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Time-Wasting Activities That Ruin Your Day

Time-Wasting Activities That Ruin Your Day

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Time waits for no man

We have heard this saying said many times and have probably used it as well to explain how time flies and if we don’t make judicious use of it, we will find ourselves completely behind schedule.

It is very easy to say these things really; follow-through is what many of us find challenging. We all can probably relate to realising that there is so much we could have done to be more productive.

There are so many time-wasting activities that we engage in that ruin our day and most times, we don’t even notice them because they are subtle.

What are those time-wasting activities that could ruin your day?


Social Media: If this is not first on the list, what else will be on the list? For many years, phones were largely means of communication done through phone calls and SMS.

Then Smartphones and the internet were introduced and for lack of a better word, we all went gaga.

If you are a millennial, you can most likely relate to what I am talking about; the craze of social media.

Trust me, no judgement because I understand how addictive being on the phone is.

The fun thing about social media is that there is so much to see, so many people to live vicariously through, so much entertainment and gossip that you can spend hours without realising time has actually gone.

It is not easy to withdraw but it is possible, especially if you want to have a productive day. I will suggest creating a schedule and sticking by it.

Give time for social media and give time for actual work. When it is time for work, keep the phone away and get to work.

If you do that consistently for a while, not only will you get used to it, you will also have improved productivity.


Television: Spending time watching TV is definitely one of the time-wasting activities that ruin your day.

If you fall into this category, it is either you are watching a movie, series or a TV program and because of how entertaining all these are, they sap our time without us noticing.

We are very much more conscious of the time when we are working than we are when we are engaging in these time-wasting activities.

Again, you can create time for them but make sure not to exceed the time.


Irrelevant Discussions: Some of us engage in so many irrelevant discussions that even sometimes, put us in trouble or even destroy relationships.

It is not every discussion that is wholesome and we should avoid those that aren’t. It can be entertaining and thus, tempting but if it wouldn’t add anything positive to your life, you should stay away.

You will be saving yourself the unnecessary headache and you will be able to invest that time in something more worthwhile.


Sport: This is a vice, especially for men.

If you take the time to think about it, you will see the number of hours sports’ fans spend watching sport, discussing and analysing the game and for some, betting on it.

All these activities don’t look like they are having that much effect, especially when you are living in the moment.

But if you take the time to calculate the time, you will see the time you have spent on sports.

time-wasting activities to stop

Appearance: The time you take to try on a second, third and fourth attire before deciding on the one you want to wear for the day is ticking seriously.

Being presentable is very important but if you are someone who obsesses over their looks, you will waste valuable time in order to achieve that.

Try to prepare ahead of time what you will like to wear and make up your mind about it; there is no need obsessing and changing your mind every minute.

Just try to look neat and presentable, you don’t have to be dress like there is going to be an award for best-dressed all the time.


In conclusion, I don’t think you have to completely do away with activities that make you happy or serve as “play” time, after all, nobody should be Jack, the dull boy.

But being disciplined enough to schedule the time will go a long way in keeping you from time-wasting activities that ruin your day.


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