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9 Sure Signs Your Friend is Interested in Your Husband

9 Sure Signs Your Friend is Interested in Your Husband

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As a woman, there are some things that you are generally not supposed to worry about, like wondering if you are actually noticing signs your friend is interested in your husband. 

But sometimes, nagging thoughts persist and you begin to doubt things that you thought were certain. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some signs that might indicate that your friend is interested in your husband. 

Most of these signs can be innocent on their own, but if you see them all together, it could be cause for concern. 

Let’s dive in.

9 Signs Your Friend is Interested in Your Husband

1. She only talks to him late at night.

Signs Your Friend is Interested in Your Husband

I know you might want to roll your eyes at this and ask what the big deal is about having a late-night conversation

There is a vulnerability that comes with late-night conversations.

After the rigours of the day and he is in bed reflecting on the ups and downs he faced, a little text pops up to distract him.

While he responds to the message, a conversation ensues and communication is established. 

He rants about his day, she provides comfort.

That way she becomes the last person your husband communicates with and probably the first message he’d read in the morning if he happens to sleep off.

Imagine this cycle going on and on.

Of course, this communication will breed a fondness between them which was the intention from the onset.

Your friend has no business constantly communicating with your husband late at night.

Draw that boundary at once. 


2. She remembers small details about him.

When your friend takes her time to remember small details about your husband, it could be one of the signs that she is interested in him.

She might have been privy to this information by virtue of the small talks you’ve had before now.

Also, it can be from her communicating directly with him.

She remembers details like his favorite sports team, his favorite food, his best color or his hobbies.

This is a pointer to the fact that she has been paying attention to him and his details interest her.

Don’t be surprised if you find her tailoring her life and choices around your husband’s choices in particular.

It is simply to help them find a common ground always to communicate and keep up with his life.

It also shows that she is fully interested and invested in his life.


3. She laughs out loud at his jokes.

Signs Your Friend is Interested in Your Husband

You do not laugh with someone you do not like or have an interest in.

When you find that your friend laughs out loud or exceptionally at your husband’s joke, it means she has picked an interest in him and wants him to notice.

It is usually a coy means to draw attention.

She might have known how much he likes to be appreciated and that is why she goes on to exaggerate anything he says that is remotely funny.

This feeling of appreciation she erupts from your man will lead him to tilt towards her to replicate the gesture of appreciation.

She might go as far as dropping compliments on his sense of humour and even ending the laughter with light touches that seem harmless but are passing a piece of vital information.

What this means is that she can end up dragging what is supposedly a touch on his arm for so long and linger on.


4. She offers to do things with him.

Have you observed your friend making suggestions as to activities to engage in with your husband instead of you?

I mean activities that are exclusively both of them?

That’s crossing the line here.

Your friend should not be volunteering to take breakfast to your husband or even lunch because you’re unavailable.

The solution to that should be between you and your husband.

Why should your husband be going on cinema dates with your friend if there’s nothing more to it?

Why should they have a hiking trip together or even be workout buddies if she’s not interested in him?

No matter how much you want to rationalize it, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.


5. She finds excuses to touch him or be around him.

Signs Your Friend is Interested in Your Husband

This particular act is exceptionally infuriating because it is aimed primarily at making you know she has a thing or wants to have a thing with your husband.

She is in this act to ensure that he puts a life to the signals she must have been trying to pass across to him.

She might do this through subtle or overt acts.

She can do this by brushing his shoulders or touching his lower back.

She will intentionally touch his arm and let the touch linger, locking eyes with him and even with a smile when having what should be a casual conversation with him.

She is just trying to get comfortable with him and also to gauge his reaction so as to know when to strike with the next weapon in her arsenal.

You do not need any further prompting that she is interested in your husband.


6. She tries to impress him.

When you notice that your friend puts in her best to impress your husband, it can be because she is interested in him.

She does this by starting from the basics which is her appearance.

If you notice your friend exceptionally looks good when it comes to the point where she’d have to meet your man, you can be sure she has a thing for him.

Trust me, everything starts from the appearance and she will do anything to create a lasting impression on your husband’s mind.

Another way you can deduce your friend is nursing an interest in your husband is when she talks about her achievements before him to also pique his interest in her.

You’ll notice how much she also talks about their mutual interests to show how vast she is in that activity.

It is just a tactic to actually get him to be on the same page with her in terms of interest and also fuel whatever fire she is starting.


7. She talks about him to her friends with excitement. 

Signs Your Friend is Interested in Your Husband

Don’t be surprised if your supposed friend shares detail about your husband with another circle of friends you’re not aware of.

She would always mention how she is fascinated by his intelligence and smartness.

She might even talk about how nice he is and how great he is with kids.

His looks will not be spared in this kind of appreciation.

She will definitely talk about how much of a stunner he is and how she loves to be around him.

You will definitely be stunned by the good and positive things she will say about your man.

This is because she is interested in him and probably has been fantasizing and daydreaming about him.

Trust me, a woman on this path wants your man for real.



8. She behaves unhappily around you. 

Sometimes, your friend may not be happy for you when you are with your husband and appear to be happy.

Her feeling of jealousy, insecurity and being left out will be brought to the fore.

Don’t be surprised if she at this point speaks out on how you two seem so happy.

It might look innocent at first but don’t be surprised when it becomes full-blown negativity.

On another note, she may not come out directly but through her body language and actions, you’d be able to tell that bitterness is at play.

It has been proven that our action is the reflection of what is going on in our mind.

If her action suggests negativity because you’re with your husband and you’re happy together, it simply means she’d be positive when you’re apart.

This only means she has a thing for your husband which you might not even know yet because you’re so trusting.

Watch your back sis.


9.  She bad mouth you to your husband.

Signs Your Friend is Interested in Your Husband

A friend who amplifies your negative side to your husband is only out to tear you down for her own benefit.

She makes negative comments about you behind your husband to present herself as an angel. 

She may criticize your appearance with regard to your dress sense and talk about an embarrassing moment in your past that your husband is not privy to.

She can go on to talk bout your personality and how much of a timid person you were or a bully as the case may be.

Because she never wants your husband to see the good in you, she can talk about the fact that you’re an underachiever and a laid-back person.

She can go as far as letting your husband know your dirty secret in the past that she is aware of in an attempt to draw a wedge between the two of you.

She will try to make your husband doubt your loyalty, compatibility, your commitment, or your happiness. 

If your husband tells you everything that does not hide anything from you, you might hear from him that your friend has been bad-mouthing you behind your back.


In conclusion, if you notice any of these signs, it may be time to have an honest conversation with your so-called friend. 

It is not something you will start a fight with, bear grudges or end the relationship without being sure if she shows just one of the signs. 

Some people are naturally jovial, free-spirited and open-minded when you are in any form of relationship with them, so do not be in a haste to conclude.

However, if you doubt her, my advice to you is to play it cool and don’t raise any alarm as it could boomerang.

Gather your evidence then prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.  

You may consider setting some boundaries and expectations for how she should treat you and your husband.  

If you are convinced by these signs, it may be a good idea to talk with your husband about how you feel and know what he thinks.

This will give you a clue on what to do next.