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7 Things Guys Only Do When They Consider a Future with You

7 Things Guys Only Do When They Consider a Future with You

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When you get into a relationship, do you ever wonder or pay attention to whether your man sees a future with you or not?

You see, one thing I like about men is the fact that they are pretty serious people. 

Even when they look like they are doing spontaneous things, there is still some level of thoughtfulness that has gone into it and as spontaneous as the act may be, it must not affect the things they are truly chasing after. 

So they are mindful of their actions and do things more rationally, intentionally, and logically, as opposed to most women, who do things based on how they feel. 

So these men: when they go into a relationship, they know which one is a fling and they know which one will follow them to the future. 

They may pretend otherwise, depending on what they want to achieve, but they know. 

Most of the time, they know what they’re doing. 

This is not to say that they do not make mistakes. 

They do. 

But more often than not, they are intentional. 

So from this intentionality, we have been able to discover things they will only do if they see a future with you. 

Things they won’t just do with any woman, but the one they want to spend their future with. 

These things are:

7 Things Guys Only Do When They Consider a Future with You

1. He Introduces You to His Family and Friends

7 Things Guys Only Do When They Consider a Future with You

There are several things that happen when a man wants to walk with you in the future. 

And one of the most outstanding is the fact that he will bring you into family gatherings and introduce you to his people. 

In some societies, this holds great significance—so much that if he is not darn serious about you, he cannot bring you to his family and friends

So if your man has brought you home, or has taken you to family gatherings and introduced you to his family and friends, he is likely looking forward to having a future with you. 

Mind you, he is not only flaunting you when he does this. 

He is also bringing you under his family’s scrutiny so as to get their opinion about you. 

You should know this so you know to behave wisely when he brings you in. 

For some people, if their family and friends do not approve of their partner, they cannot go any further with them. 


2. He Invests in Your Growth

7 Things Guys Only Do When They Consider a Future with You

Nobody gathers resources just to waste them.

Whether it is their time, money, knowledge, or whatever, people will often invest their resources in places that would yield profit. 

And one of such places for men is the life of the women they want to spend their future with. 

A man who sees a future with you will invest in both your personal and professional growth. 

This is why you’ll hear stories about men who sponsored their women through school, helped them set up a business, or enrolled them to learn a skill. 

These men are interested in having a future with the women they do these things for.

And so they do it with the mindset that if this woman is going to be in their future, her future has to be in shape, too. 

And that is why it is most unfortunate if the story takes a turn and the woman jilts the man who has invested in her. 


3. He Talks About Financial Stability

7 Things Guys Only Do When They Consider a Future with You

In countries and societies where it is the man who pays the woman’s dowry, the greater chunk of the financial responsibility, especially of the wedding, rests on his shoulders. 

So there’s a need to assure the woman that he is well able to handle these financial responsibilities and even more. 

Beyond showing his woman that he is able to take care of her financial needs, he also discusses finances with her to measure her own financial stability. 

So they’ll talk about savings, investments, debts and loans, and how to budget for future expenses. 

No man wants to be with a woman who cannot keep his home and estates and who will not help him realize financial stability. 


4. He Shows Consistency and Reliability

7 Things Guys Only Do When They Consider a Future with You

Of course, you know that if you want to get long-term results, you must maintain long-term consistency. 

You can’t be here today and there tomorrow. 

You will stay on a course and finish it before moving on to another. 

The man who wants to spend a lifetime with you knows this, and so he invests time in showing you that he is a reliable man.

He will show up when he says he will, keep his promises, and be there for you when you need him. 

And he does this consistently. 

And it really does please a woman to have a man she can rely on without having to worry about his reliability. 

Consistency also helps to build trust, that helps to build a stable, long-term relationship. 


5. He Involves You in Major Decisions

7 Things Guys Only Do When They Consider a Future with You

It’s not everyday you have a man bringing you in on his decision making process. 

Men like to make their decisions by themselves. 

So if he brings you in on his decisions, it is most likely he is seeing a future with you. 

It’s the reason you’ll receive a call saying, “I wanted to make this purchase, but I’d like to know what you think about it.”

Or he let’s you walk with him through his travels or relocation plans. 

For him, what you think about his decision is really important because he wants to do only things that are favourable for you and make decisions you are comfortable with. 


6. He Talks About Marriage and Family

7 Things Guys Only Do When They Consider a Future with You

I think it is good to pay attention to these things as they happen. 

Most men are not people who do things without thoughtfulness.

Being logical beings, they put in much thought and intentionality into their actions and inactions. 

So if you’re in a relationship with a man and he has not mistakenly or intentionally mentioned marriage and family, he most likely has no plans to keep you for the long-term. 

And just like that, if he begins to talk about marriage with you, he really sees a future with you.

This is not to rule out the fact that a manipulative man may use talks of marriage to manipulate you, especially if he sees that you are desperate for marriage. 

But then, you’ll see the behaviour that follows the talk and you can tell if this is a manipulation or it is real. 

Conversations about marriage may start as casual and playful talks. 

But if he is serious, he will begin to talk with you more seriously about it. 


7. He Makes an Effort to Resolve Conflicts

7 Things Guys Only Do When They Consider a Future with You

People only look to resolve conflicts with people they truly care about and want to be with long-term. 

Outside that, nobody wants stress. 

If you look like you want to stress them, they’ll leave you behind and move forward. 

There is no relationship without conflicts. 

There’ll be differences, misunderstandings, and inconsistencies here and there. 

When couples want to make their relationship long-term, they often find mutually favourable conflict resolution mechanisms and make compromises to accommodate each other’s excesses. 

So a man who wants to do long-term things with you or sees a future with you will be intentional about resolving conflicts whenever they arise. 

He will pay attention to your concerns, apologize when he is wrong, and continually find ways to be better with you. 


With the understanding that your man is an intentional man, and with this list we have curated for you, I think it will be quite easy to know whether your man does see a future with you, or whether you are going to be dropped off at the next station. 

But then, one man’s decision does not define you. 

If you are with a man who does not see a future with you, you are probably with the wrong man. 

Pack your bags and keep going.