your phone acts up, you don’t just toss it aside.

You try fixing it to make it run better.

We’re all different in how we express ourselves.

it’s like speaking different languages, but the connection happens when we learn each other’s language.

That’s the bridge that turns things around.

So, before considering a divorce, why not focus on learning each other’s language?


5. There is no freedom

It’s common for people to feel the need for personal space and independence as they grow.

And this is completely fine and healthy.

But some people believe that getting a divorce is the only way to attain this freedom.

No, it’s not always so.

You need to know that personal growth and independence can coexist within a marriage.

Rather than viewing divorce as the sole solution, you can explore ways to support each other’s journeys while maintaining a strong, interconnected union.

You can always work together, communicate on matters of privacy and freedom, and find your balance.



Divorce isn’t always the go-to solution.

When you jump from one relationship to another, you’ll likely encounter new challenges because, let’s face it, humans are never fully satisfied.

What we need is learning to be content and working together for the greater good of society.

Everyone wants happiness, but that doesn’t mean a perfect, conflict-free “happily ever after.”

It means choosing to be content and sticking with the marriage through thick and thin.

Of course, if there’s abuse involved, that’s a whole different story. We