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7 Clear Signs She’s Not Interested in You

7 Clear Signs She’s Not Interested in You

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People (namely, men) often like to argue that it is difficult to know what a woman wants and what she does not want. 

I am a woman, and maybe there is a hinge of truth to this argument, but it does not apply to when a woman likes you

In my few years of experience, both personally and as a relationship blogger, I’ve come to realize that it is easier to know a woman who likes you than to know a man who likes you. 

The chances of guessing a woman’s feelings for you wrong are very low compared to the chances of guessing a man’s feelings wrongly. 


Because women are more emotionally expressive than men. 

Men will prefer to hide under the cover of societal masculine expectations than express their emotions.

Except a man wants to make a move on you, you may never know that he has feelings for you. 

Meanwhile, a woman only needs to smile at you for you to know that she is interested in you. 

So it is easy to know if she’s interested in you. 

But can you tell if she is not interested in you?

You’re a man who is hitting on a woman.

What are the signs to let you know that your effort may not yield any positive results?

7 Clear Signs She’s Not Interested in You

1. She Rarely Talks to You

7 Clear Signs She's Not Interested in You

A woman who is not interested in you does not want to talk to you

All that conversation you bring up with her, she’s looking uninterested not because she is tired but because she is tired of talking to you. 

This is the reason your 20 “Hi, angle” is in your DMs, unseen, with no response. 

She is online, not just talking to you. 

A woman who is interested in you won’t even let your message drop before she responds. 

She is waiting in your inbox for every single message. 

Meanwhile, texting a woman who is not interested in you too often and about “frivolous things” is ruining her day. 

Picture this: when a man she’s crushing on asks her how she slept after a good morning, she will write a long message about all that happened before she slept, in her dreams, and when she woke up. 

However, if it’s someone she’s not interested in, that question feels like engaging her with “frivolous” questions.

The most she can do is give a monosyllabic, unenthusiastic response after a long time.


2. She Does Not Text First 

7 Clear Signs She's Not Interested in You

A woman who is not interested in you will never text you first, except if she has business with you. 

And if there’s business, she doesn’t bother with pleasantries. 

She’ll stay on the business and will be out as soon as the business is done. 

A woman who is interested in you will not only text you first, but she will also check up on you with a backup text if you’re taking too long to respond.

So if the woman you’re hitting on has no business in your DMS except when she comes to drop her unenthusiastic response to your text, chances are she does not share your energy. 

There is someone she is texting first thing in the morning with a wide smile on her face. 

It just so happens that you are not that person. 

And the fact that you are calling her to say, “So if I don’t call you, you won’t call me,” makes her even angrier. 

Just give up and move on.


3. She Makes Excuses and Cancels Plans

7 Clear Signs She's Not Interested in You

I’m really guilty of this one here.

You’ll know a woman is not interested in you if she always has a perfect excuse for not hanging out with you or if something always comes up whenever you both are supposed to spend time together. 

Now, this is how it works.

She will make perfect excuses until you realize that they are all made-up excuses, then she begins to agree to the plans and even show so much enthusiasm about it just to make you feel good.

Only to call you at the set time to tell you that something unavoidable came up.

Sometimes, she may even go as far as setting up a distraction in your presence.

Maybe she and her friend should plan to send an emergency message or something so that she doesn’t waste her day staring at your boring face (your face is always boring to a woman who doesn’t like you and your jokes, too).


4. She Brings Low Energy to Conversations 

7 Clear Signs She's Not Interested in You

Another way to know a woman who is interested in you is the energy with which she engages in conversations with you. 

Women can be chatterboxes when they are with the men they like. 

However, during conversations with men they do not like, they prefer to just listen. 

Except that, in most cases, they are completely uninterested in what you have to say and may only be doing pseudo-listening. 

After you have talked for a while, they begin to display body language that says, “I am tired of listening, and I want to go.”

The most you can do to have them talk is to ask them questions. 

And they’ll just give you a short answer that will not result in another question. 

In that period of being in a conversation with you, it feels like they are being tormented.

Meanwhile, with someone they like, they can go on and on for hours unending. 


5. She Keeps You Away From Her Personal Space 

7 Clear Signs She's Not Interested in You

There’s something called personal space. 

It is the distance a person keeps from outsiders to keep them feeling safe and comfortable during interactions.

Everyone has a personal space, and everyone has people who are allowed into their personal space.

But you see a woman who does not like you?

You won’t be allowed into her personal space, let alone have close physical contact with her. 

Personal space is usually not only physical, it is also emotional so much so that a person who is sitting right next to you may be outside your personal space. 

So, during interactions, the woman who is not interested in you will prevent you from accessing her physically and emotionally.

She will be very reluctant to open up to you concerning her personal life, and if you try to touch her, she may begin to get uncomfortable. 

She doesn’t have any romantic interests in you and doesn’t want you to go beyond the social boundaries she has set for you. 


6. She Does Not Care

7 Clear Signs She's Not Interested in You

Do you think you’re the hottest guy on the block?

It’s because you have not had romantic interests in a woman who has no romantic interests in you.

All those moves you make that get the women sprawling guess what?

She won’t even notice them. 

Imagine that you blocked a woman who you liked on social media and she didn’t even notice for so long.

That is how it is. 

A woman who is uninterested in you is also uninterested in your life and everything you think you are. 

She doesn’t care if you are the cutest or the richest man.

If she doesn’t want you, that’s just it. 

While everyone else is singing your praises and waving your banner, that one person who you want to be proud of does not even know what you are doing. 

Meanwhile, a woman who really likes you is your greatest cheerleader.

Whether you’re doing anything or not, she is cheering you on and singing your praises unendingly.


7. She Talks About Her Other Relationship 

7 Clear Signs She's Not Interested in You

A woman who is not interested in you does not waste time telling you about her dating experiences with other men, especially in a way that condescends your efforts. 

In her effort to have a conversation with you, she won’t fail to mention that she is currently dating another person.

While we were growing up as teenagers, many girls used this style to disengage themselves from a man they were not interested in.

Whether they are in a relationship or not, they will quickly say they are in a relationship just to make him lose interest. 

If she frequently talks about other people she’s interested in or dating, it’s a strong indication that she sees you as just a friend or acquaintance.


Dear men, 

As soon as you notice these signs continually in a woman you are pursuing, you do not need a soothsayer to tell you that she is not interested in you.

At this point, it is better to move on with your dignity and spend your energy on another woman who shares your energy.

Everyone deserves to be with someone who wants to be with them.