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7 Things A Married Woman Should Never Do On Social Media

7 Things A Married Woman Should Never Do On Social Media

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Being married today is not as easy as it used to be in the days of yore.

So, we all know how social media is like our virtual hangout spot, right?

Back then, marriage meant a lifetime commitment with no room for missteps.

You want to be friendly and all, but there are some things to watch out for.

Today, marriage requires conscious effort and an active understanding of what you can and should do on social media as a married woman.

From managing boundary lines to setting relationship goals, there are plenty of pitfalls when it comes to using social media as a married woman, so here’s what you should never do: 

7 Things A Married Woman Should Never Do On Social Media

1. Oversharing intimate details

Things A Married Woman Should Never Do On Social Media

Alright, let’s talk about the first pitfall: oversharing personal stuff.

We get it, sharing is caring, but not everything needs to be on your social media megaphone.

It’s unhealthy putting your last argument with your spouse out there for the world to dissect.

It’s like having a neon sign saying, “Hey, come judge my relationship!”

Let’s keep those personal tiffs private, shall we?

Here’s the deal: airing out intimate details, fights, or disagreements can lead to unnecessary drama and prying eyes.

Plus, it might make your partner feel uncomfortable or even hurt.

Not everything is meant for public consumption.

So, before you hit that “Post” button, take a second to ask yourself if this is something you’d share over coffee with your bestie.

If it’s not, it’s probably best to keep it offline.

Your marriage will thank you for it.


2. Flirting or excessive compliments

The tricky territory of flirting and excessive compliments.

We all love a little appreciation, but when the lines blur between friendly banter and something more, it’s time to pause.

Sending flirty messages or showering excessive compliments on others, especially if they’re not your spouse, can raise eyebrows and potentially stir up misunderstandings.

Words can be easily misinterpreted online, and innocent intentions might get lost in translation.

While it’s totally cool to be friendly and appreciative, it’s wise to keep things respectful and professional.

Your partner and those around you will appreciate your thoughtful interactions.

Before you hit “Send” on that message, just ask yourself if you’d be comfortable if your partner read it.

If not, a little revision might be in order.

Keep those conversations classy and everyone’s feelings in check.



3. Posting without consent

Things A Married Woman Should Never Do On Social Media

Your partner’s feelings matter, even in the virtual realm.

Posting photos or anecdotes involving them without their approval can lead to discomfort or even friction.

Respect their privacy and feelings by having a quick chat before you hit that “Post” button.

Think of it this way: you wouldn’t invite guests over without checking with your partner first, right?

Well, sharing online isn’t so different.

A little heads-up goes a long way in maintaining trust and harmony.

Whether it’s a cute snapshot or a funny story, ensure you both are on the same page before sharing it with the digital world.

Involve your partner in your online posts, show consideration and respect for their perspective.

Teamwork extends to the online stage too.

So, before you share, simply ask, “Hey, mind if I post this?”

It’s a small gesture that can prevent unnecessary hiccups in your relationship journey.



4. Comparing your relationship

Social media is a highlight reel, and comparing your relationship to others’ curated moments is simply a slippery slope.

Each couple’s journey is unique, with its own ups and downs.

It’s like this: scrolling through someone’s vacation photos doesn’t show the hours they spent planning or the arguments they had before taking that perfect shot.

Comparing your relationship to these snippets isn’t fair to you or your partner.

Focus on your own story, celebrate your milestones, and work through your challenges together.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the screen.

Instead of getting caught up in comparisons, channel that energy into nurturing your relationship.

Celebrate your love in ways that are authentic to both of you, offline and online.

Your journey is worth cherishing, without measuring it against anyone else’s highlight reel.



5. Liking or commenting inappropriately

Things A Married Woman Should Never Do On Social Media

Be cautious with your online interactions.

Liking or commenting on certain posts can inadvertently send mixed signals.

While being friendly is awesome, remember that some posts might be misinterpreted by others or even your partner.

Social media is like a digital version of body language.

Just like you wouldn’t want to send the wrong signal with your gestures, you wouldn’t want to do that online either.

Before hitting that “Like” button or typing a comment, consider how it might be perceived.

It’s all about keeping things respectful and maintaining clear boundaries.

Your online activity should reflect the values and intentions you uphold offline.

Go ahead and engage with posts, but do so mindfully.

The goal is to stay true to yourself, your relationship, and your partner’s feelings.

Online connections are awesome, but let’s keep them drama-free.



6. Disclosing your family’s privacy

Your family is a precious unit, and safeguarding their privacy online is paramount.

Avoid sharing personal details, like your children’s school schedules or your family’s whereabouts, in a public forum.

This is about ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

It is more like putting up curtains in your home.

It’s about creating a safe space.

When you protect your family’s privacy, you’re showing respect for their security and peace of mind.

Before posting, ask yourself if the information you’re sharing could potentially compromise your family’s safety or comfort.

Sharing family moments is wonderful, but consider sharing these with a select group of trusted friends and family members, rather than the entire digital world.

Balancing your online presence with your family’s well-being ensures that your interactions online enrich your life without putting your loved ones at risk.



7. Ignoring boundaries with exes

Things A Married Woman Should Never Do On Social Media

It’s no secret that ex-partners can be a sensitive topic.

Engaging in lengthy or overly nostalgic conversations with them can potentially stir up trouble and make your current partner uncomfortable.

Look at it this way, if the shoe were on the other foot, you wouldn’t want your partner to get cozy with their ex, right?

The same applies here.

It’s all about respecting your current relationship and the feelings of your partner.

Maintain clear boundaries with exes.

Keep interactions friendly but not overly personal.

Prioritize your present relationship, as it’s the one you’re committed to nurturing.

Doing this, you’re not only showing your partner that they’re a priority, but you’re also nursing a healthy environment of trust and security.

The past is the past, and it’s the present and the future that matter most.



Surging the social media realm as a married woman might seem like a bunch of rules, but it’s really about honouring your relationship and respecting the people you care about most.

Know that every “like,” comment, and post carries a bit of you, so make it count.

Be the awesome partner you are offline, online too.

Let’s keep our feeds full of love, respect, and all the good stuff that makes our relationships rock.

Go ahead, spread those positive vibes, and let’s conquer the digital world together.