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How To Be A Fast Thinker

How To Be A Fast Thinker

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The world is really fast-paced, especially in this era where we experience innovations in every aspect of life, at a very fast pace.

It goes without saying that for one to survive in this dog-eat-dog and “survival of the fittest” environment, one has to be a fast thinker.

“Time waits for no one” is an old saying but I dare say it is even truer in this time.

It is important to be a fast thinker to keep up with the plethora of new information thrown our way or before we know it, time would have passed.

It is quite simple though, just follow the tips below if you want to be a fast thinker.


  1. Read

I don’t think it is unexpected that this is first on the list. “Readers and leaders”, it is really as simple as that.

If you want to be a leader, you have to be a voracious reader. One thing many great persons have in common is that they are all readers.

So, if you want to join the league of great men, you know what to do. And it goes without saying that they didn’t get counted among great men by being slow thinkers, which they achieved by the amount of knowledge they digest.

Thinking fast is achieved, in many cases, by the amount of knowledge of the particular subject you have and you can only get knowledge by reading voraciously.


  1. Practice fast thinking on simple things

Practice makes perfect and it is easy to practice from things we find easy first before we move on to bigger things.

If you cannot think fast on things like what to wear, what to order when you eat out or what to cook when you decide to cook or what hairdo to do, you won’t think fast when it comes to decisions that actually matter.

So, start practising with the little things we do daily. If you normally take time picking your outfit for the day, start deliberately picking one faster and sticking to your decision.

Before you know, this fast-thinking will have a ripple effect on your general decision-making process.


  1. Avoid multitasking

Many of us erroneously think that we get more done by multitasking but the truth is that apart from overworking our brain, we won’t get too much done or if we do, we won’t do them effectively.

It is better to concentrate on one task at a time; focus on it, do it effectively and then, move on to the next.

That way, whatever decision we need to make on the particular task at hand will be done faster.


  1. Meditate

It takes serious discipline and focus to think fast and also the same qualities are needed to meditate. So, if you can get meditating down pat, thinking fast will become a piece of cake.

Also, meditating helps improve our mental processing and increases our brain’s ability to concentrate, which will, in turn, ensure fast thinking.


  1. Sleep well

Many of us underestimate the benefit of sleep on our general well-being. We have believed the myth that sleeping equals laziness.

Of course, too much sleep is as much a problem as not enough sleep. Adults need between 6 – 8 hours of sleep to function at the maximum level.

The brain also needs to rest, so it can function at an optimal level. Enough sleep improves mental performance and thinking speed and accuracy.


  1. Practice a healthy lifestyle

We are what we eat. The kind of food we eat will always have an effect on the kind of life we live generally.

Invest in eating healthy meals; fruits and vegetables should appear more in our meals.

On the other hand, leading an active life and avoiding living sedentary lives will increase our body’s ability to function optimally.

Being a fast thinker is achievable; it is not the birthright of certain people. We just have to be ready to work at it to achieve it.


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