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7 Reasons Why He Won’t Commit To You 

7 Reasons Why He Won’t Commit To You 

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Why won’t he commit to me?

What do other ladies have that I don’t have? 

If these questions resonate with you, then don’t worry. 

We can look into some of those reasons. 

Simply because women are no longer as feminine as they used to be. 

No more genuine love from ladies anymore. 

It’s all about finding a man who can pay their bills. 

Men are more like a bill-paying entity in this generation, and the fact that when a man is being masculine, it is seen as toxic makes it even more difficult for men to truly want to commit to a woman. 

Whether you like it or not, you won’t propose to yourself and take yourself to the altar even if you ask him out and love him to the moon and back. 

That choice of commitment still rests on a man’s decision. 

There are countless reasons as to why he won’t commit to you, which I’ll be going over soon, but before I do, ladies tend to live in a world of fantasy that they’ve created in their own heads, and when this is the case, you won’t see realistically but rather see a red flag as an attractive, which makes some women say stuff like, ‘he’ll take me as I am.’

No man will be blindfolded by love alone and not want you to possess certain qualities before he commits to you. 

7 Reasons Why He Won’t Commit To You 

1. You Probably Nag A Lot 

Why He Won't Commit To You 

A nagging woman is a red flag to any man. 

No man wants a woman who nags at every given opportunity because it is really irritating. 

You can’t complain about everything your partner does and expect him to be committed; why exactly? 

You’ve got to change that nasty attitude if you want your man to commit to that relationship. 

Men repel nagging women like a plague or something like that, and it won’t make any good impression on him wanting to be with you forever. 

You don’t have to find fault in everything your partner says, and it isn’t cool. 

Check out your own attitude and see for yourself if you’d like to be with you. 


2. You’re Keeping Too Many Male Friends

Why He Won't Commit To You 

Are you the type of woman who likes to hang around her male friends most of the time? 

This is a no-no for men. 

See, the brutal truth is that most male friends women keep are sexually attracted to them.

So because of this reason, most guys won’t like you hanging around your male friends. 

It sends an unserious signal to him, but that doesn’t mean he’s insecure.

It is just how men’s minds operate. 

If this is the issue, he won’t commit to you unless you keep your male friends at bay by a mile. 

If the reverse is the case, will you like seeing your man around ladies only?

I’m guessing your question will be, ‘Shouldn’t you be hanging out more with your male friends, or don’t you have male friends?’ Yep! It’s the same thing for guys. 


3. You Are Bossy 

Why He Won't Commit To You 

It’s a known fact that men are egotistical, and this really isn’t a big deal except when it becomes arrogance. 

So, with that being said, do you think a man will be comfortable with being told what to do every minute of his life? Hell no! 

Being bossy isn’t something that you should continue with if you want that man in your life to commit to you. 

Men are designed by nature to lead in relationships, and a man won’t want to be bossed around by his woman. 

Nature has designed everyone with their differences and roles, and it will always give an attraction to your partner when you operate within your feminine energy rather than be a controlling woman. 


4. You Don’t Respect Him Enough 

Respect for men is the same thing as attention to women in a relationship. 

One key reason he won’t ever commit to you is that you don’t respect him well enough or at all. 

Apart from being bossy, disrespecting your man gives the ‘I don’t need you in my life, you’re just an option I’m toying with at the moment’ kind of energy, and if that is who you are or whom you’ve chosen to be, then a man won’t want to be with you. 

It’s not a good thing to be disrespectful to anyone, not to talk of being disrespectful if it’s a no-no in places of work, church, institutions, etc. 

Then why do you think that should be cool in your relationship? 

Being respectful doesn’t make you a woman with low self-esteem but rather a woman with values and moral standards. 


5. You Are An Aggressive Woman 

Why He Won't Commit To You 

Well, aggression is caused by a certain number of things. 

It might be a result of how you have been treated in your past relationships, trauma, lack of parental love, pressure from family, etc.

Regardless, book a therapy session and heal from whatever baggage you’re carrying around. 

Passing aggression at your man every time will really get him running as far as his legs can carry him. 

You can’t be an aggressive woman and still expect a man to commit to you. 

He simply can’t because he won’t be able to share sensitive information about himself without you being aggressive. 

Control your temper and see how much benefit you’d reap. 


6. You Are Too Judgemental 

Why He Won't Commit To You 

Whenever your man tells you about how something went wrong, the first thing you do is criticize him. 

Gradually, that man will lose interest in you as a person and stop sharing things with you. 

When you lose him in conversations, it becomes a problem to commit to you because he will no longer see you as a woman he can commit to. 

Don’t judge your partner or criticize him too much; it’s not cool. Instead, work on yourself. 

If you really want your man to commit to you, then stop being judgemental of everything he does. 


7. You’re Not Of Any Value Or Impact To Him

Why He Won't Commit To You 

This may sound too harsh, but if you are reasonable with yourself, ask yourself how difficult it’ll be for him to replace you when you leave him or when he leaves you. 

There must be something you do for him outside of food and sex that is so irreplaceable that the thoughts of him living life without you only become unbearable. 

You’ve got to bring something beyond biological or culinary skills to the table, things like connection, the ability to multiply his figures, giving moral support when he needs it, a business skill set, emotional support, financial advice, etc. 

But if you want, you’ve got nothing beneficial to him; just don’t expect him to commit. 

After all, you won’t want your own son to commit to a woman whose only value is sexual or cooking or maybe both. 

If your answer to this is no, work on yourself and become a better-thinking woman who is an asset to her man and not a liability. 


Men look for a number of traits in women that give them the assurance that they have picked the right one. 

Just like a woman wants a man to possess certain traits before she accepts him as her man, the same applies to men. 

Because men are the ones who choose whether to marry or not, this gives them a slight advantage over women.