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8 Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

8 Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

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You have been battling with your instincts that your husband is having a crush on another woman and he might be up to something

This means you would want to know the signs your husband has a crush on another woman to prove your instincts right or wrong.

When a man starts having feelings for a woman other than his wife, his body language and action speak volumes to the wife. 

It is obvious in today’s world that some men are never contented with anything and are always after something while some don’t actually know what they want in a woman.

Despite having a loving and beautiful wife at home, they still feel the urge to find new love.

Therefore, observe the following signs to understand if your husband has a crush on another woman and decide on your next step to take.

8 Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman.

1. He often radiates unconscious smiles while pressing his phone. 

Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

Have you noticed your husband carrying his phone with him everywhere recently? 

While his phone is his personal device, have you noticed he spends hours on the phone either chatting or making phone calls?

Does he smile unconsciously when doing this?

He has no consciousness of his immediate environment or even if you’re watching him while doing this.

It is immaterial that you’re together doing something important or even just having family time.

He has his face glued to the screen and he beams with a smile when he engages her over chat.

Doing this is a pointer to the fact that there is someone who is taking his attention and that someone is not you.

You might want to have a discussion about this with him to know what is going on in your marriage.


2. He becomes a faultfinder in little things. 

Has he started finding fault with you and criticizing you for things that never seemed to bother him before?

Once your husband finds your replacement, every conversation turns to arguments even your smile looks annoying to him. 

He will often get irritated over little things you do that interest him before.

Your calls become a disturbance, he suddenly becomes emotionally unavailable and always busy or even fakes it just to avoid being with you.

He will start giving excuses for not giving you the desired attention.

At this point, he will amplify your weak points and will seem to express displeasure at these things he used to tolerate with love.

Sometimes he will be unhappy for seemingly no reason, but the reason will probably be that you are preventing him from being where he really would rather be.

When all of these happen and even more, trust me he has his flames being fanned by another.


3. He doesn’t give you 100% attention.

Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

One of the signs your husband has a crush on another woman is that his attention will be divided.

This is because there’s someone else in the picture who he wants to give full attention to.

You will notice that when you are talking to him, he isn’t really listening and you will also notice that he doesn’t share things with you anymore.

You will also get to notice how much he has withdrawn sharing vital parts of his life with you. 

We give attention to something or someone that interests us and we do not waste our time on someone or something we’re not interested in. 

When your husband reduces the quality of attention he gives to you, he is definitely transferring it somewhere else.


4. His behaviour changes.

When a man starts seeing another woman outside his wife it is certain his behaviour will change no matter how smart he plays the game.

His demeanour at home will reflect the current state of his relationship with her. 

If they are happy, he will be generally happy at home. 

If they are quarrelling, he will be grumpy and generally unhappy which the wife has to bear the consequence.

However it is, he reflects his state at home.

If you both used to do grocery shopping or go to the gym together he will ask you to stop going with him.

In addition, if you people usually sit side by side on a chair and watch TV together, he will start sitting separately.

This is so you don’t figure him out from close proximity.

Pay attention to these signs.


5. He spends more time at work or comes home late.

Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

This is one of the early signs but you will not be too quick to notice because he will come up with believable excuses that seem real to believe and you will actually believe based on trust.

Your husband who is never on time for anything, suddenly leaves early for work and comes home late unlike him you use to know. 

Not only does he come home late from work, but he also spends weekends and holidays at work.

There is a sudden rise in his dedication to ‘work commitments that will trigger your suspicions.

You should not be surprised if you call in randomly at work and he’s not there.

When this happens, there’s a new person on the block taking up his time.


6. He is suddenly very conscious of his appearance.

Maybe you are the one that constantly matches his outfits and ensures he looks his best before stepping out then suddenly he became an authority in fashion affairs, don’t rejoice yet.

Your husband you know very well would wear whatever he found first in his closet and would be done in a couple of minutes. 

But lately, he has been spending too much time deciding what to wear that will fit him perfectly. 

His dressing style, too, seems to have changed, and he makes a conscious effort to look more presentable than before, this simply means someone is drumming for him out there.

He will dress up himself to entice her more or fit into her preferred style.

After dressing, he doesn’t bother to ask about your thoughts on his outfit or style.

Rather, he will worry more about his appearance, whether it is cool, grooming, or attractive.

 This is a sign your husband has a crush on another woman and he is doing well to fan the flames into an inferno.


7. You are clueless about his exact location.

Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

As a married woman, you know you’re naturally aware of your husband’s location and whereabouts by default.

However,  all of a sudden, you can’t give an account of your husband when asked.

Or sometimes, you’re asked and he ends up not being where you presumed or suppose he would be even in an emergency situation.

At this point, he will intentionally avoid your calls and does not tell you about his whereabouts.

When you ask, he does not give you a clear answer of where he is or where he was.

If he isn’t coming right home, he still won’t give you a precise answer as to where he is heading. 

Even when he is travelling, he does not give you an alternate number to reach him or the exact location is he heading to.


8. He hides his bank statements.

He suddenly became secretive and totally a different person unlike before.

With the new change about him, you have no access to his mobile phone password, his bank account details, bills or receipts. 

His finance records are now inaccessible to you. 

Probably there is something fishy he is hiding that will trigger your curiosity to find out.

And suppose you do get your hands on it; you can see expenditures you have no idea about which will need accurate explanation. 

He would rather deal with the confrontation on why he is hiding his bank statements than explain who he is splurging on.

At this point, you’d be bound to suspect him due to his distance, aloofness and secretive behaviour.


In conclusion, not everyone is perfect but a healthy love should heal you, not cause you daily pain and sleepless nights of tears that drenches your pillow. 

I have a piece of advice if you find yourself in this situation; take care of yourself, love yourself and do what you like best. 

Go out with friends and forget about him for a while though it might not be easy.