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10 Things You Should Know When A Married Woman Falls In Love With You

10 Things You Should Know When A Married Woman Falls In Love With You

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Thinking about Ed Sheeran’s line, “People fall in love in mysterious ways” from his song “Thinking Out Loud,” you might brush it off as just lyrics, but truthfully, it hits home.

Ever questioned if a married woman could fall in love with another man?

It sounds strange but these things happen.

You might wonder why she is swaying despite being committed right?

I recently saw a post where someone stated that the fact that you can catch feelings for anyone does not mean you should go about catching and nurturing it.

The truth is that I strongly stand with that assertion.

However, this is not about who to love or who not to love.

It is a bout the things you should know when a married woman falls in love with you and you decide to explore the feelings together.

Love has its own logic, as the song suggests.

There could be various reasons; maybe she lacks affection from her husband, and you offer kindness.

Perhaps you just click when you talk, or she sees compatibility.

It might be an adventure for her, or maybe she never truly fell in love before her marriage.

Or, hey, you could just be irresistible.

Hearts work in unpredictable ways, even your own.

You might catch yourself doing things you never thought possible.

But if a married woman is in love with you, there are things you should be mindful of.

Whatever is going on, she has a reason for it.

So you need to know what you are going into.

Let’s get to it without going too far.

Here are some things you should know.

10 Things You Should Know When A Married Woman Falls In Love With You

1. She might be using you to get revenge on her husband

Things You Should Know When A Married Woman Falls In Love With You

I heard this story about a lady who got tangled up with her husband’s buddy after finding out he cheated with her friend.

Now, she’s using the friend as payback.

Watch out, because some women might go into another relationship just to make their cheating husband feel the pain. 

They’re not concerned about your feelings, it’s all about the revenge for them.

You could be the unwitting player in this game, and once she’s done, you might find yourself left behind.

So, be cautious and don’t set your dreams too high. 



2. Don’t expect too much

Watch out, friend.

Things might go south, so keep your expectations in check.

If you fall head over heels and dive too deep, it’s like plunging into the deep blue sea—ouch!

Married women often ditch the outsider when family’s involved, especially if there’s a child from the hubby.

She might drop you without a second thought, you’re mostly a means to an end.

Once you hit that end, they cut you loose, leaving you in a fog of confusion.


3. What if the husband is a psychopath?

Things You Should Know When A Married Woman Falls In Love With You

Have you checked out the 2014 flick, No Good Deed?

It’s this crazy story where a guy gets tangled up with a total psycho fugitive, and it ends in a bunch of murders.

And speaking of wild tales, remember Helen and Paris from Greek mythology?

Their affair shook things up big time, causing chaos, and the downfall of a whole country, and loads of people were murdered as a result.

Now, imagine you’re in that mix.

If you’re fooling around with a married woman, her hubby might go full beast mode with jealousy.

Seriously, even the calmest dudes can turn into wild animals when they catch you with their wives.

Is the thrill of the affair really worth risking your life? Think about it.


4. It comes with fear and anxiety

Don’t count on this being your typical relationship with all the public displays of affection, dates, and adventures.

It’s more like a covert operation – everything stays in the shadows, away from the limelight.

The constant fear and anxiety of getting caught will be your companions.

You’ll always be worrying about who’s watching and if your secret will ever come out.

Expect meetings in hotels or short-term apartments, always wary of someone recording you.

Every passing face might spark suspicion, and flaunting your connection is a no-go.

Get ready for a prolonged game of hide and seek – it’s going to be quite a journey.

Do you really want to spend your life in such constant unease? It seems very unhealthy.

If you do decide to go through with it, be smart and tread carefully.



5. Be prepared for a fight anytime

If you’re lucky, the husband might confront you personally instead of hiring others to do it – it happens more than you’d think.

When a husband finds out about the affair, they might bring in some tough guys to handle things.

The scary part is you might not even know someone’s keeping an eye on you, ready to corner you anytime.

So, if you’re planning to mess around with that married woman, maybe pick up some kung fu or mixed martial arts.

Be ready for a showdown because you’re messing with someone else’s peace.



6. Be prepared to break up anytime

Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Just a heads up, there’s a chance she might call it quits for any reason.

The reason that brought her in might take her out.

I’ve heard of women switching partners, but most of the time, they stick with their husbands.

Still, there’s that 5% chance you might be the one getting the boot.

Be ready for some detachment, she’s not exclusively yours.

Treat it like a casual fling, not a lifelong commitment.

Keep it light, taking it too seriously could lead to some real consequences.


7. Do not disrespect her husband

Being in a secret thing with her doesn’t mean you should diss her husband.

You’re not in the loop on everything.

You could just be the go-to for fun, not an upgrade.

Maybe she’s not happy in that department, but it doesn’t make you a champ, just available.

Respect him even if she’s not respecting her vows.

It could bite you in the ass if you mistreat him or even mention him in a negative light.

You have no right to do that, so don’t let jealousy drive your behavior.

Have fun, but keep it classy. 



8. Don’t compare yourself to her husband

Don’t go bragging about being superior to her husband.

Nobody’s flawless.

Maybe she’s with you out of necessity, not because she despises her husband.

So, don’t assume you’re better than him.

Avoid unnecessary comparisons just to make her believe you’re the better choice.


9. Don’t visit her at work or home

Things You Should Know When A Married Woman Falls In Love With You

This brings to mind this crazy story about a guy who dropped by a married woman’s place.

They were all lovey-dovey when suddenly, the wife heard her husband at the door.

Quick thinking, she starts yelling “Thief!”

The husband gets the neighbours involved, and they end up nabbing the guy and calling the cops.

Long story short, the dude ends up behind bars for rendezvous with his secret married lover at her place.

Lesson learned: steer clear of your lover’s home and workplace.

Keep your affair in the shadows, my friend.

Consider yourself warned.


10. Her husband will come a lot in your discussions

Since her hubby is a big part of her world, brace yourself for lots of mentions.

You might get a bit weary, but it’s totally cool for her to bring him up now and then.

Just relax and roll with it – it’s one of the specs that come with what you signed up for.




Given all we’ve talked about, I bet you’d agree that getting involved with a married woman who’s falling for you is pretty stressful.

The excitement might be there, but so is the risk.

If you’re up for it, it’s your call.

I’ve heard stories of guys helping women escape bad situations like this, but personally, I wouldn’t recommend dating a married woman.

She’s taken, belongs to someone else, and it just feels like taking something that isn’t yours.