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7 Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman

7 Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman

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Do people really look out for Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman?

In today’s world, women are taking life in a different direction than what their ancestors believed. 

Gone are the days when women’s life revolved around the kitchen and changing diapers and it’s making some men uncomfortable and intimidating.

As a woman who is on a mission to make the best life for herself, then don’t be surprised to find that not everyone around you will like that, especially the male folk.

I believe that an intimidating woman is a strong character that knows what she wants and isn’t scared to go and get it. 

She is a pacesetter who leads the way for others to follow and be their best self.

Women who know their onion have much to offer in leadership positions, the corporate world and other areas of life. 

Even in some cases, they do a better job than their male counterparts.

If you are one of these women, be proud and keep breaking ground for a more equal society that will benefit everyone in the end.

How do you know if you have an intimidating personality? 

Let’s answer that with the following signs indicating you have such a strong personality that it intimidates others.

7 Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman

1. You’re an Independent woman.

Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman

Simply put, you’re your master who doesn’t depend financially on others to decide for you. 

As an independent woman, you can do everything for yourself and remain resilient while at it. 

Courageous women with alpha female personalities exude confidence, and she doesn’t need a man to pick up the pieces of her life. 

She shows not only men can be alphas.

She’s not taking just anything but working extra hard to put herself out there.

She makes her own choices and owns up to whatever the consequences.

If you do all of these and more, then you are her.

But there is a thin line between being independent and being inconsiderate and intimidating.

What I am saying, in essence, is that while you are chasing your dreams and goals and building an independent life, give allowance to be taken care of.


2. You work under pressure perfectly.

Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman

This is one of the outstanding traits of an alpha woman whose strong personality exudes intimidation.

There’s always dignity in someone who can keep their composure even under stressful situations, and this trait of yours can also intimidate others, especially in your office.

For instance, if your co-workers are usually a mess under pressure, watching you maintain your poise in challenging situations can trigger someone’s insecurity.

This can lead to feelings of incompetency when they fail to match your level of composure during difficult times, and they will feel intimidated.

It becomes crazier when you’re not even the team lead but still functions perfectly, and while being at it, you get the solution for the whole team.

You will be surprised that you carry this attitude to other aspects of your life and, more especially, your relationship.

Your man expects that he will be the one to tackle the issues or pressures facing you two, but there you are as a pressure cooker, literally.

You have solved everything with a calm demeanour that leaves him awed and confused.

There are even situations he’d naturally expect you to whine to him, but since you’re a badass at what you do, you do not reach out to him for help.

This attitude will leave your man practically useless.

It creates an environment where you do not need him in any way.

A man needs to feel and be relevant to you in some way.

Strike a balance between these worlds of yours.


3. You’re a high-standard woman.

Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman

As an intimidating woman and a high-value woman, you set your standards high, and you’re not one to be easily bent into settling for less. 

Because settling for less simply means bringing your standard down to match the level of those beneath you.  

As a high-standard woman, you exude a level of enthusiasm that extends beyond her outward appearance. 

You are a woman who understands her importance and self-worth when dealing with a man or people that makes them feel intimidated. 

You set clear boundaries and won’t tolerate anyone who dares cross it. 

Combining your standards, boundaries, and no-nonsense personality can intimidate some people around you, especially your man.

He will feel like he has a hallmark standard to live by, and if he doesn’t meet up, he will feel he isn’t good enough for you.

This does not mean he underperforms or anything of the sort.

It is just you being yourself.


4. You don’t take no for an answer.

Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman

As a woman with a great personality, you are hell-bent on some things and never seem to take no for an answer.

This scares others because you don’t allow them to offer opinions, suggest or meet you halfway. 

Your presence is dominating and scary to your peers and colleagues, making them feel discouraged and intimidated. 

This same work ethic is what you take into your relationship, and compromising becomes alien to you.

As good as it is always to stand your ground, however, learn to give room for compromise.

You cannot always be right, and you cannot know better than every other person.

Also, regarding your relationship, your can shift your ground, and you won’t be less of a woman while at it.


5. Your quest for success is high.

As a strong personality, you don’t take a bow even after you’ve reached your goal. 

You have a high hunger and thirst to be better than who you were yesterday, and that is totally normal.

Once you’ve achieved point A, you switch to points B, C, D, E, and so on. 

There are evident reasons people are intimidated by your unending quest, and this is:

They are left with the mindset that you’re constantly raising the stakes to push them into competing with you.  

Nevertheless, what they don’t know is that strong personality individuals like yourself keep moving the goalpost to achieve their goals and more. 

And most importantly, they compete with themselves and no one else.


6. You have strong opinions.

Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman

When talking about the list of what makes a woman intimidating to others, it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning having a strong opinion.

As a woman with a great personality and a highly smart woman, you speak plainly, and are unafraid to voice your opinions.

You project your opinion without actually thinking of hurting anyone, and you do that emphatically.

Strong opinions can make the people around you uncomfortable and less of themselves, especially if they have a different perception and dislike confrontation. 

No matter how thoughtful and respectful you try to present it, your strong perception makes others uneasy, and it makes them swallow their opinion and not voice it out, especially when you sound like an authority.



7. You are blunt.

A brutally honesty woman appears to be intimidating to an average person.

Beating around the bush and mincing words is not part of you. 

You call a spade a spade without being scared and saying things the way they are without worrying if it offends someone above or below you.

You don’t filter your criticisms or appraisals to fit into anybody’s ego.

You tell your truth without fear or favour from anyone.

Unfortunately, some people don’t understand this, and they see your honesty as an attack on them or their characters, forgetting that you can’t compromise your way of life to please others.

People who misconstrue you may take time to understand you and may not.


With the above signs, I would want you to know that you’re not intimidating; rather, it is the people around you who feel intimidated. 

It is actually one trait that makes people respect a woman.

There’s nothing absolutely wrong with having a strong personality that intimidates others.

A strong personality that commands respect remains your strength as long as you’re not stepping on toes, intentionally hurting someone, or purposely disadvantaging anyone.

Therefore, whenever you exude strong character, and people around you feel intimidated, remember that’s on them and not on you.