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How To Have Fun With Your Family This Holiday

How To Have Fun With Your Family This Holiday

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The holiday season is a special time of the year that everyone looks forward to because it’s a time to relax and have fun with family and friends.

There are so many ways to have a fun-filled holiday without breaking the bank.

It’s all about being creative and staying within one’s budget.

The holiday season is all about creating lifetime memories and below are twelve ways to do that:

 12 ways to have a fun-filled holiday

  1. Have a holiday movie night

It’s so much fun when everyone agrees on a nice movie to see together.

Order popcorn and the favourite drink of each person.

The interesting part about this is that you all get to chat about the movie and what fascinated each person later on.

A home movie night is also a great idea. You can bring the cinema to your home as you all enjoy a movie together in the comfort of your home.

  1. Have a baking time

The holiday period is a nice time to bake some yummy cookies, muffins or bread together as a family.

Each person can be assigned tasks according to their age group.

From measuring of ingredients, to mixing the dough and filling the baking tray.

The outcome of the baked dough would reflect the importance of how unity and sharing of tasks among loved ones bring about productivity.

  1. Design craft

The holiday season is the best time for parents to get crafty with their kids.

Designs cards, beads, flowery decor or other things that interest you together.

These cards can be presented to the special people in your lives.

People will really value that, knowing that it’s your handmade craft.

  1. Decorate your house and surrounding

Now is the time to visit the stores to get beautiful decoration materials to design your home.

I have been seeing amazing decors in front of people’s houses in the last few days.

Decorating your front door with ribbons or other materials of your choice is one of the ways to catch the holiday vibes together.

Put some beautiful Christmas lights in the front of your house or yard.

  1. Attend Carol

As a child, I always looked forward to carol services during the Christmas season.

My parents, siblings and I sometimes write down the lyrics of our Christmas songs, practice them and present them during the church carol service.

This was one of the ways my family had fun at Christmas and I missed doing that!

  1. Visit Santa and take pictures

Children love this in particular.

Sitting on Santa’s laps and taking pictures as well as collecting gifts are part of the things that make the holiday season memorable for the kids.

I still have some of the pictures I took with Santa many years back and they bring back good memories.

  1. Teach your kids how to cook and organize cooking competition

I was really amazed seeing children under age 12 show their cooking skills in a Masterchef competition.

The holiday season might be the best time to teach your kids some delicious recipes.

Cooking with your family and having friends and family to judge who the better chef is could be a fun thing to do.

  1. Throw a Christmas party

One of the amazing ways to enjoy this holiday is to organize a party and invite family, friends and neighbours.

The party could be a potluck, by making individuals bring their favourite dishes while everyone eats together.

You won’t have to spend much hosting the party if it’s a potluck.

  1. Build a snowman or go snowshoeing

If it’s snowing where you live, building a snowman with the kids won’t be a bad idea.

You can also go snowshoeing; this is an another way to exercise with your loved ones.

It could be a nice part of the family tradition.

  1. Volunteer

It will be fun to volunteer with your family this holiday.

Get ways to get involved in the community. There are so many ways in which one can add value.

You can help charity organizations in packing Christmas hampers or whatever needs to be done.

Also, reaching out to the needy is a way to give back to the society. Actually, it’s what the holiday season is about.

Involve the kids in doing this as this will teach them the importance of giving back as well.

  1. Travel within or outside the city

Travelling out of the city to visit loved ones is also a good way to have a fun-filled holiday.

You can lodge in an affordable hotel and create time each day for various activities with your family or friends who stay within the city.

But this may be costly. Though it will be great if you have the money to fund this fun.

It’s also fun if you have someone to host you wherever you travel to in order to minimize cost.

12. Have a family photoshoot

This is an avenue for everyone to get dressed in their lovely attire.

Apart from the fun of it, the pictures will always bring good memories.

This can also be part of your family tradition each Christmas season.

My parents did this and I loved it.

Everyone will get to know how they have changed over the years comparing the look of past years to the present one.

Happy holidays!

Written by Olajumoke Onifade.