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7 Types of Women Men Avoid Marrying

7 Types of Women Men Avoid Marrying

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Ladies gather in here.

Are you aware that your man, who you’ve fantasized about being married to several times, may be out on the street looking for a suitable wife?

I didn’t mean to break the news like this, but I can’t think of a better way to say it.

When it comes to marriage, men are extra careful with whom they get tied to.

They say it is a woman’s world, so whatever the woman does to them in the marriage, the world will still support the woman.

So they try as much as possible to make sure that the woman they are getting married to is one they can comfortably handle at any time.

But the point of today’s article is the women they avoid getting married to at all costs.

Every human has their insufficiencies and excesses, but people still marry the ones they can handle.

But there are certain women men just can’t handle, and if you are one of those women they might not tell you, but they are already cooking a plan to get married to someone else.

Let’s go through this article to ensure that you do not possess the characteristics of these women.


7 Types of Women Men Avoid Marrying

1. The Control Freak

7 Types of Women Men Avoid Marrying

It is no news that every man is egocentric.

And in whatever relationship they have with women, they try as much as possible to preserve their ego.

Naturally, men take the leadership role in a home.

Even with the move for gender equality, a lot of homes still maintain the standard of men being the head of the home.

When they are looking for a marriage partner, men scarcely opt for a woman who is a control freak.

One organization cannot have two leaders.

Man’s natural instinct is to lead in their home, and being with a control freak means they have to be with a woman who wants to control every aspect of their lives.

This act will bruise his ego, but it can also make him feel trapped and suffocated.

So he’ll avoid her and choose a woman with whom he can share trust and mutual respect.


2. The Self-Absorbed

7 Types of Women Men Avoid Marrying

How can a person be in a relationship with another person if they are self-absorbed?

If you are obsessed with yourself so much that you can’t put anything or anyone else before yourself in any circumstance, it’s best you remain an island.

Because healthy relationships are filled with sacrifices and compromises.

You won’t lose yourself, but once in a while, you’ll give yourself up for your partner’s happiness.

There is self-care and self-love, then there is self-absorption.

A woman who is excessively focused on herself, her appearance, and her needs will soon become narcissistic.

“I,” “me,” and “my” are not relationship pronouns.

If these are the only pronouns a woman knows to use, men will avoid her for marriage.

They want women who show empathy, compassion, and a genuine interest in their lives.


3. The Unfaithful

7 Types of Women Men Avoid Marrying

When a man wants to marry, he will look for a woman who will stay at home with him and give her the ring.

The truth is, men know the woman who is loose no matter how hidden she tries to make it.

A man may play with her in relationships and flings, but when he is ready to get married, he goes for the chaste woman.

If a woman has a history of infidelity or exhibits flirtatious behavior that crosses boundaries, he sees her as a potential risk—one he is not willing to take.

Men want to feel secure and confident in their relationships.

They want the peace and quiet that comes with knowing that their woman is theirs alone.

Infidelity does not give them that peace and security.

As soon as trust issues arise in the marriage, it becomes difficult to maintain a healthy, happy marriage.


4. The Perfectionist

7 Types of Women Men Avoid Marrying

Excellence is one thing, perfection is another.

A thing that is excellent does not really mean that it is perfect.

I think everyone should strive for excellence in their endeavors.

Because why be mediocre if you can stand out?

But the obsession with perfection?

It’s a no-no for most men.

When men are putting in their best to attain excellence, what they want is a woman to cheer them on and provide support for them.

Not a woman who is constantly on the lookout for ways their efforts fall short of being perfect.

Seeking complete perfection from a relationship or a man can be a bit unrealistic, especially with knowing that humans are naturally flawed.

Human beings cannot naturally attain perfection, and setting an expectation like that usually leads to disappointment and frustration.

A man wants a woman who will accommodate his excesses while he strives to be a better person.


5. The Emotionally Unavailable

7 Types of Women Men Avoid Marrying

As a woman, your man is there for you during your trying times.

But in his low moments, you expect him to “man up” and take care of himself?

It doesn’t work like that.

Emotional connection is a very important ingredient in every marriage.

A woman should be emotionally available and close to her husband and must keep communication alive and working between them.

Men like women who do not hide their feelings, share their thoughts and can hold intelligent conversations.

They want women who would be there for them, who can provide a shoulder for them to lean on and hold their hands when they are down.

A man will usually not marry a woman who does not fulfill his emotional needs.


6. The Overly Dependent

7 Types of Women Men Avoid Marrying

Men like to take care of their women.

But your husband is not your father.

Even with fathers, there will come a time in your adulthood when you cannot be completely dependent on your father.

An average adult man is laden with so many responsibilities, so any excessive dependency becomes extra burdensome.

A woman who relies too heavily on her partner for emotional, financial, or social support creates an imbalance in her relationship.

Men typically look for partners who are independent and capable of standing on their own while also being able to offer and receive support in a balanced manner.

As much as you need help and support from your man, he needs the same thing from you.

If you cannot provide that for him but you’re set to continually drain him, he’ll want nothing to do with you.


7. The Inflexible

7 Types of Women Men Avoid Marrying

Every woman who wants to be in a relationship must learn to be flexible and must adapt quickly to changes.

Life is full of unexpected changes and challenges, and people must always be ready to make compromises and shift grounds just to keep going in life.

A woman who is rigid and unwilling to compromise will create tension for her man when facing challenges.

Imagine you’re looking for a way out of a problem and also having to deal with a rigid woman at the same time.

It can be very frustrating.

So, men generally like to avoid the frustration of marrying inflexible, set-in-their-ways women.

Life is already as difficult as it gets.

Bringing in another stress to make life more difficult is completely unnecessary.


These women have some traits and behaviors that men may find challenging, but there is no rule that says that if you are this kind of woman you cannot let go of those behaviors and become the kind of woman a man will give everything to have.

And what’s funny is the fact that this behavioral trait might be the only one among a list of your good behaviors.

And because it just happened to be one of these traits, you get sidelined in the field of marriage.

So, if you’ve found yourself here, get back to your drawing board and erase this character from your life.