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13 Signs You Should Not Break Up

13 Signs You Should Not Break Up

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Signs you should not break up

Are there signs you should not break up?

When we are in love, there could be many signs that indicate that our relationship has fallen to the ground.

People assume that breaking up is easy.

It’s not.

People also assume that they can end a relationship by merely saying “it’s over”.

They assume that breakups are easy because apart from the emotional roller coaster, there are no more challenges left to overcome.

There are only details surrounding our breakup that need to be sorted out, after which we can go our separate ways.

If you are considering breaking off your romantic relationship, then it is best that you also take into account these signs you should not break up.

If you did not know, relationships can be quite hard to maintain if certain factors are not in place.

Some couples try to make their relationships work despite their differences and shortcomings.

When a past issue is addressed, then the couple may be able to overcome the problem and return to good terms. 

The first thing that you should do when you think of breaking up with someone is to ask yourself, are there signs I should not break up with my boyfriend or girlfriend?

This is important because there are a lot of moments in a relationship where it is hard to spot the red flags.

Relationships are often hard and they require a lot of work.

Some take the time to grow, while others don’t.

Regardless, it’s not always easy to decide to end a relationship.

If you are thinking of breaking up, then there are signs you should NOT break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.

Have you ever been so hurt in a relationship that you want to break up?

So many people do, but it’s not always the right decision.

Sometimes, some signs tell us we should not break up instead.

This blog lists some of those signs and gives us reasons why no matter how bad things might be, there are still good reasons to stay together.

It is true that if we have gone through so much, why quit now?

This blog is about signs you should not break up.

These signs, depending on your personality and the situation you’re in, could indicate whether or not a relationship is salvageable.

So, let’s take a look at some of the feasible signs you should not break up.

Signs You Should Not Break Up

1. You’ve Always Been Friends

Many couples break up because they run out of things to talk about or they simply don’t have anything in common.

While this is a common reason, if you and your partner have been friends for a long time, chances are, you already know the types of things you both like and can easily talk about it.

2. You’re Comfortable With Each Other

If you’re comfortable around someone, that’s a good sign that you can be with them for a long time.

As comfortable as anyone can get, being with someone comfortable for you to be around is something worth keeping.

Imagine being around someone who makes you laugh and still be able to see them at their worst?

That’s a relationship worth keeping.

3. You’re Not Afraid To Show Your True Self Around Them

Being with someone who doesn’t judge you for the person that you are is hard to come by nowadays.

With the pressure of making yourself look good all the time on social media, anyone would rarely want to admit to themselves and their partner that they’re not perfect.

But if your partner accepts it and loves you just the same then there’s nothing else better than that.

4. You’re Both Willing To Do The Work

Relationships aren’t perfect.

Most couples will argue at some point, and fights can be ugly.

But breaking up is final, and if you’re interested in saving your relationship, you need to be willing to put in the work.

If the two of you are on the same page about wanting to make things work, then there is no reason to think that things won’t get better.

5. You Still Love Each Other

You’re still in love with each other.

This is one of the most important reasons for staying together!

Love is hard to find and even harder to keep — but if you can manage both of these things, then all the more power to you!

Love is one of the most important elements of a relationship, and without it, your relationship won’t survive.

Both people need to feel loved and appreciated for a relationship to thrive.

If this isn’t happening within your relationship, then maybe it’s time to consider breaking up.

But if there is still love between the two of you, then don’t give up hope just yet!

6. You’re Both Still Willing To Make Changes

You don’t want someone who won’t put in the effort for the relationship.

If one or both of you recognizes that there are issues and are willing to work towards change, it’s a good sign that you can get through this rough patch together.

7. You Agree On The Big Things

If you’re fighting over something as big as whether or not you should have kids, it might be time to leave.

But if you’re just disagreeing on whether or not you should order takeout or go out to a restaurant, odds are good that your differences aren’t irreconcilable.

8. You Fight Fair

If your fights are respectful and productive, it’s a sign that you care about each other and aren’t looking for a quick out from the relationship.

The point of fighting isn’t to hurt your partner or make them feel bad about themselves.

It’s about finding a solution together.

If that’s what you’re both focused on, then great!

9. You’ve Got A Good Thing Going

If things have been good between you, there’s no reason to end a relationship that’s working.

Not every relationship has to be extreme or dramatic.

Sure, sometimes a little excitement is needed — but not to the point of breaking up.

If your partner is a good match for you, you should consider what life would be like if they were gone.

10. You’re Both Happy Together

When two people are in love, there’s nothing better than being around each other and feeling those butterflies in your stomach.

There’s something special about that feeling, and it takes time to find the person who makes you feel that way.

So why give that up?

11. You Learn From Every Argument

Arguing with your partner is inevitable and can happen at any time.

You have a different way of looking at the world, so disagreements are bound to happen.

Even though it might seem like a bad thing, arguing with your partner allows you to grow as a person and as a couple.

When it comes to arguments, what matters is the way you handle them and what you learn from them.

12. Your Family Loves Him

When it comes to relationships, family support is essential.

If they love this guy, then he must be doing something right.

Maybe his personality stands out or maybe he has some qualities that impressed them but whatever the case may be, you should consider giving him another chance if your family loves him.

13. You Still Get Butterflies

If you still get excited when you go on a date or even when he calls you out of the blue, then don’t let go of him just yet.

The butterflies are a sign that you are still in love with him.

Leaving someone is hard, and so is being left.

It’s difficult to know whether it’s better to break up with someone or be broken up with, especially in situations where you don’t see any signs your partner wants out.

If you’re feeling confused, lonely, or sad and can’t figure out why it might be a good idea to talk to your partner.

If they show no interest in talking to you about the relationship anymore and aren’t willing to communicate about what seems to be worrying them, then there’s a chance that you’re being broken up with in secret.

Sometimes just talking things over can clear up all of the uncertainty about whether your partner still wants to be your boyfriend/girlfriend.