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7 Working Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You

7 Working Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You

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Have you ever tried to get the attention of a man that you liked?

Share your story.

How did it go?

Was it successful or did you fail at it?

I often feel like the whole wooing industry is more for the men than the women.

So men succeed more in it and do it with more grace.

For women, doing something as basic as getting a guy to notice you can feel like the battle of David and Goliath.

I mean, how can you turn a grown man’s attention to yourself?

If he was going to notice you, he would, and you wouldn’t need to do anything extra.

But what if he wasn’t going to notice you?

Should you just walk away from the fight without even trying?

Truth is, some men need help to notice the woman who may become their woman for life.

So we can decide to provide them with that help.

And doing this is not as difficult as it seems—you need just a bit of effort and the right approach.

Here are some tried-and-true tips to help you stand out, catch his attention, and make an impression.

7 Working Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You

1. Be Confident

7 Working Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You

Confidence is an attractive trait.

It is a way of telling people that you are comfortable with who you are and that you value yourself.

Standing tall, making eye contact, and smiling can show confidence when talking to people.

It feels simple and insignificant, right?

But they can make a very significant difference in how you are perceived.

When you are confident, it shows that you feel good about yourself, and feeling good about yourself naturally draws others to you.

Confidence transcends physical appearance; it also concerns your attitude and how you carry yourself.

Be assertive in your actions and decisions, and don’t be afraid to voice your opinions.

Remember, confidence is about believing in your worth and abilities, so embrace your strengths and don’t shy away from challenges.


2. Dress to Impress

7 Working Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You

Everyone has their own personality, and people often dress to fit their personality.

If you want a man’s attention, you have to dress to catch his eyes, no matter what your personality.

But this doesn’t mean you have to go overboard or underboard with anything.

Just choose outfits that make you feel good and reflect your personal style.

Wear clothes that fit you well and make you feel confident.

Once you feel comfortable in your fit, it will reflect in your carriage and you’ll definitely catch his eye.

Pay attention to those details that look like they don’t matter.

Like grooming and accessories, small touches can elevate your look from point 10 to 100 and make you stand out.

When you are getting dressed, pay attention to doing it for yourself first.

To make yourself feel good and confident.

The truth is, the way you feel about yourself is the way other people will feel about you.


3. Show Genuine Interest

7 Working Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You

You can’t be hiding from a man and expect him to notice you.

How is he supposed to see you when you are hiding?

You have to come out to the open if you want to be seen, and one of the ways to do this is by showing genuine interest in him.

Talk to him as often as possible.

Ask him questions about his interests, listen attentively when he speaks, and engage in conversations about topics he likes to discuss.

You know how it feels when you discover that there is someone paying attention to you.

It makes you feel good, right?

He’ll begin to pay attention to you, too.

To know more about this person that gives him so much attention.

Talking to him does not mean that you should become a nuisance who doesn’t pay attention to timing.

Or become a talkative who just keeps going.

Keep everything moderate but enough to make him notice.


4. Be Yourself

7 Working Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You

There’s this movie where a woman liked a man but the man liked another woman.

So she set out on a journey to becoming exactly like the man’s woman.

I found it very creepy.

Let me tell you what: there’s something outstanding about a person that attracts another to them.

Something that another person may not be able to possess.

So you can also go and get plastic surgery just to look like another person, and people who like that person you have doubts about may be appalled by you.

This is the reason why you must maintain your authenticity at all times.

How long can you be someone you are not?

How long can you sustain it?

After a while, you’ll get exhausted and your real self will begin to show.

But being authentic is such an attractive thing.

Men like women who like to be themselves and do not live a double-standard life.

Embrace your quirks and be honest about your likes and dislikes.

The right guy will definitely appreciate you for who you are.

Everyone does have that unique quality that makes them special, so embrace yours and let them shine.


5. Use Body Language

7 Working Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You

We spoke about how you can get a man’s attention by talking with him.

Now, we’re talking about how you can get his attention by acting on it.

One thing about body language is that you can say a lot without saying a word, and it barely lies.

You’re paying attention to this man, and you want him to know that you are paying him attention.

To show your interest, try to lean in slightly when he talks, maintain eye contact, and use open gestures.

Don’t cross your arms or look away too often; otherwise, he may think you are not interested or uncomfortable.

The more positive your body language is, the more approachable you look.

Smile genuinely, nod in agreement, and use gentle touches if the situation feels appropriate.

Pay attention to his personal and social space limits and ensure that you do not exceed what you are allowed.


6. Be Approachable

7 Working Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You

Many men will not approach a woman who always looks like she is set for war.

Your face is always wearing a frown and when you are in the midst of people, you are glued to your phone.

The man you are trying to attract may become afraid of approaching you.

But wearing an approachable look can make it easier for a guy to strike up a conversation with you.

Try to smile more often and socialize when you go out.

Stay open and friendly as this will make you seem more inviting and easier to talk to.

And never leave your manners at home; be polite and show respect for others.

And while trying to be more sociable, don’t become the woman who is always everywhere and without boundaries.

Socialize, but decide where you go to and who you hang out with.

When there are no boundaries to your social life, people will notice you but scarcely be attracted to you.


7. Give Compliments

7 Working Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You

You can use compliments.

Everyone appreciates a sincere compliment.

So, every now and then, try to compliment him on something specific, like his style, his sense of humor, or something he did well.

This will definitely make him feel good and more likely to notice you in return.

If these compliments come more than once, he’ll begin to pay attention to you.

The compliments you give should be genuine and thoughtful.

Let him be able to feel like, “oh, she noticed this about me.”

They should also flow freely, not something that feels forced, rehearsed, or overly exaggerated.


Getting a guy to notice you doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

But after getting his attention, what next?

Your goal should be to build a genuine connection rather than just seeking attention.

That way, after getting him to be attracted to you, you both can build something lasting together.

It could be a relationship or just an acquaintance that will be beneficial to you both.