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8 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Immature For You

8 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Immature For You

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Are there real signs your boyfriend is immature for you?

When it comes to romantic relationships, maturity is a crucial factor that determines the success of the relationship or how long it lasts. 

Maturity is one of the qualities you should look out for in a partner before accepting to be in that relationship. 

If your boyfriend is immature, it can lead to constant quarrels, frustration, disappointment, and likely, the relationship won’t last.

Now the question is; are you dating a mature man or a boy in disguise? 

There is a clear difference between dating a little boy, dating a man trapped in a boy’s body and a mature man. 

You can’t expect to build a successful long-term relationship that might lead to marriage with a boy who doesn’t understand the responsibilities of romantic relationships.

Mature and real men know what it takes to make relationships work and be enjoyable, and they understand that it’s never a walk in the park. 

So how do you know exactly if you’re dating a boy and not a man? 

Well, there are a few signs that you can check out. 

 Here are eight signs your boyfriend may be immature for you.

8 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Immature For You

1. He is a player.

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Immature For You

 How seriously does he make the relationship enjoyable and memorable for you both? 

How quickly does he respond to your emotional needs? 

When a man treats love as a game, he is simply a player, which is a sign of immaturity.

He toys with your emotions and doesn’t seem fully committed to you.

He doesn’t take your relationship with him seriously. 

These are signs of an immature boyfriend who has no understanding of his role in a relationship; probably, he is into the relationship to satisfy his sexual desire.

Also, he will display signs that he is a player fully, and you would do yourself a disservice to ignore this sign.


2. He feeds off on your insecurities.

A man that feeds off your insecurities is definitely immature for you.

His actions will make you feel worthless or unimportant, which makes you lose your self-esteem.

His mannerisms and carriage will be so high as to indirectly throw a jab at you that your worthiness is on him.

He derives strength from your weaknesses and insecurities.

He makes you dependent on him to the point that you have to seek validation from him.

Anybody that does this to you seeks to be controlling and in the real sense of it, he is immature.

Anybody that needs to crumble you to feel strength is a weakling that is undeserving of your love.


3. He is the type that is easily influenced.

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Immature For You

Does he get distracted by little things that don’t matter?  

Does he easily change his plans based on his friend’s decision?  

He’s like a little boy in a toy store. 

He’s just running around getting distracted by shiny things, then loses focus on the main goal.

This kind of man is easily swayed and carried away by inconsequential things.

He doesn’t have any real long-term goals or seem to see the bigger picture of what the future holds.

He’s just living life on temporary highs with things that don’t really matter that won’t contribute to his growth.

If your boyfriend tends to go along with what others say or do without considering the consequences, it indicates a lack of independent thought and maturity.


4. He avoids serious conversations like a plague.

Does your boyfriend shy away from discussing serious topics like future goals, finances, marriage, investment or conflicts; it indicates lack of ambition and maturity.

He doesn’t like opening up to you about his plans or strategy to achieve his goals. 

This might be because he has none and is unwilling to build one.

On the other hand, he might be keeping these things to himself because he feels he is not good enough.

He might also be doing this because he finds it difficult to admit that you have no place in it.

If, for any reason, he avoids any serious conversation with you, it simply means he is not taking you seriously and or he is so immature that he has nothing to offer in that regard.


5. He avoids intellectual conversations.

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Immature For You

Are you in a relationship with a man uncomfortable enough to engage you in an intellectual conversation? 

His unwillingness is so glaring that even the blind can see it.

He is not willing to actually talk or contribute to conversations around financial literacy, entrepreneurship and even emotional intelligence. 

This is largely due to the fact that he is uncomfortable discussing them to avoid embarrassing himself or even based on the fact that he feels intimidated by your knowledge. 

Feeling inferior and uncomfortable in this kind of scenario owes largely to the fact that he is still immature.

This is because learning can occur through this process, and it is better to even do it from someone you love.

Where he avoids these conversations due to the above reasons, he is simply immature for you. 


6. He is an attention seeker.

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Immature For You

Does your boyfriend want you around him 24/7? 

Does he expect your call or text now and then?  

If your answer is yes, I’m afraid your partner is a bit immature for you.

If your boyfriend always demands your attention and becomes upset when he doesn’t receive it, you really should check things out.

A mature couple always gives space to each other, and sometimes holding too tight breaks things apart.  

Being in each other’s face round the clock is not synonymous to love.

This is not to underestimate the power of communication in a committed relationship. 

However, humans have lots of meaningful work to do in a day that requires time. 

We don’t even text our family the whole day, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love them.

A man that wants to live and survive on your attention all day long is immature and jobless.

He should get something doing to keep him busy.



7. He doubts your love for him.

There’s nothing more stressful than dating a man whom you have to constantly prove your love to.

No matter how much you try to prove you genuinely love him, he never believes it. 

He keeps putting you under the pressure of showing the workings that you actually love him.

This is a sign of immaturity that will always put you on your toes and cause emotional stress.

He comes up with tests to see and make you prove what you really share. 

He really doesn’t trust you enough to know whether your feelings for him are real. 

He always wants to try to test the limits of your love. 

He will always try to push you over the edge to see if you would still come back to him.

A man that does all of these is not mature enough to be in a relationship.


8. He tries to control you.

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Immature For You

Does he restrict your movement and give you a long list of dos and don’ts? 

Does he question any of your moves or relationship with people? 

An immature boyfriend is the type that doesn’t want you to have your own life. 

He is going to restrict your freedom as much as possible. 

He always wants to have full control of your life because he does not want you to be doing anything that might inconvenience or threaten him. 

You might think that this is love but this is a sign of immaturity, which is also not a healthy sign.

A man that seeks to control your life and activities is not just immature but insecure and definitely has narcissistic tendencies. 

Please be vigilant.


If you notice any of these signs in your man, it means he is a boy trapped in a man’s body. 

 It may be time for you to slow down and reassess whether he is the right partner for you at the stage you are in your life. 

A mature relationship needs both partners to be emotionally and mentally mature and able to communicate effectively to achieve a long-term relationship.

A real relationship is not what the movies paint it to be.

Maturity begins the day we start to accept the realities of life, work together on it , and be ready to face the world.