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11 Reasons Why Guys Use You

11 Reasons Why Guys Use You

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No woman wants to be used.

Heck, no one wants to be used.

But the truth is that not all guys have genuine intentions, and some might use you for their own selfish reasons.

However, if guys keep using you, you need to check why this is so.

What is it about you that makes guys use you?

Here are eleven traits that might make guys use you.

11 Reasons Why Guys Use You

1. The “Rebound” Girl

Reasons Why Guys Use You

If you’re always looking for a relationship or connection, some guys might use you as a rebound.

They might not be interested in a serious relationship with you but rather enjoy the attention and affection that you provide them.

You might be someone that they can lean on or someone who can make them feel good about themselves again after a breakup.

2. You seek validation from guys

If you have low self-esteem and constantly seek validation from others, guys might use you to boost their own self-esteem.

They enjoy knowing that you are interested in them and might flirt with you, leading you to believe that they are interested.

They know how desperately you seek validation, so they feed it to you but never intend on giving you anything more than attention.

3. You love casual relationships

Reasons Why Guys Use You

If you are the type who sees no big deal in casual relationships and enjoys the freedom of not being tied down to one person, then there are guys who will use this.

They might be someone who is in a committed relationship but wants a little something on the side or simply someone who doesn’t want to commit at all.

They may take advantage of your willingness to casually date and always keep things light and breezy.

They will never want to add any level of seriousness to the relationship and may even disappear after a few weeks or months.

They don’t intend to hurt you, but they also don’t plan on being around for the long haul.

These guys are often looking for something that gives them all of the benefits without any of the commitments, and if you offer that, it’s no wonder guys use you.

4. You are convenient

If you are the type who doesn’t set boundaries in place or who is always available when someone calls, you may be a “convenience girl.”

This type of guy uses women as an easy source of companionship or physical intimacy whenever they feel like it.

They don’t have to try and work at getting what they want; all the effort has already been done by you.

He will come and go with no explanation, leaving you feeling confused and brokenhearted.

5. You are rich, connected, and generous

Reasons Why Guys Use You

One of the reasons guys pretend to love a woman is because of financial gains.

So, guys might use you to boost their own social status if you are well-connected or have a high social status.

Not just that, you are generous and don’t mind giving out gifts or money.

It is a great way for them to take advantage of you without having any real feelings involved.

I can relate to this because I am a great giver.

I’m always willing to help others and share my resources.

So, sometimes, I don’t know if a guy really cares about me or if they’re with me because of what I bring to the table money-wise.

6. You are desperate for love or relationship

Some guys might see that you are desperate for love and use that to their advantage.

They will pretend to love you and make promises they can’t keep just to get what they want from you in the short term.

When it’s time for them to move on, they don’t think twice about leaving you broken-hearted.

7.  You are too trusting

Reasons Why Guys Use You

There’s nothing wrong with being too trusting, but if you’re too trusting or gullible, wicked guys might take advantage of your naivety by leading you on and making false promises.

They might even resort to lying or manipulating you, and you wouldn’t know because you see the good in everyone.

Yes, there is a lot of good in people, but there’s also a lot of bad, so you need to be able to distinguish between the two and trust your intuition when something doesn’t seem right.

It’s only then that you can protect yourself from getting used and hurt in relationships.

8. The “jealousy” girl

Guys might use you to make their ex or current girlfriend jealous if you’re the type of person who likes to make others jealous or are always seeking attention.

They might not want to date you, but they enjoy knowing that they can make someone else jealous by being seen with you or talking to you.

9. The “therapy” girl

People with good listening ears are hard to find in this age where everyone’s head is buried in their phones.

If you’re the type of person who is always willing to listen and provide emotional support, guys might use you as a ‘therapist.’

They enjoy talking to you about their problems and getting emotional support from you, even though they don’t want a relationship with you.

This can lead to a feeling of being used and can harm your emotional well-being.

10. You are a challenge for them

Reasons Why Guys Use You

It’s no news that guys love challenge and excitement; they are the hunters, and you’re their prey.

If you appear to be a challenge, they might try hard to make you like them without any intention of wanting to commit or form a relationship with you.

They just want to win the prize – your attention – which can leave you feeling used and taken advantage of.

If you like to play hard to get or enjoy the thrill of the chase, they may pretend to be interested in you just to win you over.

Once they’ve succeeded, they might lose interest and move on to the next challenge because that’s all you are to them: a challenge.

11. You ignore warning signals

I’m not saying you should become paranoid or find faults unnecessarily, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore  warning signs when it comes to relationships.

If you notice any red flags, pay attention and take action if necessary.

Some of these signals could include seeing them flirting with other people, showing no commitment in taking your relationship further, signs you are being used,  etc.

These are all things you should take seriously and not ignore as they might be indicators that a guy is just playing with your feelings.


It’s not your fault that some guys just want to play with your emotions and it’s not easy to spot them.

But if you pay attention to these signs, you can save yourself a lot of pain and heartache in the long run.

Love is not a game, so don’t let anyone treat you like one.

Be watchful.