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12 Sure Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You Secretly

12 Sure Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You Secretly

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This is a story about a guy who is in love with his best friend but is too shy to confess his feelings.

The bestie also had feelings, but she wasn’t sure if he was just being a caring friend.

The guy wondered if revealing his emotions might affect their friendship since he wasn’t certain if she felt the same way.

They behaved like lovers but never put it into words.

Finally, the guy mustered the courage to ask her out, and that’s when the lady began to realize that the signs had been there all along.

The unspoken feelings of a guy who had a big crush on her.

This is my life’s story. Hehe!

Have you ever noticed a guy who seems to have a crush on you but you’re not sure?

Do you want to know the signs that show if a guy secretly likes you?

If you’re curious about how to tell if a guy admires you secretly, I’m sharing this so you can help someone in a similar situation as mine.

Look below for signs that a guy likes you secretly.

12 Sure Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You Secretly

1. He’s always around

Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You Secretly

Do you notice sometimes this guy is always around, like, everywhere you go?

He will always turn up in your life all the time.

This is probably one of the most telling signs that a guy really likes you but is too shy to show it.

You would think maybe he has a sixth sense for knowing when and where you’ll be.

And whenever you need help with something, he’s your go-to guy.

He’s more available than a Wi-Fi.

His radar is set specifically to your location.

It’s as if you are paying him to always be available when you need him.



2. He steals secret glances at you whenever you are not looking there

Have you caught him sneaking peak glances at you whenever he thinks you aren’t looking?

It’s almost as if he can’t help it, but he’ll quickly avert his eyes when you meet his gaze.

If this is something that happens often, chances are the guy likes you secretly and doesn’t want to show it.

Start paying attention to whether he looks at you when you’re not watching.

Sometimes, he might get lost in thought, completely forgetting himself as he gazes in your direction.

It’s because he’s imagining being the reason for your smile.

In those moments, he’s probably singing to you in his mind.

You just can’t hear it because, like his feelings, he keeps it to himself.

Just watch him admire you when you’re not looking.


3. He likes everything you post online

Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You Secretly

You might think he’s hanging around online just for you because even Flash can’t be that quick to like everything you post.

He’s like the number one fan of your Facebook updates and one of the first to view your snap.

He loves it when you share photos of the two of you and is always excited to leave a comment on your Instagram post.

He gets so happy whenever he sees that notification icon pop up on his phone.

It’s one of the ways he expresses his love for you without having to say much at all.

That’s why it’s so important to him.

When he comments on your photos, he turns into a poet, coming up with metaphors from who knows where.

Shakespeare would have a tough time keeping up with this guy’s creativity.

He might even be jumping in to defend your arguments on social media.

He’s always there for you, and that means a lot. 

It’s comforting to know that he is so willing to show his love in this way. 

It goes without saying that he secretly likes you.


4. He appears jealous when you mention other guys

Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You Secretly

Jealousy in this context is not an unhealthy one.

You will notice that sometimes when you mention another guy, maybe a friend or a colleague, this guy you’re curious about suddenly gets a little weird.

He will try to hide it, but you can tell he’s not that charged that you’re talking about someone else. 

This could be a sign that he has developed feelings for you and doesn’t want to admit it.

It’s a beautiful thing when someone can show their love in such a subtle way. 

He might make a sly comment or act a bit differently when this happens. 

It’s all evidence that he is interested in you, and it’s worth exploring further. 

It’s not that he is being over-possessive, but it’s that he’s secretly wishing he was the only guy in your world. 

Pay attention to those subtle cues, and you might be able to uncover his secret feelings.



5. He flirts with you

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The smooth talker that he is, always teasing and playing around with you.

You would think he is the king of flirty banter.

It’s not mean or anything, just playful and fun.

He’s the one who’ll crack jokes, give you a hard time (in a good-natured way, of course), and find any excuse to be near you.

Always making you smile and keeping you guessing.

