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10 Things I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife

10 Things I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife

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Ever wondered if you could add a little extra happiness onto your marriage?

You know what?

It’s totally doable.

I’ve got some tips from real personal experiences that have helped me crack the code to a happier marriage.

I want to share a personal experience with you, my quest to become a happier wife.

Marriage, as we all know, isn’t always a smooth-no-glitch walk.

But as time progressed, I discovered some straightforward, down-to-earth things that made a world of difference in my marriage.

Increasing the happiness in your marriage may prove easier than you imagine.

If you can incorporate these simple actions into your relationship, you can infuse it with newfound joy.

Below, you’ll find uplifting anecdotes, not only used by me but also shared by couples who’ve taken steps to cultivate greater happiness in their marriages.

I hope these insights can help you, too.


10 Things I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife

1. Communication Opens All Doors

Things I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife


That thing we do every day?

We’ve said it umpteenth times on this blog.

In marriage, communication is super important.

Let’s say you’ve got this magical crystal ball, and it’s the only way your partner can see what’s going on inside your head.

Newsflash: they don’t have that crystal ball, and neither do you.

What to do then is, rather than keeping all those thoughts and feelings locked up, share them.

Tell your partner what’s bothering you or what’s making you smile.

Communication is opening a secret treasure box.

You’ll find understanding, connection, and a happier marriage inside.


2. Date Nights are a Must

Things I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife


You and your partner are a powerful duo, but life’s villains (work, chores, other responsibilities) keep trying to separate you.

That’s where date nights come in.

They are your superpower, keeping your relationship strong and exciting.

These nights don’t need to be fancy.

It could be a cozy dinner at home, a picnic in the park, or even a Netflix night with popcorn.

The key is dedicating time to just the two of you.

You are hitting pause on life’s chaos and hitting play on your love story.

Why does it matter?

It helps you reconnect, remember why you fell in love in the first place, and create new memories together.


3. Appreciate the Little Things

Things I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife

Those everyday moments often go unnoticed.

Start noticing and appreciating them.

Like when your partner does something sweet, making your morning coffee or picking up your favorite snack on the way home.

These little things might seem, well, little, but they’re drops in a bucket that fills up with love and appreciation.

Don’t take these gestures for granted.

You should garnish them with gratitude.

Say “thank you” and mean it.

Show that you notice and cherish these small acts of kindness.

The more you do it, the more your love grows.

When you appreciate the little things, you’re creating a culture of love and care in your relationship.

It’s a way to a happier marriage where both of you feel valued and cherished.


4. Make Room for Space and Independence

Things I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife


It’s important to remember that you both need your own space and independence to thrive.

Having your own interests, hobbies, and friends outside of your marriage adds vibrant colors to your individual puzzle pieces.

It makes you more interesting and well-rounded.

In addition, it takes off some of that pressure to be everything to each other.

Note, I’m not saying you should be miles apart all the time.

You just have to find that balance.

Trust and give each other the freedom to grow independently.

You would be two strong trees that share the same soil.

You stand tall together because you’ve got your roots firmly grounded.

Allowing space and independence into your marriage can actually bring you closer because you’re bringing your enriched selves back to the relationship.

It’s good for both of you and your marriage.


5. Don’t Take Imperfections Too Seriously

Things I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife


We know this.

Nobody’s perfect, not you, not your partner, not even those Instagram models with flawless filters.

We all come with our habits, flaws, and, yeah, our own brand of weirdness.

Listen here; instead of trying to fix or change each other, why not embrace those imperfections?

Those little kinks are what make your partner, yes, them.

And remember, they’ve accepted yours too.

Loving someone isn’t finding the perfect person.

It’s finding someone whose imperfections you adore.

Just laugh about those odd habits, celebrate your differences, and be grateful for the perfectly imperfect partner you have.

Don’t you know?

It’s those peculiar habits that make your love story yours.


6. Give Him Some Affection

Things I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife


Don’t forget when you first fell in love, and every touch sent shivers down your spine.

That’s what we’re aiming for here.

Holding hands, hugging, cuddling, and even stealing a quick kiss in the kitchen.

These little acts of physical affection are wonderful open secrets to a happy marriage.

They’re a warm, comfortable blanket on a cold night.

See, let me tell you, physical touch is a powerful way to express your love and connection.

It’s not just the big romantic gestures.

These everyday moments of closeness count a lot.

A hug after a tough day at work or holding hands during a walk say, “I love you” without words.

Now, come on, don’t hold back on the physical affection.

Add extra toppings to your favorite dessert.

It makes your marriage even sweeter.

Show your love with a touch, a cuddle, or a kiss, and watch your connection grow stronger.



7. Keep the Romance Rolling

Things I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife


Keeping the flame burning, but without all the heavy-duty effort.

Romance is not for Hollywood films or fancy candlelit dinners.

Nope, it is those little everyday surprises that remind your partner you’re head over heels for them.

Imagine you leave a cute love note for your spouse to find, or you surprise them with their favorite treat just because.

You are giving your marriage a shot of adrenaline, making it feel fresh and exciting.

Hear this: romance has no expiration date.

It’s a fine wine.

It gets better with time.

Don’t let the light out.

Keep those sweet gestures going, and you’ll find your marriage is a love story that never gets old.



8. Keep Growing and Making Money

Things I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife

Keep growing together, and make some dough while you’re at it.

Life is a continuous adventure, and your marriage is no exception.

As you both grow individually and as a couple, it’s important to also think about your financial future.

Money is very good for romance.

Set some financial goals, budget together, and even dream about that dream vacation or cozy retirement.

When you’re on the same page financially, it relieves stress and helps you focus on what really matters, which is your happiness together.

And who doesn’t love a bit of extra cash in the bank?


Note a happier marriage isn’t just the lovey-dovey stuff but also building a solid partnership for all of life’s adventures, including the financial ones.



9. Allow Forgiveness

Things I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife


In any long-term relationship, including marriage, we all make mistakes.

We might say things we don’t mean or do something thoughtless.

These things happen, happen to anyone.

We’re only human.

But forgiveness.

When you mess up or when your partner does, don’t hold onto grudges like they’re precious treasures.

Let forgiveness be your strength.

I am not saying forgiving is saying what happened is okay, no.

I am saying you should choose to move forward together.

It’s hitting the reset button and giving your marriage a fresh start.

Holding onto anger and resentment is carrying around a heavy backpack, it weighs you down.

Just drop that baggage, forgive, and watch your marriage soar lighter and happier.


10. Choose Your Friends, Don’t Just Make ThemThings I Started Doing In My Marriage To Be A Happier Wife


Be mindful of your friendships.

See, don’t just have friends; choose the right ones who want the best for your relationship.

Friends can have a big impact on your marriage, so pick them wisely.

Seek out friends who respect and appreciate your relationship.

Surround yourself with people who uplift and encourage you as a couple.

And, please, don’t forget to be that kind of friend to them too.

Your friends can be your biggest cheerleaders or, sometimes, unintentional marriage saboteurs.

For this reason, choose your tribe wisely because having a supportive network can make a world of difference in your journey to a happier marriage.



I am concluding this now that a happier marriage isn’t some unattainable fairy tale.

It’s not grand gestures or having a perfect relationship.

It requires making an effort every day to nurture what you’ve got.

Be kind, be patient, and be real with each other.

Understand that love, not just a feeling, is a choice you make over and over.

You keep showing up, even when things get tough, and working through the challenges together.

Keep growing individually and as a couple.

Cheers to you and your partner, the sure duo taking on life together.