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7 Signs He Is In A Relationship With You, But Not For Love

7 Signs He Is In A Relationship With You, But Not For Love

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Imagine for a second being in love with your boyfriend and things are going well – or so you think – but he actually doesn’t love you.

Think about it, imagine how sad that is. No matter how in love we are with others, it can only be perfect if they are in love with us as well.

It would have been great if people only enter into relationships with people they love but the ideal situation is not what we always experience.

So, the onus is now on us to find out if the man we love loves us too.

What are the ways to find this out? How do you know he is in a relationship with you but not for love?

7 Signs He Is In A Relationship With You, But Not For Love

1. He Is Distant

Think about how you feel when you are in love with someone; you always want to be around them because you genuinely feel happy being around them.

Basically, the opposite is true for someone that doesn’t love you.

If he loves you, he will seek you out.

He doesn’t seek you out and find ways to be around you because being around you is a chore.

This might sound harsh but it is better to know the truth instead of being with someone that feels nothing for us.

A man that doesn’t love you will also be distant emotionally; you will notice talking to him and getting to know him will feel like pulling teeth.

2. He Cheats On You

This is quite clear; when we love someone, we don’t want to hurt them and we know cheating on them will hurt them.

I mean, even if you can make excuses for and forgive one’s indiscretion if he is repeatedly cheating on you, he doesn’t love you, even if he apologises every time it happens.

3. He Keeps You A Secret

When we love someone, we want to shout it on the rooftop.

There is just something about love that cannot be hidden; it makes us so happy, we want to talk about it. Of course, that is different from privacy.

If he wants to keep the relationship private, it is not an issue but if he is keeping you a secret, it is a huge red flag.

How do you differentiate?

Privacy will be not giving details about the relationship to others or keeping your relationship off social media but keeping you a secret will be telling no one – even his loved ones – that he is in a relationship with you, introducing you as anything other than his woman or girlfriend.

4. He Is All About S*x

Of course, a man that loves you will want physical intimacy because he is physically attracted to you.

But a man that doesn’t love ONLY wants s*x from you.

He is not interested in knowing you, doesn’t care about your dreams and goals; all he wants is to sleep with you and be gone.

If your boyfriend is this way, you are in the wrong relationship.

5. He Receives But Never Gives

Love gives; love is always pressed to give.

It is that simple; when someone loves you, they always want to give to you. While some men are in a relationship with you for s*x, some are there for the money or connection or prestige.

So, if he is receiving from you but not giving anything back, he is with you but not for love.

6. You Are Not A Priority

A man that loves you will make you a priority; he cares about you and your happiness.

Now, of course, there are times when he will be unavoidably absent when you need him or he will need to handle something else.

But if he is always choosing other things and people above you, he doesn’t consider you a priority.

7. He Doesn’t Compromise For The Relationship

In a healthy relationship, both parties are compromising and sacrificing for the success of the relationship.

However, one person should not be compromising while the other does nothing in a healthy relationship.

If you find out that your partner does not sacrifice for the relationship while you do all the sacrificing, it is because he is not in that relationship for love.

He doesn’t care for the success of the relationship but what he is getting out of the relationship.

It can be difficult to accept reality but the truth is always better than living a lie. If you find most or all of these in your relationship, chances are he is in a relationship with you but not for love.


Sunday 13th of September 2020

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