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How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You

How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You

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A relationship breakup isn’t one of the easiest things to go through in life. But however hard it may be, it’s important to make efforts to heal and deal with it.

Another funny truth is that nothing beats the feeling of knowing that your ex wishes they didn’t let you go.

It’s okay if you find this petty and unnecessary but for some people, knowing that your ex hates himself for letting you go could make you sleep better at night.

So, how can you make your ex regret leaving you?

Here are ten ways to make your ex leaving you :

#1 Cut all communication ties

Sometimes, an ex wants to eat their cake and have it.

They break up with you but still want to enjoy the benefits of being friends with you.

If you can’t handle it, don’t fall for it. You’re probably going to get hurt the more anyway.

So, bygone should be bygone.

Block such ex on social media if possible, avoid calling or sending text messages.

If possible, delete their numbers, let him or her keep wondering how well you have moved on, and how things are going on with you at the moment.

The feeling of knowing you don’t want to stay in touch and to don’t care about whatever they’re doing is enough to haunt your ex.

#2 Update them on the great happenings in your life since breakup

Sometimes, you may bump into your ex. Ensure to give them a brief update of how well life has been treating you since breakup.

A friend’s boyfriend broke up with her because she was unemployed.

The next time they met was at the financial institution she was working for, and the ex needed a loan to fund his business.

He obviously didn’t expect things to work out for her that soon, so he couldn’t hide his shock when he saw her.

They say revenge is the best success.

Make sure you go on to achieve your dreams no matter how painfully heartbroken you are.

Not only to make your ex regret, but fulfilling your dreams is such a great feeling.

So when next you bump into your ex, don’t hesitate to give him a feedback of how much you’ve achieved since he left.

Do it subtly, however. Don’t make it seem like you’re trying too hard. And don’t lie either.

#3 Up your game in your personal or professional life in a way your ex wasn’t expecting

When you do a self-reflection after a breakup, you might realize you’ve got some hidden potentials that you haven’t actualized.

Your ex might feel like he’s missing out, knowing you eventually got your dream job, launched a business idea you have nursed for long, or gotten a promotion at work.

Build up yourself, acquire more skills and become a better version of yourself. This might make your ex think they were probably the ones hindering your progress before.

Strong women usually become more beautiful and accomplished after a breakup because they turn their pain into power.

#4 Leave them hanging while reminiscing on the past

Your ex might want to reminisce on the past with you, thinking that by bringing up sweet old memories, they can ignite the fire of love in you again.

Yes, some exes could be that petty.

They derive satisfaction from knowing their absence in your life makes you miserable.

As tempting as reminiscing with an ex is, don’t fall for it. It can’t end well.

Let them know it’s all in the past now, you have moved on and the past doesn’t matter to you anymore.

Some exes think you love them too much and can always have their way with you.

Don’t give them that satisfaction.

#5 Make your life a fun-filled one

Some people stalk their exes to find out how they’re dealing with the breakup, and wondering if they are fine without them.

One of the ways to handle a breakup is to have great circle of friends who would help you be yourself again, motivate you to put the past behind you and focus on becoming a better you.

Have fun with the amazing people in your life. Visit pleasant places, have great dates.

If your ex is stalking you, he’ll be disappointed to know you’re doing just fine without him.

#6 Flaunt your new self

Social media is a perfect tool to make this happen.

After a painful breakup, a friend hit the gym, worked on getting her banging body back and began to flaunt her new look on social media.

Her ex who was still following her on Instagram couldn’t resist leaving a comment on how hot her new body was.

He regretted not encouraging her on her weight loss journey, but rather parted ways with her for a curvier babe.

Now, that’s how to pay back.

#7 Dress attractively

This is not about breaking the bank or dressing inappropriately.

Just ensure to dress neatly and elegantly, such that you are confident enough when you bump into your ex.

#8 Ignore invitations

There may be a point whereby your ex would give you an invite for an event or a date. Do not accept such an invitation.

Let him or her know you now have busier schedule than accommodating such offer on your agenda.

Accepting such invitation may send the wrong signal of either you have a boring life without them or you want them back.

Your ex would regret leaving you when they see that you don’t need them anymore to lead a better life.

#9 Don’t pay attention to their special day

Many people feel you still owe them that complementary messages on their big days because they were once part of your life.

Your ex would feel bad when you don’t care about their birthday or other anniversaries that matter to them.

This shows that you’re indeed done with them.

#10 Be genuinely happy and radiate positive energy

In whatever unpleasant situation we find ourselves in, having a determination to be happy is highly essential.

Decide to be happy and don’t put your happiness in the hands of others.

Make it a goal to radiate positive energy and give pleasant vibes to everyone that comes in contact with you.

Choose to be happy regardless of your relationship status.

An ex who thinks they are all that matters to you in the world will regret leaving you, knowing that you have peace of mind, and nothing can ruin your vibes.

How to Make Your ex regret leaving you

Written by Olajumoke Onifade

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