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How Do You Test A Guy To See If He Likes You?

How Do You Test A Guy To See If He Likes You?

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Ever found yourself wondering if the guy you’re into feels the same way?

Maybe he’s said he loves you, but you’re itching to be sure beyond words?

We all love the idea of being loved back.

Loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate feels like pouring water into a basket, a total waste of time and resources ( a waste of emotions in this context).

And you don’t want to waste your time and emotions, they are too precious to be wasted that way.

Trust me, for your peace of mind and happiness, it’s very important to look into this.

So, how do you figure out if he’s into you?

No need for major detective work. Just pay attention to some telltale signs we’ll cover here.

Forget the rose-colored glasses of love for a moment and take a good, clear look at the guy you’re crushing on.

Love with your head before your heart, I mean, think along with loving.

Let’s get to it without wasting any more time.


How Do You Test A Guy To See If He Likes You?

1. Watch the language his body speaks

How Do You Test A Guy To See If He Likes You

When you’re trying to suss out if a guy is into you, pay attention to how he uses his body to talk.

You know the saying, actions speak louder than words, right?

Some things just come naturally, like smoke slipping through the cracks.

You can’t hide them forever.

Take note if he keeps eye contact during your chats or if he leans in when you’re talking.

Watch for those unconscious moves, like mirroring your actions and taking a sip right when you do.

Is he giving you the eyes a lot?

Does he seem proud to have you by his side in public?

And does he look comfortable around you?

These non-verbal languages can tell the truth about what he’s feeling like.

Watch them with keen eyes and mind.



2. Watch how he engages you in conversation

Notice how he’s not just nodding along but participating in every conversation.

He’s very much interested and ready to listen to whatever you have to say.

Forget the usual “How are you?” or “Have you eaten?”

He asks you personal questions.

For example, you have mentioned your love for road trips to him before.

And, to show he remembers, he asks about your latest or next adventure.

That’s the kind of engagement we’re talking about.

As much as he is talking with you, his listening also shows that he cares about what you’re saying.

No phone-checking every two minutes or daydreaming about snacks.

He’s locked in, soaking up every word.

If you’re in talks where he’s throwing as many questions and thoughts as you are, that’s a green light.

To put it straight, this guy isn’t just doing small talk.

He’s interested in you and what you have to say.



3. Watch if he initiates communication

How do you test a guy to see if he likes you

If this guy is into you, he won’t be doing hard to get with communication.

Pay attention to who’s making the first move.

If he’s sliding into your DMs, shooting you a text, or hitting you up on social media, that’s a good sign.

If he starts conversations and keeps them going.

If you notice he’s the one keeping the chat alive, it means he’s into you and enjoys talking to you.

If you like him too, go ahead and reciprocate.

But if you’re the one always kicking off the conversation, maybe take a step back and see if he steps forward.

It’s not a game of who calls first.

It’s the effort behind them.

If he’s genuinely interested, you’ll feel it in the flow of your messages.

So, keep an eye on the timing and consistency of those notifications, they’ll tell you the truth.



4. Watch if he makes time for you

Time is a precious commodity, and people tend to invest it in things that matter to them.

If this guy is consistently making time for you, it’s a hint that he is interested in you.

He could be busy with work, making out with his friends, and having fun with his hobbies.

But if he’s consistently carving out space in his schedule just to be with you, that’s saying something.

It doesn’t have to be a special surprise.

Even just walking you home or hanging out after work counts.

Now, understand something here, we’re not saying he should drop everything for you.

Life needs balancing.

But if he’s making time for you in his routine regularly, it means you matter to him.

Pay attention to those moments he creates just to be with you.

Whether it’s a nice ear out or just chilling together, if he’s consistently there, it’s a good sign that you’re on his priority list.

The time he makes for you is ticking volumes.



5. Watch his social media actions

How do you test a guy to see if he likes you

Social media is like today’s crystal ball, giving us a quick look into people’s thoughts and feelings.

When it comes to figuring out if a guy likes you, just keep an eye on his social media reactions.

First off, check out his activity on your posts.

Is he consistently hitting that like button?

Is he dropping a comment or two?

These virtual thumbs-ups are a digital high-five, letting you know he sees you and likes what he sees.

Now, get this, don’t stress too much about the number of likes.

Look beyond the quantity but observe the consistency.

If he’s regularly popping up in your notifications, that’s a clear sign you’re on his mind.

But don’t stop there.

Take a look at his posts.

Is there a pattern?

Does he share things that seem like he wants you to notice him?

Maybe he’s even mentioning or tagging you to make sure you see him.

Social media is a coded language, so watch that digital space.

It’s one way to get to the bottom of things and know the truth.


6. Watch how he expresses his affection

How do you test a guy to see if he likes you

No need for a guy to shout it from the rooftops if he likes you, but his actions speak volumes.

Pay attention to the little touches, not necessarily bear hugs, but those arm brushes or a hand on your back.

It’s a sign he enjoys being close.

Check out the compliments too.

If he’s genuinely praising your smile, wit, or how you look in your outfit, that’s a good sign.

Make sure he’s not just tossing compliments around casually.

He should mean it.

Keep an eye on the windows to his soul, his eyes.

If his gaze lingers or you catch him stealing glances, it says a lot.

These signs of affection indicate he’s into you.


7. Watch if he seeks your opinion

How do you test a guy to see if he likes you

Have you noticed that he’s always asking you for your take on things that mean something to him?

I mean, come on, you wouldn’t go asking just anyone for advice on your personal matters, right?

So, if he’s turning to you for your thoughts, that’s a solid sign he’s into what you’ve got to say.

It means your opinion is gold to him, and he genuinely wants to know what’s on your mind.

This friendly move is often a hint that there’s more to the story.

He cares about your thoughts because he’s into you.



Figuring out if a guy likes you isn’t like being a detective.

It’s just about paying attention to the important things.

He’ll show it on his own.

No need for a special investigation.

Just keep an eye out and go with your gut feeling.

The signs will be there, telling you whether he’s into you or not.