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7 Things that Make a Guy Stop Being a Player

7 Things that Make a Guy Stop Being a Player

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Did you just meet a guy who everyone seems to have labelled “a player” and he seem so serious about you?

Are you wondering the things that make a guy stop being a player?

As a woman, I know being played by a guy can evoke a feeling of being used on the long run.

It usually hurts and is depressing when you realize that you have been wasting your time with someone who isn’t on the same page with you. 

Players tend to hurt people involved with them because the majority go into romantic relationships with the intention of taking things to the next level.

Therefore, who is a player? 

For clarity’s sake, I’ll define a ‘player’ as a man who engages several women without any intention of establishing a serious or committed relationship with them.

It is vice versa.

I know there are women players, but in this post, I will be discussing what makes a man stop being a player.

And here’s the million-dollar question: will a man change for the woman he loves? 

The answer is  BIG yes. 

When a guy falls head over heels for a woman, his inner hero is triggered to be responsible and compelled to step up his game to another level. 

It’s almost like a force that he can’t resist. 

This drive to love can actually transform him into a better version of himself.

7 Things that Make a Guy Stop Being a Player

1. He has had enough of the game.

Things that Make a Guy Stop Being a Player

When a man is ready to grow up and change his ways, he will sit down and have an inner conversation with himself. 

Some men eventually realize that the dating game is not all it seems to be. 

The euphoria and the flair that comes with the games, at this point, have been exhausted. 

They may have had their fun, but they are ready for something more meaningful and fulfilling.

Change is constant and can be a real nail-biter. 

We all get used to certain way of life that are hard to break out of. 

When a man meets someone different from the kind of women he has been encountering, he is forced to break free from the life he is used to.


2. He met a high-value woman: 

One of the reasons a man might be a player is the fact that he hasn’t met a woman who seems to embody what he wants in a partner. 

A man that meets a high-value woman will definitely not want to let her go.

A man can change based on how classy and no-nonsense a woman portrays herself.

The perception that a woman knows her worth, her value and won’t accept anything less than she deserves makes her more admirable to him.

As such, he’d want to do anything in his power to keep her close.

He knows a high-value woman is not to be toyed with. 

She won’t stoop so low to match his standards. 

So, if a man is used to cancelling plans at the last minute, making promises he won’t fulfil, and disappearing without a word, he would need to have a rethink.

If he has been a bad boy, he knows a woman who knows her worth won’t put up with such. 

Therefore, when a man meets a woman who exudes confidence and self-respect, he will better step up his game or get left in the dust.


3. He wants to start a family.

Things that Make a Guy Stop Being a Player

Can a man change because he wants to start up a family?  

Yes, he can.

For some men, the desire to start a family is a powerful motivator to leave their player ways behind because they want to find a partner they can build a life with and raise children together.

When a man starts picturing a future with a woman currently in his life, he’s not just daydreaming about a fleeting romance. 

He’s ready to revamp his entire lifestyle and make some serious behavioural adjustments to become a good husband, father, and man of his dreams. 

All his thought will be, this woman is no mere fling.

She’s a wife material and the one he will grow old with.

But how can you tell if a guy is truly invested in a long-time commitment?  

If you want to know,  just be vigilant about how he treats and spends on you. 

If he’s not ready for anything serious, he’ll likely put less effort and won’t make you a priority in his life. 

But if he’s head over heels for you, he’ll go above and beyond to show you how much he cares and is ready to take you down the altar.


4. He wants to grow as a person.

Being a player can be a stagnant lifestyle. 

It all revolves around one mode of living.

There’s nothing new or challenging that comes with being a player.

It all revolves around the same activities and the same set of people who are as stagnant as the man.

When a man sees a need to grow and develop himself, he begins to take stock of his life and actually change his ways.

Some men may realize that the growth they want as a person might be attached to one person.

When he gets to this point, he will have no choice but to quit his playing ways to grow and evolve as a person.


5. He wants to be a good role model.

Things that Make a Guy Stop Being a Player

One of the things that make a man to stop being a playboy is the desire to settle down and start a family of his own. 

For men planning to have children, being a player can send the wrong message to their young ones.

They may want to set a good example for their kids and show them what a healthy and committed relationship looks like.

When a man reaches the stage where he’s ready to build his own family and where he will become the head and the role model.

His priorities may shift away from short-term flings and towards finding a partner with whom he can build a long-term future.

Also, the fact that he knows he is responsible for someone will keep him in check.


6. He falls in love with the woman of his dream.

Things that Make a Guy Stop Being a Player

Do you think a player can fall in love? 

Falling in love with the right person can be a powerful motivator for any player to leave their past behind and kiss it goodbye. 

When a man falls deeply in love with someone, he may realize he doesn’t want to be with anyone else and is ready to commit to just one person and plan the future with her.

During the dating stage, some people just can’t seem to settle down with one person. 

They’re constantly on the hunt for other people, swiping left and right like there’s no tomorrow. 

But when a guy finds the one he’s been searching for, everything changes for the better.

He might have had all the fun in the past and had enough, but when the right woman comes along, those playboy ways and thinking disappear into thin air.

He has no more doubts about the relationship. 

His eyes are no more wandering here and there, and he has chosen to remain focused on the one he’s got.

So, to answer the age-old question, can a player change? 

The answer is yes, and that is when he finds the right woman.


7. He became a born again. 

Becoming born again and growing in faith with the help of the Holy Spirit will make man stop being a player. 

A player is still swimming in sin and misusing his body just to satisfy his carnal desires. 

But when a man gives his life to Christ and become a born again and has the Holy Spirit dwell in him, he will stop looking for sexual satisfaction through sinful relationships because he is now a born and the Holy Spirit will surely help him, especially if he’s sincere and willing let go of his old ways.

However, there might be struggle for a while, but eventually, he will overcome with the help of the Holy Spirit.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why a guy might stop being a player. 

Whether he has had enough of the game, meets the right woman or wants to start a family, many factors can lead to a man leaving his player ways behind. 

The fact is, the decision to stop being a player comes from inside, and it may also be motivated by a wide range of factors I already stated above. 

So, ladies, if you’re looking for a man who’s willing to compromise, look no further than the one whose heart beats for you. 

When his love is genuine, there’s no request too big or compromise too small.