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8 Pieces Of Advice A Married Man Should Avoid

8 Pieces Of Advice A Married Man Should Avoid

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Living a marital life is a journey of shared dreams and love that brings a smile to our faces.

Yet, along the way, certain advice can be like wrong turns on a map.

It’s vital for you to avoid these pieces of advice if you want a joyful marriage with the love of your life.

Honestly, it’s not advisable to allow people to tell you how to behave in your marriage.

Let’s take a friendly stroll through some tips best left behind, little nuggets that can keep the warmth alive in our unions.

So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s explore the path of wisdom together, hand in hand, as we explore pieces of advice a married man should avoid.


8 Pieces Of Advice A Married Man Should Avoid

1. “Always Put Yourself First”

Pieces Of Advice A Married Man Should Avoid

I’ve heard some men advise married friends to always put themselves first.

This is a very bad advice.

Marriage is a two-way street, and both sides should be taken into account.

It’s important to remember that self-interest won’t lead to a happy marriage. 

In the web of marriage, the threads of selflessness weave a beautiful pattern.

While self-care is essential, a marriage thrives when both partners prioritize each other’s happiness.

Imagine looking out for your spouse while they are busy with something else; this is the essence of a harmonious marriage.

So, instead of always seeking the spotlight for oneself, find joy in sharing it, and witness the magic of love blooming in a synergy of consideration and care.



2. “Keep Secrets from Your Spouse”

Pieces Of Advice A Married Man Should Avoid

No, don’t do it.

Don’t listen to them.

A marriage is a sanctuary of trust, where secrets erode the foundation of intimacy.

It may seem like a convenient get-out clause, but the truth is that secrets create distance and distrust in a marriage. 

No matter how small the secret might feel, the truth should always be shared to keep resentment at bay.

For couples who are struggling with communication issues, relationship counseling can help bridge understanding gaps of why it’s important to avoid keeping secrets from one another. 

The key is to be honest and open with each other while also being unafraid of being vulnerable.

Ultimately, the reward of sharing secrets will be richer than any guilt or discomfort that comes along with it. 

When we hide behind walls of secrecy, we deny our partner the chance to know us fully.

Therefore, it’s important to keep secrets out of the marriage and instead cultivate a deep, honest bond. 


3. “Avoid Conflict at All Costs”

Pieces Of Advice A Married Man Should Avoid

Avoiding conflict might seem peaceful, but it’s like sweeping dust under the rug.

Conflict, when handled kindly, is a chance to understand each other better.

Just as rain clears the air, addressing differences can lead to a fresher understanding.

Ignoring conflict could mean bottling up feelings, which might burst out later.

Letting out steam isn’t always easy, but it’s an important part of a healthy relationship.

If you’re feeling the urge to disagree, take a few deep breaths, pause and think about how best to express your feelings in a constructive way. 

This might be through talking it out with your partner or writing down how you feel. 

Either way, it’s important to recognize that conflict isn’t always bad and can lead to a stronger bond between the two of you.

This way, you can both work together to find meaningful solutions. 

Embrace conflict as a stepping stone to a stronger bond, and your journey together will be more colourful and resilient.



4. “Maintain Separate Lives”

Pieces Of Advice A Married Man Should Avoid

See, in everything you do, don’t encourage this advice.

Imagine two puzzle pieces, each unique but fitting perfectly together.

In a marriage, while having your own interests is important, keeping entirely separate lives can be like placing those pieces in different boxes.

It’s like tending to different plants in different gardens.

Sharing experiences, even if it’s just talking about your day, helps you stay connected.

Think of your marriage as a cozy blanket – you can have your own corner, but the warmth comes from being close.

So, while enjoying your personal interests, don’t forget to water the garden of togetherness, allowing your relationship to flourish with shared moments that make your love story personalized.



5. “Neglecting Romance”

Pieces Of Advice A Married Man Should Avoid

What is marriage without romance?

Just as a campfire needs logs to keep glowing, your marriage thrives on romantic gestures.

Small, thoughtful moments of love and appreciation can go a long way.

Random acts of kindness like surprising your partner with flowers or taking them out for an unexpected dinner are just a few ways to keep the fire burning.

Regular dates (even if it’s staying in) help you both remember why you fell in love in the first place.

It’s the spark that keeps your connection alive.

Ignoring them can make your relationship feel cold and distant.

So, don’t forget to stoke the flames of romance, making your journey together warm and delightful.

Keep the fire burning, and watch your love story illuminate your lives with joy and affection.



6. “Dismissing Emotional Support”

Pieces Of Advice A Married Man Should Avoid

Emotional support is the umbrella that shields you both on a rainy day.

Dismissing it is getting wet in the rain.

In marriage, being there for each other is crucial.

Sharing feelings creates a strong bond, as it demonstrates that you’re in it together.

Make sure to be there for each other, lend an ear, and listen without judgment.

It’s the glue that holds your relationship together through all of life’s challenges.

Ignoring this connection can create distance.

Just as a flower needs water to bloom, emotional support helps your relationship flourish.

Avoid brushing aside your partner’s emotions; instead, be like a sturdy tree, providing shade and comfort.

Embrace their feelings and offer a listening ear, cultivating a garden of understanding and closeness in your marriage.

With emotional support, your love story will weather any storm and blossom beautifully.



7. “Ignoring Self-Care”

Pieces Of Advice A Married Man Should Avoid

Well, I tell you this, self-care is a battery charger for your marriage – neglecting it is like letting the battery run low.

Just as cars need fuel to run, you both need self-care to stay energized.

Ignoring it can lead to exhaustion and frustration.

Taking care of yourself strengthens your relationship.

Neglecting self-care is like skipping meals – it leaves you weak and tired.

By practicing self-care, you’re better equipped to be a loving partner.

Always remember to recharge your batteries, whether through hobbies, relaxation, or simply taking a break.

Your well-being fuels the love you share, making your marriage journey smoother and more joyful.



8. “Suppressing Apologies”

Pieces Of Advice A Married Man Should Avoid

 A heart-to-heart conversation is a bridge between you two.

Suppressing apologies is leaving a gap in that bridge.

Apologizing is like fixing that gap, creating a strong connection.

In marriage, saying sorry shows respect and humility.

It is healing a wound with a gentle touch.

Ignoring apologies is like leaving a door half-closed; it keeps you from fully reconnecting.

Just as a hug can mend a frown, apologizing bridges any divide.

Embrace apologies as a way to mend and strengthen your bond.

It’s the glue that holds your relationship together, making your journey smoother and more loving.



In the construction of marriage, each brick of advice molds a unique pattern that shapes the buildings of our relationships.

As we’ve explored these pieces of counsel that a married man should steer clear of, we’ve embarked on a journey of understanding, growth, and companionship.

Like a traveler setting out with a well-marked map, you now possess insights to navigate the twists and turns that may come your way.

Don’t forget that a successful marriage is a masterpiece painted with patience, compromise, and love.

Let these pieces of advice be the guiding stars in your journey, lighting up the path of shared dreams and shared love.

As you embrace these insights with open hearts, you’re setting sail on a sea of endless possibilities, ensuring that your marriage thrives in a symphony of friendship and affection.

Here’s to a future filled with laughter, shared moments, and a love that grows stronger with each passing day.