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5 Things Every Husband Needs From Their Wife

5 Things Every Husband Needs From Their Wife

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Have you ever wondered what every husband needs from their wife?

Perhaps you’re are engaged to be married or you’re married and want to know what your husband needs from you as a wife.

Keep reading.

There are some traits needed for the foundation of every marriage to be strong – loyalty, trust, love, and fidelity.

It’s a two-way thing if the marriage will work.

Some of the additional attributes needed to make a marriage work are respect, kindness, compassion, among others.

However, there are deeper attributes that are not so obvious but still play a great role in the success of any marriage.

These are the partner to partner needs or expectations that might be communicated or not.

Knowing about them is one thing, knowing how to meet those needs is another.

So, ladies, this piece is all about some of the things your husbands need from you.

Don’t go anywhere. We’re just getting started!

Even though men might want different things, a huge majority of husbands need these five things from their wives.

Below are 5 Things Every husband needs from their wife:

5 Things Every Husband Needs From His Wife

  1. Friendship

Above all else, your husband needs you to be his friend and companion.

He needs to know that you’re friends with him and loves to spend quality time with him.

You can show interest in the things he loves doing, hang out with him at his favorite spot, play his favorite game with him, learn a thing or two about his passion.

Never belittle the things he holds dear.

For men, friendship is mostly about doing things together.

So, you can try out a few things together till you both find a common ground.

This is why a lot of many love hanging out with their friends.

They enjoy the company and the laughter that accompanies it.

While it’s good to marry your friend, it’s even better and more important to befriend your husband.

Be good company to him and let him miss your company whenever you’re apart.

Let him step out of the house and long to get back to you after the business of the day.

Every real man wants his woman to be his friend.

  1. Validation 

Your husband needs your validation.

He needs to know that he’s enough for you.

Let him know that he’s deserving of your love.

Give him the reasons why you love him.

Magnify his strengths, make him feel good about himself while being realistic.

Let him know how much you love, value, treasure, and respect him.

He needs his wife to keep reminding him of all these.

He is fighting a lot of battles outside the home already.

Be his home, his peace, and make him feel at home with you always.

  1. Words of affirmation 

He needs to hear words of affirmation from his wife.

This is one of the 5 love languages (by Gary Chapman). 

Although it is similar to validation, it has to do with daily interactions.

Compliment his looks, the little attractive things about him, his dimples, his cologne, his diastema.

Let him know that he’s good at what he does and that he’s generally a good man.

Tell him the things you love about him and what others love about him too.

Try to do this every day and watch his confidence skyrocket.

Nothing does the magic more than the woman with whom a man is in love.

  1. Appreciation 

Show appreciation for all that he does.

The tiny things and the huge things alike.

He needs to know that you’re grateful for his presence in the family.

Everyone likes to be thanked for doing things and husbands work behind the scenes more, bearing more than enough of the burdens.

The least you can do is to appreciate him every little chance you get. 

Don’t think he doesn’t need to be appreciated because he’s only fulfilling his responsibilities.

A lot of husbands don’t feel appreciated enough; don’t let your husband be one of them.

  1. Physical Intimacy 

And this had to be the last on the list because it’s more of a summation of the other 4.

For many men, physical intimacy is validation, affirmation, appreciation, and proof of friendship and companionship.

So, it’s not just about getting it on regularly.

It’s also about getting involved fully and becoming one with your husband with no holds barred.

Physical intimacy strengthens marital bonds when the other elements are present.

Things Every Husband want