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What Makes A Man Open Up To A Woman? : 10 Things That Make A Man Open Up

What Makes A Man Open Up To A Woman? : 10 Things That Make A Man Open Up

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Many people do not feel comfortable or find it easy to share their feelings or have the courage to open up to others about their past, problems, or any other issue they could be dealing with.

Generally, men struggle to open up about their feelings and problems.

It’s quite obvious that men do not open up as easily as women do because men in our society tend to be more reserved with their thoughts and emotional expression.

There could be several reasons they find it difficult to open up, such as not growing up in a family where opening up to people around you was a norm or they have experienced some form of backlash when they tried it.

What Makes A Man Open Up To A Woman?

What are the Things That Make A Man Open Up?

Here are 10 things to do if you want a man to open up to you.

What Makes A Man Open Up To A Woman? : 10 Things That Make A Man Open Up

1. Make home comfortable for him:

Things That Make A Man Open Up

If you want a man to open up to you, do not make the home a warzone or a living hell for him.

When it is time for him to come home, and he knows he is coming home to another argument, confrontation or fight where you explode and turn everything into a big issue, he will definitely hold back.

This attitude will dread him coming home, and it hurts when the home is a place to run away from instead of happily coming home to share with you how his day went.  

If you want your man to open up about his day, ensure the home is peaceful.

This will make him spend more time at home with you, giving you more room to influence him to speak out about things you need to know. 


2. Don’t attack his man cave or quiet time:

Do you always cross his boundary or want to be everywhere in your man’s life?

Men don’t play with their quiet time.

These are the activities they enjoy or a place they go to, perhaps a room to unwind, play a game, watch TV, meditate and think, write, read, create, work out, attend online conferences or just be.

Don’t attack this.

Just agree with him on how he can balance his time so that he doesn’t spend too many hours in his man cave. 

Learn to give him space and be patient until he has your time.

Don’t police him, choke his time or want to micromanage him as if he is a little boy, men hate that, and he will only rebel. 

As his woman, find out what he likes to talk about, his favourite topic, music, history, business, cars, leadership, or science.

This will be a great conversation starter when he finishes his alone time.

Men actually do love to talk.

Show interest in his topics, and he will light up talking with you about them and also find himself talking about things you care about to know.


3. Ask him about his well-being:

Things That Make A Man Open Up

How often do you passionately ask your man questions like,

“How was your day?”,

“How did you sleep?”

“How are you doing?”

“Do you want something?”

Most women want their men to ask them these questions yet they rarely ask the man the same.

Many men will open up to you beyond your expectation when you ask them these questions because you are caring and deserve to know more about them.


4. Help him to organize his life:

When your man is going through difficulties or facing life challenges, how do you come to be of help?

To what extent do you go in finding a solution?

Many men are disorganized when they are going through life challenges or when a lot is troubling their minds.

When you help him clear the clutter and attend to some of his needs without him asking, he will think better, and this will make him to open to you without hesitation because he now sees you as a life safer.



5. Say positive affirmations to him always:

Things That Make A Man Open Up

Do you know saying positive words to your man is an act of encouragement?

Learn to speak life and strength into him.

Many men are tired because they have no one who believes in them and who truly cares.

Many women don’t know that positive affirmations from women mean a lot to men.

Speak life to him always, both when he is down and when things are going well. 

Passionately tell him how amazing he has been and how his future will be greater.

Always remind him how an amazing businessman he is and how he inspires others.

A man can get tired or discouraged, a man can go through burnout or emotional pain, a man can question his abilities, a man can worry, and a man can feel all hope is lost.

This is why you need to remind him of his greatness, celebrate his achievements, little or big, tell him how proud you are of him and say words of affirmation to him always to keep him going.

This way, he would know he has an ally in you and can always fall back on you.


6. Be an easygoing person around him:

Are you a happy woman around your man?

Are you always sad because he is not living up to your expectation or inexplicable things you can’t tell?

A smiling face makes you approachable, and it will make your man feel free around you to open up to you.

You need to know that the smile of the woman a man loves keeps him going.

Your smile inspires him, makes him want to do more for you, and tells you the things going on with him.

Many men go through a lot, making it difficult to open up to anyone because they trust no one.

This is how many of them suffer depression in silence.

They long to find a confidant to reveal themselves and their deepest joys and worries; so be that confidant. 


7. Show him affection:

Things That Make A Man Open Up

How often do you passionately take care of your man, make him feel loved and wanted, massage his body to relax his nerves or make him always run to your arms for relaxation?

Kissing him passionately shows affection.

Kiss him not just on his lips but kiss his cheeks, arms, and back as you tell him you love him and watch him open up to you.

In addition, try home massage.

They are simply the best.

Invest in some quality massage oils and ask him occasionally to lie down and give him a feel-good massage.

You also need it, don’t be selfish to yourself, lie down, too, so that he can return the favour. 

Show him that you need him and he is a better part of you.

This will awaken the greatness in him.

A man who feels he adds value to a woman’s life gets inspired and he is always free to open up to the woman.


8. Be an independent woman:

Does your man see you as a pest or liability in his life?

Does he see you as someone who he cannot seek advice pertaining to how to achieve his goals?

If you want your man to open up to you, be up and doing, and leave your comfort zone to explore the world to achieve greatness.

Make him proud by working hard to become the woman of his dream.

Do great things as an individual, such as doing something unique that is worth admiring and inspiring to others. Let him go out there and be proud of you.

Let him look at you as an individual, a businesswoman, a career woman, a mother who glows and grows.

Men tend to yield to the influence of the woman they admire, not the woman who is a drag, stressful, negative, liability and who has given up on life.


9. Be grateful and appreciative:

Things That Make A Man Open Up

Are you grateful for the little he does, or do you remain unappreciative?

Appreciate the progress he makes, whether big or small.

Praise him in private and in public to encourage him. It reminds him that you are paying attention to his effort.

When you appreciate him for the little he does, and he will be motivated to find himself doing more for you so that he can be rewarded with more of your appreciation.

Never take him for granted, then start to do the right things when you have lost him. 


10. Correct him with love:

How do you react when your man steps on your toes or when he acts like a human?

How do you react when he is discussing something that does not sit well with you?

Yes, sometimes he will cross your boundary, but your tone and approach while correcting him matter.

If you come so harshly as if you are attacking him, he will pull away, but when you correct out of love and respect, he will see that you mean well to him.

He will see you as the iron that sharpens iron to be better.

If you long for your man to open up to you, do not overreact or become overly sensitive or judgmental when he offends you and do not keep malice for long.

Instead, correct him in love and teach him how to do those things you wish he would do for you. 

 Remember, your man pays attention to how you react to topics or issues, and this will make him choose what to talk about with you based on your previous reactions and his observations.

If he notices that you get edgy or overboard when he talks about a female colleague, his family, finances or his past; he will keep off such topics.


In conclusion, many women wish that they could change their man for the better, but you cannot change a man.

You can only influence him to the point that he desires change for himself, which will make him open up willingly.

The best way to “get” a man to open up to you is to stop trying so hard to “get” to speak out.

Instead, be a good woman who knows the right button to press at the right time.

Be a good listener and focus on listening to him talk about what he does want to share.

The more you understand your man and how he wants to be treated; he will be more comfortable talking to you about himself from all angles.