7 Cute Reasons Why Good Men Don’t Cheat Even When They Can

  “But all men cheat”—this is a phrase I’ve heard so many times from women, of all age brackets, and it doesn’t sit well with me. I believe this is a phrase created by women for women to justify why they are enduring relationships with a cheating boyfriend/husband. Do all men cheat? All of them? … Read more

Who Should Pay the Bills on a First Date?

who should pay the bills on a first date

The age-long question! Maybe not so age-long but more prevalent in recent decades when the fight for gender equality has become more vocal and women are comfortable being independent and strong. Before now, these things were easy – the man asks you out on a date, he comes to pick you up, opens the door … Read more

How to Know If Your Partner Is Not Honest With You

how to know your partner is not honest with you

A relationship that is not based on truth is headed for the rocks. Honesty is as important to a relationship as oxygen is important to live. Basically, without honesty, no relationship can survive. And it is a principle of nature that truth will always reveal itself no matter how long it takes. However, it does take … Read more

How To Know You Are Dating A Narcissist

dating a narcissist

Dating a narcissist is very toxic. Not only does the relationship lead nowhere, but it also drains you of everything good that you have in you. The point of a relationship is to have someone in your life who you love and loves you too, uplifts you and makes you a better person. The person … Read more