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9 Sure Ways to Know She is Interested in You 

9 Sure Ways to Know She is Interested in You 

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We have looked at ways to know if a man is interested in you.

Now we’re looking at the same topic from the woman’s point of view. 

Is it easy to tell if a woman likes you?

What are the behavior to look out; that can serve as an indicator of her interest in you?

You see, it may be difficult to know what a woman wants at a particular time, but I’ll always hold the argument that it is not difficult to know if a woman likes you or not. 

When a woman has romantic interests in you, the signs are unburied – clear enough for everyone to see. 

Her interest are usually written all over her conversations, behavior, and actions, and anyone who has access to her can easily tell that she has interests in someone. 

So, what are these things in her conversations and actions that tells you that she is interested in you?

9 Ways to Know She is Interested in You 

1. Eye Contact

9 Ways to Know She is Interested in You 

Some people really have funny ideologies in life. 

One man once told me that he doesn’t like women who hold eye contact with men.

That the act shows that they are not chaste. 

Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

You see, people say that the eye is the window to the soul, and I agree.

It is why you can know how a person truly feels at a particular time just by looking into their eyes. 

When a woman is interested in a man, she will most likely hold eye contact with him during conversations.

She does this to bare her interests to him, and to understand how he truly feels about her.

2. Smiling

9 Ways to Know She is Interested in You 

Some people are big smilers, like myself. 

But no matter how much I like to smile, if a man repulses me – it doesn’t matter if he is the funniest comedian in the world – I tune myself to not smile or laugh at his jokes. 

This goes a long way to show that a smile can indicate interest in a person. 

And you’ll know it.

When a woman sees the man she likes, her heart leaps for joy, and as it leaps, it plasters a wide smile on her face. 

He doesn’t need to do or say anything funny or pleasing because just the sound of his voice pleases her enough to keep her smiling all day. 

She loves his company and finds him really appealing, and lets him in on this with her soft and soothing smile that extends to her eyes.

3. Mannerisms

9 Ways to Know She is Interested in You 

I think this is the thing I find most beautiful and amazing about human interactions – mannerisms. 

How that you only need to interact with a person for an extended period of time to be able to mimic their body language, conversation styles, etc.

And many times, this is not done consciously (I only know it now that I pay attention to it.)

Because as soon as I begin to interact with one person for a while, I try to watch myself to see the things I’m doing and saying that mirrors them. 

It’s a beautiful thing, really. 

A woman who likes a man pays so much attention to him, and naturally, she adopts his pattern of doing things without even knowing. 

Soon enough, she is mirroring his movement, posture, gestures, or style of conversations.

4. Physical Contact

9 Ways to Know She is Interested in You 

It is not only men who want to be physical with the women they are interested in. 

Women also like to have some level of physical closeness with the men they are interested in. 

She reaches out to touch you or ‘accidentally’ brushes her hands against yours too frequently because she wants to feel and memorize the texture of your skin. 

She leans in during conversations like she wants to whisper but just wants to see your eyes more clearly and inhale your scent into her memory. 

She wants to sit beside you in gathering, steals hugs as frequently as possible and all that physical contact. 

Just know that she has interests in you. 

5. Initiating Contact

9 Ways to Know She is Interested in You 

It is unarguably correct to a certain level that women do not like to be initiators in their relationship with men. 

They say it is so that they’ll not be regarded as desperate or something. 

But a woman who is interested in a man initiates everything.

From conversations, to meetings, and even contact. 

She’ll always be the first to reach out and touch. 

She’ll be the first person to open her arms for a hug. 

She’ll call you and ask about your plans or to know if you will be available at a certain meeting or event. 

She is not ashamed to flirt with you physically at every chance she gets. 

6. Asking Personal Question

9 Ways to Know She is Interested in You 

I remember when I asked a man I liked about his genotype (covers eyes in embarrassment).

Don’t judge me, but don’t you just want to know everything there is to know about the person you are interested in?

A woman who is interested in a man wants to know everything – his interests, career, health status, family, etc. 

Anything about him is worth knowing. 

So she will ask and ask and ask some more. 

What we like to call talking stage questions. 

“What interests you?”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“What is your ideal woman like?”

“What’s your thoughts on being in a relationship?”

“What’s your genotype?” (Winks)

Sometimes these questions come directly, and other times, they are wrapped in between random conversations. 

Anything to help her know what she needs to know. 

7. Remembering Details

9 Ways to Know She is Interested in You 

I have seen women who are not very good with details give details about their men even up to infinitesimal things and I just think, “this must be love.”

When a woman is in love, she pays close attention to every detail concerning the man.

She knows the shape and color of your eyes, she knows what your finger nails look like and the smell of your fragrance. 

She remembers the details of the conversations you’ve had and she can perfectly describe your reaction to a particular event that happened in her presence. 

She knows how you smile, and she knows what the arrangement of your dentition. 

Because you are important to her, she pays close attention to everything that concerns you. 

8. Playful Teasing

9 Ways to Know She is Interested in You 

You can’t tell a woman who is interested in you to not flirt with you.

She wants you to know that she is interested in you. 

And she wants to know if you may be interested in her

So she’ll boldly flirt with you both in words and physical contact. 

She’ll also be one to always tease you, pull your legs and create inside jokes with you. 

All that flirtatious banters and playful teasings are just tactics to let you know that she is interested in you.

9. Introducing You to Friends and Family

9 Ways to Know She is Interested in You  

Whether you know it or not, the friends and some family member of a woman who is interested in you know you.

That you do not know them does not mean that they don’t know you. 

When she can’t stop going on and on about you to them. 

And when you both are together in a physical gathering, she doesn’t miss an opportunity to introduce you to someone relevant. 

Do you see her introducing her other make friends there like that?


She holds you in a very high esteem to be able to talk about you to people that matter the most to her. 


To find these signs, a man must be one who is sensitive, observant, with a good understanding of nonverbal communication. 

Because these signs are not ultimate.

They can be used to represent something else. 

If through your observations, you feel like a woman has interests in you, you can easily approach her and ask her questions to confirm your haunch. 

From there you can decide what you want to do based on whether or not you also are interested in her.