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8 Protective Instincts Men Display That Women Find Comforting

8 Protective Instincts Men Display That Women Find Comforting

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There are many reasons women get into relationships, and one of the most outstanding is the quest for protection. 

Women like to have a covering.

They find comfort in knowing that their man can be their personal bodyguard in all seasons. 

One woman I know calls her husband “Chief.”

Chief is a title given to lords and men of good reputation in my country. 

But she calls her man Chief because of the security she has in him. 

So much so that if he is not around, just by knowing that she is his wife, other men treat her with the utmost respect. 

This is every woman’s dream—to have a man who provides protection for them in every way. 

Physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. 

Just let her have the assurance that you’ve got her back always. 

And there are many acts that men do that scream protective instincts to their women. 

Whether it is a loud action or a more subtle one, women find comfort in knowing that their man can protect them. 

8 Protective Instincts Men Display That Women Find Comforting

1. Physical Protection

8 Protective Instincts Men Display That Women Find Comforting

Of course, this is the first and most obvious form of protective instincts

When women choose a man because they think he can protect them, most times they think of physical protection. 

There are very few women who actually consider other areas where she need protection in their choice of man.

Men often take on the role of a guardian, ensuring their partner’s safety in potentially dangerous situations. 

This is exemplified in different ways, including walking on the outer side of the sidewalk to shield her from traffic or holding her hand in crowded places to prevent them from getting separated. 

These acts may look small, but they do not fail to convey a strong message: “I’ve got your back.”


2. Financial Security

8 Protective Instincts Men Display That Women Find Comforting

After physical protection, another thing women look out for is financial security

Forgive me; I just had to rethink. 

Actually, more women are concerned about financial security than about physical security. 

Earlier, I stumbled on a trend in which a woman warned women to be wary of men who do not send them about $500k to $2 million during the talking stage, claiming that those categories of men are broke men. 

This is the heart of a lot of women. 

Can he provide my basic needs?

Providing financial stability or support is a protective instinct. 

Most times, women do not ask them to become the sole breadwinner but rather to contribute to a secure financial future together. 

And a man who shows responsibility in financial matters provides a significant sense of security for his partner.


3. Offering Practical Help

8 Protective Instincts Men Display That Women Find Comforting

I think of the video I watched where a woman hit her man hard for offering practical help instead of emotional support as his first response.

(It was a comedy skit.)

True, women expect their men to first offer emotional support when they are going through something, but after the emotional support, they need a way out of the situation. 

And having a man who can offer solutions to his woman’s troubles is a 10/10 man. 

And the ability to offer practical solutions is a form of protective instinct. 

This could be fixing something around the house, helping with car troubles, or even carrying heavy groceries. 

These actions show that he is willing to step in and make her life easier, which is a very comforting thought.


4. Being Attentive to Her Needs

8 Protective Instincts Men Display That Women Find Comforting

Attentiveness is yet another way a man can protect and provide security for his woman.

If you pay attention to a woman, she doesn’t need to second-guess your love for her

And to think that she knows that she has a man with whom she can share her concerns at any time and he won’t shut her up. 

It’s another level of security. 

When a man notices when his partner is stressed, upset, or in need of something and responds accordingly, you can tell that he cares deeply for her. 

Even in situations where he can’t notice it by himself, he is always available to hear her concerns and try to find ways to satisfy her desires. 

Women love these protective instincts. 

And they sure want it. 


5. Being Reliable and Dependable

8 Protective Instincts Men Display That Women Find Comforting

A man actually told me that the best protection a man can offer his woman is being reliable and dependable. 

The security that comes with her knowing that this is my man through sunshine and rain and that she can rely on him. 

Women like this kind of protection and security. 

The knowledge and assurance that she has security in the relationship and that she can count on her partner in times of need or crisis.

Nothing beats this one. 

A man can physically protect his woman and do all he can to show care, but it means nothing to her if he cannot stand by his words and be a partner she can rely on. 

It makes no sense to have all the physical prowess needed to protect a woman but lack the ability to maintain trust. 


6. Offering Guidance and Advice

8 Protective Instincts Men Display That Women Find Comforting

I watched a video where a man asked his wife what her favorite thing about him was. 

She said, “You’re a leader. And every time, you lead people in the right direction.”

This is another level of protection and security to give to a woman.

Having her know that she can come to you whenever she is confused or having difficulty understanding something, and she won’t leave without gaining clarity. 

Or the fact that she can bank on your advice to guide her along life’s path. 

This doesn’t mean that you’ll solve all of her problems, okay? 

However, you are usually able to provide a clearer perspective that will help her navigate her challenges and maybe find solutions to them. 


7. Defending Her Against Threats

8 Protective Instincts Men Display That Women Find Comforting

Women are the most vulnerable and susceptible to threats in society. 

Probably because of the way they were created to be physically weaker and more emotional. 

They are more exposed to the dangers of being taken advantage of than men are. 

Many women carry their hearts in their hands every time they go out. 

Afraid of being harassed by a man or being exposed to other forms of danger from which they are unable to protect themselves. 

So having a man who stands up for them in the face of threats is usually a life blessing. 

Protecting a woman from threats may mean standing up for her in the face of bullying and harassment or living a lifestyle that builds a wall of protection around her wherever she goes. 

8. Creating a Safe Environment

8 Protective Instincts Men Display That Women Find Comforting

If you ask some men why they wake up every day to grind hard and why they are so focused on beating down poverty, they’ll tell you it’s because they are trying to secure a future for their family. 

Every real man seeks to create a life of safety and security for his woman. 

A life where she lives in a comfortable and peaceful environment and is nurtured and cared for. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the man has the most money in the world, but that he is able to cater to her basic needs. 

Life is easier and more productive when people live in a safe environment that is both conducive and comfortable. 


Protective instincts in men manifest in more ways than we have listed, each contributing to a sense of security and comfort for women. 

Which one does your man display? 

And how does it make you feel?