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8 Habits Sabotaging Your Success

8 Habits Sabotaging Your Success

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Sometimes, people strive to succeed but still don’t make headway.

This could be due to external factors that they have no control over. And sometimes, it could be their own doing.

It’s so easy to blame others for our failures because it makes us feel good and shifts the responsibility of fixing things away from us.

Taking responsibility for our inability to succeed could open our eyes to the enemies of our progress which could be our habits.

Just as good habits can help us to be successful, bad habits can sabotage our success as well.

Some of these habits are not only products of our deeds but of thoughts as well.

Here are some sabotaging habits to quit in order to succeed:

  1. Not setting goals and making plans

Success doesn’t come by chance. It takes continuous effort of making plans towards achieving one’s set down goals.

One of the habits that hinder success is not making concrete plans and goals for the future.

So, devising a means to handle each step or stage in achieving itemized goals will bring about self confidence, knowing that one has figured out ways to cross every hurdle on the path to success.


2. Seeking validation from people always

One of the secrets to success is defining one’s purpose and goals.

Trying to always seek approval or validation from people may not take you farther.

Realize that you have no control over the feelings of others, so wanting to hear everyone’s opinion and getting them to endorse your decision may hinder success.


  1. Being bitter about past mistakes

A successful person shouldn’t hold on to mistakes. Mistakes are for lessons, and should help to prevent future failures.

If you keep making references to your past misfortunes, it will hold you back from forging ahead and taking new steps into achieving greatness.


  1. Avoiding networking with people of substance

It’s okay to be an introvert, but the importance of networking in achieving success can’t be overemphasized.

It is necessary to network with like-minds or people who have expertise in your line of business or career.

Associating with these people will help you acquire more knowledge and ideas that could help you succeed your the chosen path.


  1. Not taking time for self reflection

Anyone who aspires to be successful needs to dedicate time for self reflection.

You need time to think about your actions, decisions, choices and behaviours.

Self reflection will help you re-evaluate the steps taken so far, how to handle present challenges in order to have a transformed future.

It’ll also help you decide if to take on a new approach to achieving your goals or stick to existing plans.


  1. Resistance to change in behaviour

One of the obstacles to success is a bad habit and anyone who aims to be successful must do away with every negative behaviour.

So, it’s important to be willing to give up bad habits and adopt habits that will help you achieve your desired goals.


  1. Inability to leave your comfort zone

Success comes with sacrifice and ability take meaningful risks.

If you’re so in love with your comfort zone and unwilling to make a change, you’re sabotaging your success.


  1. Avoiding Failure

Successful people understand that failure is a lesson to do it better in the future.

Fear of failure will only render you stagnant, because you won’t know your ability to do things excellently until you try.

Believe in yourself, aspire to do great things and see yourself achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve.

Written by Olajumoke Onifade.