He will banter you to laugh and blush at the same time.


6. He remembers every little detail

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This guy is more than your average listener.

He’s a walking, talking memory bank.

He’ll recall all those small details you mentioned in passing, like your favorite color, the book you were reading, or the food you would like to eat next weekend.

He’ll bring it up in conversations and surprise you with thoughtful gifts or gestures.

It’s clear he pays attention to what you have to say and values your opinion and interests. 

This is a major sign that he’s into you. 

And if not? Well, you’re better off anywhere else.


7. He looks you in the eye

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His eyes are like magnets, and they keep gravitating towards yours.

Whenever you glance in his direction, bam, there he is, returning your gaze.

It’s as if he can’t get enough of looking at you.

Also, it’s a clear sign he’s interested in what you have to say and, more importantly, who you are.

His eye contact lingers just long enough for sparks to fly – it’s a surefire signal that he likes you. 

So don’t be shy; bask in the moment and try your hand at flirting back with your own eyes.

He’s got a secret crush, and that’s why he can’t help but make eye contact with you.



8. He always wants to be alone with you

Have you ever noticed that he enjoys being around you a lot?

Like, when you’re hanging out with friends, he insists on you both being the last ones to leave, heading home together.

And at gatherings, he always tries to snag the seat right next to you.

Always wanting to be by your side.

That’s a surefire sign he likes you, and in both literary and deeper senses, he wants to end up with you.


9. He has told his friends about you

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Have you ever noticed how his friends reacted the first time you hung out with them?

You know, when he introduced you, and they were all like, “Oh, this is Clara!”

That’s because he’s been talking about you in their conversations.

Before you even walked into the room, they already had an idea of who you were from what he’s been saying.

So, when they finally met you, they couldn’t contain their excitement.

They were probably thinking, “Wow, this is the Clara we’ve heard so much about!”

It’s a great sign that he can’t stop talking about you in his conversations with his friends, and it’s definitely one of the signs he likes you. 

Even if it was only a few sentences, he still thought enough of you to mention you to them. 



10. He showers you with tenderness and care

This guy doesn’t want you to worry about a thing.

Just say you’re feeling exhausted, and he’s quick to offer his assistance.

He might suggest buying you a meal so you don’t have to cook or even offer to come over and whip up something delicious for you.

Plus, he loves surprising you with gifts.

Shoes, wristwatches, rings, you name it.

He’s all about making you feel special and leaving you amazed.

It’s clear that he cares a lot for you and wants to make sure you feel loved.

That’s one of the biggest signs he likes you! 



11. He laughs at every one of your jokes

You might feel like a stand-up comedy pro, why?

Because when he’s with you, he’s like a kid in an amusement park, so cheerful and overjoyed.

He chuckles at every joke you crack, even the ones that aren’t exactly laugh-out-loud funny.

Love seems to turn your playful teasing into comedy gold for him. 

It’s like he can’t get enough of your presence, and he just wants to keep you around and make more memories together. 

He loves being with you, and these little moments are what he lives for.

Just pay attention to that little detail.


12. He talks to you on the phone for long


Your voice is like his favorite song.

He loves to chat with you for a long time.

He’s the king of conversation, always coming up with new topics to talk about, and you both just keep going.

He can’t seem to stop talking to you.

He’s all ears when you need to vent about your problems, and he sends you sweet text messages.

He’s willing to go the extra mile for you just because he loves hearing your voice. 

You make him feel secure and content, and he can’t get enough of it.

This is one sure sign that his affection for you runs deep. 




The list can go on and on when it comes to figuring out if a guy secretly likes you.

But the ones we’ve talked about here are the big ones.

When you notice all these signs, you can be pretty sure he’s itching to be more than just friends.

If you’re into the idea, why not give him a little nudge in the right direction?

You could just ask him how he feels about you or tell him that you like him and want to be his special someone.

It’s totally okay, and there are no rules against it.