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9 Tell-tale Signs He Is Having An Affair With His Ex

9 Tell-tale Signs He Is Having An Affair With His Ex

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Are you suspicious of your boyfriend still having an affair with his ex?

It can be extremely challenging to keep your relationship strong while dealing with a lingering presence from the past.

Do you want to know signs your boyfriend sleeps with his ex?

If you’re suspicious that your boyfriend is still intimate with his ex, it can be difficult to know for sure.

If you’ve got a sneaky suspicion that your guy might be up to no good with his ex, keep your radar on high alert.

Look out for these tell-tale signs because they’re big flashing warning lights that scream, ‘He’s cheating with his ex.’

Below are signs he is having an affair with his ex.

9 Tell-tale Signs He Is Having An Affair With His Ex

1. Sudden Change in Behaviour

Signs He Is Having An Affair With His Ex 

You know how your partner usually acts, right?

He’s got his traits and habits, just like we all do.

But if all of a sudden, he starts acting like a completely different person, it’s like, “Hold on a minute, what’s going on here?”

Let me ask this.

Did he used to be Mr. Chatty, and now he’s gone all silent movie on you?

Or maybe he was always up for cuddles, but now he’s acting all distant.

What you see here is our first clue.

People tend to act strangely when they’ve got something fishy happening.

If his behavior changes all of a sudden, it’s time to put on your detective hat and start asking questions.

Something might be up, and it’s better to know sooner than later, right?


2. Frequent Mention of the Ex

Signs He Is Having An Affair With His Ex  

Has he put the name of his ex on the replay in recent times?

Let’s say you’re having a nice chat with your partner, maybe even talking about your favorite pizza toppings or weekend plans, and somehow, the conversation features a memory he shared with his ex.

No matter the topic, his ex’s name keeps popping up like a rerun of your last favorite TV show.

Something like, “Babe, remember that time me and my ex went to that pizza place? Oh, and speaking of weekends, my ex used to love hiking.”

Okay, it’s cool to share stories from the past, but when the ex becomes a regular character in every conversation, it’s time to raise an eyebrow.

Somehow, he’s got an invisible third wheel tagging along, and that can be a sign that his mind might not be entirely in the present moment with you.

What you should do is not to be shy about gently asking why the ex is getting so much airtime in your discussions.

It’s a clue that’s worth exploring in your relationship storyline.


3. Increased Phone Privacy

Signs He Is Having An Affair With His Ex 

Talking about that gadget we all carry around, the trusty smartphone.

You know, the one he used to leave lying around without a care in the world?

If suddenly it’s become Fort Knox, complete with passwords, fingerprint scans, and a guard dog emoji, there and there, something is fishy.

Imagine you ask if you can see his phone for a second, and he reacts like you just asked for the nuclear launch codes.

When your man becomes super protective of his phone, it’s like he is hiding something, and that something might just be their recent rendezvous with an ex.

It’s not snooping, but it’s totally okay to have an open discussion about the sudden security upgrade.

Because in a trusting relationship, phones shouldn’t be classified as government documents.


4. Unexplained Absences

Signs He Is Having An Affair With His Ex


Your partner used to be around all the time, and you knew their schedule like the back of your hand.

But now, it’s like they’re auditioning for a magic show, disappearing and reappearing without any logical explanation.

It’s Friday night, and they suddenly have “urgent work meetings” or “emergency friend hangouts” that keep them out until the wee hours.

When it feels like they’re on and off with their time, it can be a sign that something’s amiss.

These unexplained absences could be hints that they’re spending time with their ex under the cover of darkness.

It’s fine to express your concern and ask for some transparency.

It’s not that you’re asking for a GPS tracker on their every move, just a little honesty and trust in your relationship.


5. Changes in Physical Intimacy

Signs He Is Having An Affair With His Ex

 Okay, I’m sure you know your partner’s usual moves in the bedroom.

It’s a secret handshake between the two of you.

But suddenly, you’re feeling like you’re in a completely different game.

Maybe he used to be all about cuddles, kisses, and affection, but now it’s like he’s holding back or, even worse, introducing new and unexpected “moves” in the playbook.

Changes in your physical intimacy can be a big clue that something’s off.

Maybe he’s got thoughts of his ex tangled up in his head, affecting your connection.


6. Guilt and Defensiveness

Signs He Is Having An Affair With His Ex


 You bring up the topic of his ex, and suddenly, he’s sweating bullets.

He gets all defensive, or he starts acting guilty, as if he got caught sneaking cookies from the jar.

You ask a simple question, and he responds with something like, “Why are you always so suspicious?” or “Can’t you trust me?”

When you notice this kind of behavior, it’s a sign blinking “Warning!”

He might be hiding something.

It’s like you’re playing a game of hide and seek, and he’s not being very subtle about it.

Instead of going all detective mode on him, consider having an open conversation.

Express your feelings and concerns calmly.

It’s a chance for both of you to clear the air and understand what’s going on without feeling like you’re in a courtroom drama.


7. Secretive Social Media Behaviour

Signs He Is Having An Affair With His Ex


We live in the age of social media.


We post our food, our pets, and everything in between.

But what if your partner suddenly turns into a social media ninja, guarding their online life like it’s a treasure chest?

You try to peek at their phone while they’re scrolling through Instagram, and they hastily hide the screen or switch to private messages faster than you can say “cat meme.”

When you notice this kind of action, it’s like finding a hidden chapter in the mystery novel of your relationship.

Maybe they’re chatting more than usual with someone, perhaps an ex, and they don’t want you to know.

Just keep watching.


8. Frequent Hangouts with Mutual Friends

Signs He Is Having An Affair With His Ex


There is this group of friends you both hang out with.

It’s all cool until you notice something peculiar.

Lately, your partner has been scheduling more hangouts with friends who just so happen to be super tight with their ex.

It’s like they’re forming this little exclusive club where everyone’s invited except you.

They’re all going to the movies, grabbing pizza, and having cozy game nights together.

This might make you wonder if your partner’s got more than friendship on the agenda when they’re out with the gang.

But instead of jumping to conclusions, consider talking to your partner about it.

You need to understand what’s going on rather than making wild guesses.


9. Trust Your Gut

Signs He Is Having An Affair With His Ex


Alright, this one doesn’t come with a fancy label or a how-to manual.

It’s that feeling you get deep down in your gut when something just doesn’t sit right.

You’re not Sherlock Holmes, and you don’t need to be.

But sometimes, your inner detective, your intuition, starts sending signals.

You might be thinking, “Something’s off here,” or “I can’t shake this feeling.”

Your gut is like your personal alarm system.

It’s not just finding concrete evidence but acknowledging your own instincts.

Maybe you’ve noticed all these other signs we’ve talked about, or maybe you just have this nagging feeling.

Now, trusting your gut doesn’t mean jumping to conclusions, but it does mean paying attention to your own feelings.

It’s your own built-in radar, helping you walk the road of your relationship.

Therefore, when your intuition starts waving its little red flag, don’t ignore it.




Relationships have unexpected loops.

Sometimes, it’s a wild ride of emotions, and it’s easy to get tangled in doubts and suspicions.

What matters is open and honest communication.

Whether you’ve spotted a sign or you’re just feeling uneasy, talking to your partner can clear the air.

You don’t have to point fingers or play detective.

Just share your thoughts and feelings and listen to theirs, too.

Sometimes, these signs might lead to a conversation that brings you closer together, or they might reveal that it’s time to part ways.

Either way, it’s a step toward clarity and a happier, healthier relationship.

Know that you’ve got this, and your heart deserves all the happiness in the world.