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5 Mind Games Men Play In Relationships

5 Mind Games Men Play In Relationships

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Are you feeling like the guy you’re with might be playing mind games with you?

Or maybe you’re just curious and want to know about the mind games men play in relationships?

It’s true that men, just like women, play mind games in relationships.

It’s a human thing.

Some men play mind games because of their past experiences and the things they’ve been through.

They want to make sure they’re on the right path with the women they’re with now, so they play these mind games to discover love.

Others play these games because of societal expectations.

They feel the pressure to conform to what society expects of them.

And then some do it to satisfy their ego and boost their pride.

This is the most common reason.

They want to assert their power over women because feeling powerless can be unbearable for some men.

No one wants to feel powerless, and everyone wants more power.

In today’s world, some people are power-hungry.

That’s why we don’t want you to be controlled by someone else.

We want you to be yourself and be in love with someone who truly deserves you.

We’re not trying to reveal all men’s secrets, especially those who play mind games because of their past experiences.

They may have had a tough break in their commitment to a previous woman and are using these mind games to test the loyalty of the woman they’re with now.

Because, ultimately, everyone wants real love.

But we also want to help you understand the kind of mind games these men play.

So, if you’re curious to know these mind games to handle them better or if you just want to be informed, this blog post is for you.


5 Mind Games Men Play In Relationships

1. The silent treatment

Mind Games Men Play In Relationships

The silent treatment happens when your boyfriend suddenly stops answering your questions, calls, or messages.

There are different reasons why some men do this.

Sometimes, they go silent because they’re upset and don’t want to argue with you.

They might be avoiding saying hurtful things during disagreements.

It’s like taking a break to think about the situation, and that’s okay.

However, some men use the silent treatment when they’re feeling guilty.

You’ve asked your boyfriend a question, and a tough one like that.

Maybe it’s something he’s not too proud of, like catching him doing something he shouldn’t have been doing.

Now, he’s in a tight spot because he knows he messed up, but admitting it feels like a punch to his ego.

This is where the silent treatment comes into play.

Instead of owning up to his mistake, he goes silent and doesn’t say a word.

It’s a silent way of saying he is not going to talk about this because he doesn’t want to admit he’s wrong.

Like a kid who got caught with their hand in the pot of soup but doesn’t want to confess.

They just stay quiet, hoping you’ll forget about it.

But the silent treatment isn’t a healthy or effective way to resolve issues. 

It’s a sign of immaturity and avoidance, as your boyfriend is not willing to face his mistakes directly and take responsibility for his actions.

He’s doing it in order to protect himself from feeling guilty or embarrassed about what he did, but this doesn’t help the situation.

Instead, it creates an atmosphere of tension and distance between the two of you that can destroy your relationship if left unresolved. 

If he is giving you the silent treatment, don’t surrender to his avoidance.

Talk to him about why he’s not communicating with you, and tell him how much it hurts when he does this.



2. The hard-to-get move

Mind Games Men Play In Relationships

Some guys like to be mysterious.

They might not respond to your calls and messages right away because they want you to pursue them.

They play this game where they act mysterious and hard to figure out.

They do it because they’ve got this funny idea in their heads.

They’re scared that if they show too much love to a girl, she might not love them back or think they’re not “manly” enough.

They’re afraid of being labeled as too soft or simple.

Now, these guys put on this act of being hard to get just to see if the girl is interested.

It’s some kind of little test.

They want to know if you’re willing to put in the effort to chase after them.

They want to know if you want them.

But, on the other hand, for some of these guys, it’s not just about testing your interest.

It’s also about making themselves feel good.

They want everyone to see how special they are.

So, when a girl chases them during this hard-to-get game, it’s their way of showing off to the world that they’re special and boosting their confidence.

But, you know what?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to showing that you care.

Simply put, if a guy is playing hard-to-get, don’t take it personally. 

Instead of trying to win them over by playing games too, just show them that you’re genuine and honest in your feelings for them.

It’s a little ego boost for them.



3. The game of jealousy 

This jealousy thing can be tricky, and there are two ways guys do it.

They might make you feel jealous, or they act jealous themselves.

Here’s why they do it.

Making you feel jealous: Some guys pay a lot of attention to someone else when you’re around.

If this makes you jealous, they see it as a sign that you care about them and love them.

They might mess with your mind or emotions because they know you have feelings for them.

Acting jealous toward you: some guys act jealous themselves to keep you from talking or hanging out with other people.

It’s like they’re trying to hog all your attention for themselves.

This is usually a sign that they are possessive and don’t want to share you with anyone else. 

This isn’t a great thing because some men use it to pull you away from other people, so you only focus on them.

It’s a kind of manipulation game, making you feel guilty and leaving others behind to focus solely on them.


4. Hot now, cold later

 Mind Games Men Play In Relationships

A guy can act loving and caring towards you, showering you with gifts, cuddles, sweet text messages, and calling you often.

But then, out of nowhere, he starts acting distant.

He takes a long time to reply to your texts, acts like he’s too busy, or just doesn’t pay much attention to you.

The reason for this could be that he doesn’t want to commit to a serious relationship.

He’s not fully invested in the relationship.

So, he’s affectionate when he wants something from you, especially physical intimacy, and then he becomes distant when he doesn’t need anything.

In the long run, this kind of relationship doesn’t have a future.

He’s playing this hot-and-cold game intentionally to keep you confused.

He doesn’t want to fully let go, but he also doesn’t want to commit.

He’s “hot” when he desires physical intimacy or when he needs someone to talk to, and then he becomes “cold” to create some distance and make it clear he’s not that committed.


5. Mind reading or guessing challenge

Mind Games Men Play In Relationships

Some guys do these things; they expect you to read their minds and know what’s going on in their heads.

It is confusing because, let’s be honest, none of us are mind readers.

When they realize that you’re not picking up on their thoughts or feelings, some of them drop hints or act in a way that makes you guess what’s bothering them.

But, some men won’t even give you the benefit of the doubt, they get passive-aggressive because you can’t magically figure out their feelings.

In situations like this, I believe it’s best to have an open conversation with the guy.

Let him know that you’re not a psychic who can go into people’s minds and understand everything.

He needs to express what he’s feeling and thinking so that you can understand and work through it together.



Here are the five most common mind games that men might play in relationships.

We’re sharing them with you so that you can recognize when a man is playing mind games in your relationship.

We’re doing this because it’s a real part of the world of relationships, and we want you to stay safe.

If you notice a guy playing these mind games, and you believe he’s not trying to harm you but rather wants to ensure your commitment, have a sincere conversation with him.

Let him know that you’re as committed as he is.

However, if you realize he’s not treating you well, it’s best to walk away and avoid such a relationship.

You deserve genuine love, happiness, and someone who genuinely cares about you, not someone who plays with your emotions.