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How To Be Happy In All Circumstances

How To Be Happy In All Circumstances

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Considering the rate of depression these days, it is paramount for people to know how to be happy. I know happiness is relative and we all derive happiness from different things, but in order to be happy, one need to be joyful always, finding satisfaction and contentment in everything and believing that life is meaningful no matter the circumstance and challenges.

Research has proven that being happy has little or nothing to do with one’s material possession or how comfortable one is. A lot of wealthy people have been depressed to the extent of attempting or committing suicide while people who can’t even afford three square meals are so happy and won’t give in to negative energy.

Ability to manage our emotions and relationships are factors that will contribute to our happiness.


Here are tips on how to be happy

#1 See the positivity in every experience

A lot of people find it hard to cope through challenges, but these are part of life experiences that we can’t totally avoid. Sometimes we aim at getting opportunities but they elude us at the long run, it shouldn’t weigh us down, but we should rather be more focused and view it from a positive perspective. Each time I try my best to attain a height and I end up not getting it, I just encourage myself that I didn’t get it because the time isn’t right and forge ahead, that practice has made me stay happy in my trying times. Seeing the positivity in negative times not only makes one happy, but also boosts one’s human system and aids physical fitness.


#2 Personally boost your own confidence

Knowing the fact that we are the author of our own happiness will help us. Happiness comes from within, so its our choice to look for ways to boost our self esteem, telling ourselves that “we can”, being grateful for what we have and getting involved in fun activities.


#3 Reminisce on good memories

We all have happy times if we could properly reminisce, reminding oneself of such beautiful moments will go along way in making one happy. Sometimes I feel moody and I begin to think of sweet past occurrences and within the twinkling of an eye, would have started smiling.


#4 Exercise regularly

Having a regular exercise can help keep one’s body and soul together. I have read about how people were able to overcome stress, anxiety and depression through regular exercise. So, having a walk out early in the morning or in the evening after work, bowling or sight seeing while others are golfing, visiting the gym or doing yoga are one of the ways to make oneself happy.


#5 Don’t keep grudges

Knowing fully well that people are meant to cross our path will help us forgive and move one. Keeping grudge makes one worry, brings about self judgement and feeling rejected. But one has to quit every negative thought in order not to rob one of one’s peace of mind and to be happy as well.


#6 Be cautious of the use of social media

Its pathetic that the social media now influences a lot of people, individuals seeking validation from people they rarely or do not know. Many people have been intimidated by the display of luxury from other persons and hence being unhappy if they can’t meet up with these standards. But it is advisable to either take breaks from social media or reduce the usage to make oneself happy if in this situation.

#7 Being Grateful

Gratitude is one of the best ways to being happy. One has to be thankful for one’s circumstance, it helps one to be more optimistic and hope for better days ahead. It is also important to show appreciation to people who care about our wellbeing. Not having a sense of entitlement, showing how much we value them makes them happy and sharing our gratitude also increases our happiness as well.


#8 Set your priorities right

A lot of people are unhappy because they misplace their priorities, individuals who are supposed to invest their serious wisely are trying to live large like others whose stories they don’t know and at the end of the day they end up damaging themselves.


#9 Contentment

It is important for people to have aspiration, but being contented is a key to happiness. Contentment brings about satisfaction and happiness. Some individuals are wealthy but still not happy because they are not contented while others who are still struggling to make ends meet are contented.


#10 Love yourself

Self love is one of the ways to being happy. You have to yourself for whom you, from how you talk, walk, your stature, your achievements and other traits will go a long way in making you happy. A lot of people who feel rejected feels that way because they fail to realize that not everyone will respect or accept them, but loving themselves is all that matters regardless of how the society feels about them. I usually motivate myself by saying people who look down on are the problem and not me, since I am doing everything right, that has helped me keep my head up and not feel unhappy about unpleasant people around me.


#11 Set Realistic goals for yourself

Sometimes people are sad that things aren’t working out well for them and they become unhappy, instead of re-evaluating and finding out where things have gone wrong. If people learn to set achievable goals, attaining those things will really make them happy. I can’t aim at buying Bentley car before the year runs out when I don’t have the resources to facilitate the purchase at hand


#12 Socialize and build good relationship

Networking with the right people is one of the ways to be happy, building meaningful connection with people of like minds or those having foresight will give one the needed inspiration to lead a better life. Sometimes in life, we don’t need too many people but only the few who cherish one. Spending time with loved ones will make one happier. Just ensure you also love and respect them in return.


#13 Give yourself a nice treat

You need to take care of yourself, have a spa treatment once in a while, go for pedicure and manicure, eat out in a very nice and expensive restaurant occasionally, its shouldn’t be always about working but enjoying an affordable luxury, the experience is always worthwhile.


#14 Have a general health check or visit a therapist

Our physical and mental health is so important, going for regular medical check up to certify that we are hale and hearty, or getting the needed help to enhance our fitness will go a long way to boost our happiness. They say “health is wealth”

Since happiness means different things to each person, it is vital for you to know what happiness means to you, once you know it, create it for yourself and try to sustain it, remember happiness is from within and no one or nothing can make you happy if you choose not to make yourself happy regardless.


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