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9 Obvious Things Men Do When They Want To Break Up

9 Obvious Things Men Do When They Want To Break Up

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Are there really Things Men Do When They Want to Break Up?

Breakup is a tough thing especially when you’re still in love with the person, then you will understand that break-up is horrible. 

It might be a hard pill to swallow when you realize that your man wants to break up.

Some guys may be unhappy in a relationship and won’t cough it out but their action speaks volumes.

The only way to figure it out before he says something is to watch out for the signs.

Guys aren’t that good at bottling things up like ladies. 

When it comes to something emotional like this, it’ll be written all over their faces and if you pay attention to their action, you will pick out what is going on inside of them.

Here are 9 signs that indicate your man is no longer interested in the relationship and wants to break up with you. 

9 Obvious Things Men Do When They Want To Break Up

1. He talks less and becomes distant: 

Things Men Do When They Want To Break Up

Did you notice he no longer talks much when you are around?

He is more like a reserved version of his usual bubbly self whenever you’re around him. 

If your man wants to break up, you will notice a communication breakdown.

He will quit talking and sharing information about how he feels or how his day went.

He starts to withdraw from his usual self and becomes distant. 

He will stop initiating conversation and talking as often as he used to. 

Even when you initiate the conversation, he will seem uninterested and look for something else to keep himself busy. 

Also, when you’re away, the calls and texts reduce drastically.

He rarely does either and when you do, it’s like you’re bugging him.

This can be a sign that he is no longer interested in the relationship.


2. He starts avoiding physical contact: 

When last did he give you a welcoming hug or a goodbye kiss?

If your man starts avoiding physical contact such as hugs, kisses, and other forms of physical intimacy, it could be a sign that he considering ending the relationship. 

His affection toward you has dwindled to the extent that your presence irritates him or makes him uncomfortable.

This will be super obvious because you can just think back to the last time he hugged or kissed you passionately.

Sometimes the hugs and kisses take place so swiftly as if he is in a rush to catch up a flight. 

If you really can’t figure out anything, he’s probably tired of the relationship and thinking about breaking up.


3. He avoids spending quality time with you: 

Things Men Do When They Want To Break Up

Spending quality time with your romantic partner makes the relationship stronger and more memorable.

Does your man enjoy spending time with you or he gives excuses to avoid your company?

If your man is thinking about quitting, he will try as much he can to avoid being around you. 

He will come up with believable excuses to avoid spending time with you. 

He’ll often come home late or prefer to go spend time with his friends a lot more than he used to, just to avoid being alone with you. 

In addition, he will totally avoid making plans for you two to hang out and have fun together or invite you over to spend the weekend with him like before. 

This is one of the signs that he wants to break up or might be considering it.


4. He stops making plans with you: 

Is your man the type that carries you along with every step he takes and involves both of you?

If your answer is yes and you find that he suddenly stops involving you in those plans, he might be on his way out of the relationship.

It can be leisure outings like going to the cinema, gym centre, swimming, concert or vacation and to the more serious ones like your health insurance and so on, it could be a sign that he is looking for a way out of the relationship. 

Recently, all his plans say “me” instead of “us”, he began to do his own thing, and suddenly stop doing things you both love doing together. 

He stopped finding a middle ground for interests, which each other liked, something is definitely wrong.


5. He stopped complimenting you: 

Things Men Do When They Want To Break Up

When your guy compliments how beautiful you look, it simply means you can’t be compared with any other lady out there.

In the early stages of your relationship, he probably sings to your ears that you are the most beautiful lady he has ever met and that he loved your shape. 

But lately, he’s not even noticing when you look your best or make a new hairstyle. 

This means he is not paying attention and doesn’t really care about saying nice things to you anymore.

He is probably tired of the relationship and is ready to move on.

He probably has other things eating him up and you have ceased being one of his priorities.


6. He constantly criticizes you

Things Men Do When They Want To Break Up

Someone that claims to love you will know that criticizing you will deeply hurt you and make you doubt his love for you. 

If your man starts to criticize you more than usual, it can be a sign that he is looking for a way out.

He may pick on you so much that he begins to sound like a broken record.

The criticisms will also know no bounds as they could be private or public.

It is immaterial to him if he hurts your feelings or not at this point.

He is doing all he can for you to get the message that he is no longer interested in the relationship.

He may start to pick at small things he usually ignores or make negative comments in an attempt to start a fight that will give him the opportunity to say his mind about wanting a break-up.


7. He starts to keep secrets

You have become a stranger to your man even when you are still in the relationship without your knowledge.

Unaware, you became an outsider to him.

As his woman, you can’t give an account of the things happening in his life anymore at this point. 

If your man gradually became secretive about his personal life to you or is not open about his feelings, it can be a sign that his looking for a way out. 

He may start to be more guarded and not share as much information with you.

You will also notice that whenever you are around him, he hides his phone out of your reach or sleeps with it under his pillow. 

Every time he gets a call, you notice he leaves the room or declines the call.

If you are noticing some questionable behaviour that exudes secrecy from him, that is one of the signs he wants to break up with you.


8. He stopped saying, “I love you”: 

When last did you hear the line “I Love You”? 

Does he passionately say, “I love you” before and suddenly stopped saying it?

Maybe he is used to saying “I love you” frequently at the beginning of the relationship, recently, they became heavy words for him to say. 

Generally, he doesn’t even show you how he loves you anymore by doing things he normally does. 

If you feel like his love is fading, it means it is actually fading.

What that means is that he may be considering breaking up.


9. Dating became a thing of the past:

Things Men Do When They Want To Break Up

The need for couples to go out on a date can’t be overemphasized.

It is one of the ways to re-ignite the love they share.

When your man isn’t even interested in making plans for lunch or a night date as he used to, it simply means things have gone south. 

Have you suggested and even promise to take care of the bills yet he refuses or makes up lame excuses, this is an indicator that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

He has no intention of recreating memories you once shared or even building new ones with you.

He might not have blurted out that he wants out of the relationship but trust me, the relationship is already crumbling.


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You can’t un-love someone but you can get used to his or her absence. 

Learn to live without them because you don’t have an option but to love yourself first.

If you notice a combination of these signs, try to talk things out as I always suggest and in the event that it doesn’t work out, I strongly suggest you give him lots of time and space and don’t stick around. 

This will allow you to have some self-esteem and promote yourself. 

Use this time to focus on your life. 

The worst thing you can do when a man is acting this way is to get clingy or needy and wants to beg him to stay. 

Just do your own pullback, though it might not be easy but worth it.

When a man wants a space or a break, oblige to it.

In addition, I will add that, you should not wait for the love of someone who does not want you. 

Someone out there will treat you better.

While moving on, you can stick to positive affirmations for your emotional boost.