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10 Ways To Make A Man Feel Needed And Respected

10 Ways To Make A Man Feel Needed And Respected

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Social media has been buzzing with advice that the key to a man’s heart is through respect.

But, as many of us have noticed, the concept of respect can be rather misunderstood.

Some people criticize others, arguing that what they believe to be respect isn’t on the mark.

On the other hand, some wonder, “What does it even mean to respect a man?”

or “How can we truly show respect to a man?”

I know you are wondering about these too.

Don’t worry.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about how to make a man feel needed and respected.

We’ll uncover the real essence of respect, and together, we’ll point out practical ways to show that respect to the men in our lives.

So, stay with me on this.


10 Ways To Make A Man Feel Needed And Respected

1. Dress and look your best for him

Ways To Make A Man Feel Needed And Respected

I put this at the forefront for a reason.

You see, men often gauge based on what they see.

When a man walks through the door and is greeted by his woman, who is well-dressed, who radiates beauty and exudes a pleasant fragrance, it communicates a sense of respect.

He understands that you’ve chosen to present yourself in this way for him, and that makes him feel not just wanted but truly valued.

In his eyes, you are signaling that you yearn for his attention, that you’ve invested considerable effort into looking your best because you want him to feel that he is important to you.

Take this as a welcome hint: one of the steps in ensuring a man feels respected is to put effort into looking good for him.


2. Make up time for him

Ways To Make A Man Feel Needed And Respected

Life gets really busy, especially when you’re caught in between the responsibilities of parenthood.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the duties of raising kids that we unintentionally forget the man in our lives.

Frequently, women tend to prioritize their children’s needs over their partners, and this can inadvertently make our men feel undervalued.

It’s important to remember that they need love and attention, too.

One great way to show your man how much you cherish him is by setting aside special time just for the two of you.

Whether it’s planning a date night or simply going out for a nice dinner, create a space where you can reconnect and relight that love that brought you together.

Let him know that you crave special time with him and that you’ve gone out of your way to plan something special just for him.


3. Give him good sex

Sex, as a source of utmost pleasure, has well-documented benefits for both physical and psychological well-being.

It helps with stress reduction, better sleep, and a boost in immune function.

All these are supported by scientific research.

Imagine this, after a long and stressful day, you offer your man a fulfilling and intimate experience.

More than that physical pleasure, it’s a way to make him feel genuinely valued and that his needs are respected.

It’s a powerful message that shows you care deeply about his overall well-being.



4. Listen to him

Ways To Make A Man Feel Needed And Respected

Show a sincere curiosity in what your man is sharing.

Be present and pay attention to the nuances in his tone, body language, and story.

Go beyond just hearing what he is saying and try to see things from his point of view.

This allows him to open up with greater ease and for a more meaningful connection between you two. 

Take your time, and don’t rush him to speak.

Avoid interrupting while he’s talking.

It is best to put down your phone because it can be a major distraction and might convey the message that what he’s saying doesn’t hold significance to you.

Maintain eye contact and let your body language speak empathy.

When you communicate with him in this manner, he’ll genuinely feel that he holds value in your eyes and that you respect his thoughts and concerns.


5. Pay attention to what he prefers

Ways To Make A Man Feel Needed And Respected

Pay attention to his preferences and put them into action.

Observe him during your leisurely conversations, he may casually mention things he desires.

Take note of his wishes and make them a reality.

When you surprise him by fulfilling his desires is a wonderful gesture.

It’s like you have an uncanny ability to read his mind and grant his wishes, almost like a guardian angel.

Don’t hesitate to do this; it’s a great way to show your respect and affection for him.


6. Always celebrate him

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I remember watching a TV interview where a woman was asked how she shows respect for her man, and her response stuck with me.

She said, “Whenever I can, I celebrate him.”

The idea here is simple: a happy heart makes for a happy home.

When a man feels celebrated, it ignites a desire in him to achieve more.

It’s the same reason football players strive to score more goals to earn more golden boots.

In your relationship, you can be the one to give your husband those golden boots by celebrating him on various occasions.

Whether it’s on his birthdays, after intimate moments, when he’s supportive, or in any way that feels right for your relationship, expressing your admiration can go a long way in strengthening your bond.


7. Appreciate his efforts

An African adage wisely states, “If a child is thankful for yesterday’s gifts, they will receive more in the future.”

This simply means that when you show gratitude for what someone does for you, they are likely to be even more generous towards you in the future.

This principle holds true in our relationships.

It’s good to always appreciate your man’s efforts.

When you do, it not only makes him feel respected but also motivates him to go the extra mile.

Also, life has a way of throwing unexpected challenges our way.

In those tough times, showing appreciation for your man’s efforts can be the fuel that keeps him going.

It’s a reminder that you’re by his side, supporting him through it all.


8. Ask him for help whenever you need help

This is so straightforward.

Seeking help from someone implies that you value and rely on them.

Without a doubt, your man would feel needed and respected when you reach out to him for assistance, especially when it involves matters that call for his wisdom and strength.

Let him bask in the feeling of being a hero because, let’s be honest, most men love being the go-to person for their partners.

Also, it’s a win-win because not only does he feel needed and respected, but it also lightens your load by sharing the burdens of life together.



9. Give him the freedom to hang out with his friends

Don’t restrict him from enjoying time with his buddies.

It’s like their own little sanctuary.

Unless it’s turning into something that negatively impacts his life, you should let him have this space.

Resist the urge to pull him away from his friends.

It’s a place where he can relax and be a part of a different kind of camaraderie.



10. Support his dreams

Ways To Make A Man Feel Needed And Respected

Like a term used in football, be his ultimate supporting striker.

In football, a supporting striker assists the central forward in scoring goals, making sure they shine.

In your relationship, be his cheerleader, rooting for his success every step of the way.

Show him your unwavering support for his life goals and be there through the rough and smooth path.

You will help him achieve his dreams and also earn his deep respect.



Now that we’ve cleared up what it truly means to make a man feel needed and respected let’s address a common misconception.

Some People believe that when we talk about respecting a man, it means we’re advocating for old-school traditions where you kneel, serve his every need, or call him “lord.”

But that’s far from the truth.

In reality, it’s all about these simple, everyday gestures that demonstrate your appreciation and admiration.

This brings to life the well-known saying, “Respect is reciprocal.”

The beauty of it is that you don’t need to demand it from him; when you genuinely respect and support him, he’ll naturally reciprocate with love and respect in return.