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7 Uncomfortable Signs You’ve Finally Met a Good Woman

7 Uncomfortable Signs You’ve Finally Met a Good Woman

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It is always exciting to meet a new woman. 

I mean, all those butterflies in your belly and unending hours of conversations. 

Plus, you may be meeting someone entirely different from every other woman you have met. 

Women have different lifestyles that can be traced to their upbringing, the knowledge and relationships they have gained over time, their peer influence, belief systems, etc. 

These factors shape their way of life and their approach to different things in life. 

For instance, a good woman who would add premium value to your life is the one you may have challenges settling with at the beginning. 

Truth is, not all men want good women in their lives. 

Not all men will have good women. 

The reason is that a good woman comes with the need for some uncomfortable adjustments, and most men are so egocentric that they would not have a woman being the one to show them the right path to life. 

They would rather live life as they deem fit and lord it over the woman. 

But a good woman would not stoop to a mediocre life and would rather let that one slide. 

If you are looking for a good woman, there are some uncomfortable signs that will help you know that you have found one. 

If you are interested in having a good woman, you should begin to work on yourself to be a good man so that these signs won’t be too challenging for you when you finally meet your dream.

7 Uncomfortable Signs You’ve Finally Met a Good Woman

1. She Challenges Your Comfort Zones

7 Uncomfortable Signs You've Finally Met a Good Woman

You know you have met a good woman when she challenges your comfort zone. 

Now, challenging your comfort zone here does not mean that she invalidates your efforts or disregards your achievements. 

Any woman who disregards you lacks regard for you. 

But a good woman will applaud you in your current wins, and cheer you on to do more. 

With her, there is always an opportunity to be better, and she ensures that you do not become comfortable with your present position or become complacent on your journey to becoming a better person. 

She is always on the lookout for opportunities where you can scale up and become more successful, and she won’t fail to mention you wherever she finds an open door.

With her by your side, you’ll find yourself doing things you never thought you could do. 

In the beginning, you may find her behavior uncomfortable and even daunting, but with time, you will discover how much it is helping you grow and discover new aspects of yourself.


2. She Expects Honesty

7 Uncomfortable Signs You've Finally Met a Good Woman

If you like to tell a little white lie here or a little half-truth there, you probably will not be able to deal with this one unless you are willing to adjust and become better. 

Most good women value honesty in their relationships. 

When you are giving her a piece of information, she expects you to be completely truthful and not leave out bits of details. 

She expects you to be open and honest with her, even when it is difficult for you. 

Every time she discovers that you left out pieces of information here and there, she feels like you are being dishonest with her. 

Even if it is the slightest bit of inflammation that was left out. 

This can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re not used to being completely transparent in your relationships. 

However, if you decide to yield to her style and give yourself honesty, you will be able to build a strong foundation of trust and respect, which are key factors for a lasting relationship.


3. She Holds You Accountable

7 Uncomfortable Signs You've Finally Met a Good Woman

A good woman is always accountable. 

And just as she is accountable, she expects you to be accountable, too. 

In her relationships, there is no room for blame game or complacency in actions. 

When you do something, you take responsibility for your actions. 

You do not make unnecessary excuses for your failures, broken promises, or misbehaviors. 

She won’t let you get away with it. 

Every responsible man knows the importance of being accountable to his partner.

But in case you’re not used to being accountable for your actions, you can seize this opportunity to learn accountability.

Accountability doesn’t just let you have a beautiful relationship, it also makes you a better person in every aspect of your life. 

It may feel uncomfortable, but that woman who wants you to be accountable for your actions is the one who truly loves you and wants the best for you. 


4. She Has High Standards

7 Uncomfortable Signs You've Finally Met a Good Woman

You know you have struck gold in a woman when you find a woman who does not settle for less. 

And the only way you can hit gold is by digging deep.

This means that if you want to find a good woman with high standards, you must have high standards, too. 

It is never a comfortable thing to have to dig the depth you need to reach gold. 

But if you had to pick it up from the surface, it wouldn’t have half as much value as it does. 

A good woman knows her worth and that informs the high standards she sets for herself and her partner. 

So even when it is challenging, you should put in effort to show your love and commitment consistently.


5. She Encourages Personal Growth

7 Uncomfortable Signs You've Finally Met a Good Woman

One of the characteristics that singles out a good woman is her selflessness. 

In every relationship she is in, she doesn’t look out for herself alone. 

She makes sure her man is doing great, too. 

She encourages him to seek personal development.

And personal growth is a continuous journey; it doesn’t end after one time. 

A good woman will support you every step of the way. 

She will encourage you to pursue your goals, learn new skills, and improve yourself. 

This will often require that you step out of your comfort zone and put in extra work, but it will definitely lead to a significant improvement in your personal development.


6. She Doesn’t Tolerate Disrespect

7 Uncomfortable Signs You've Finally Met a Good Woman

If you want to know who is a disrespectful person, check their relationship with people of lower class than themselves.

Usually, a person may show respect to their superiors and lovers just to stay in their good books. 

But the person who respects people below them is the people who are really respectful. 

A good woman will not tolerate disrespect, whether it’s directed at her or others. 

You can’t talk to her or treat her with disrespect, and you can’t do it to others in her presence.

It may feel out of place to you (if you are a disrespectful person) that a woman is demanding respect, but respect is really not gender specific. 

Respect is something that should be given to every human, from the suckling child to the bent, old grannies. 

If you’ve been used to relationships where disrespect was ignored or tolerated, adjusting to this standard would definitely be challenging. 

Yield to it and watch how you become a better person in a few months. 


7. She Asks Difficult Questions

7 Uncomfortable Signs You've Finally Met a Good Woman

This makes me think of the time when a man told me that I ask very sound questions. 

That he had never met a woman who asked such sound and direct questions as I did. 

He was used to women who were focused on shallow things.

Well, a good woman is not confused or embarrassed with what she wants.

And she wants to know if you are what she wants.

So she will ask all her questions.

She will raise uncomfortable topics to test your view about them. 

Your responses will always determine whether or not you are the man she wants.


Above all, a good woman is loyal, respectful, and submissive. 

She doesn’t use her standards as an avenue to be disrespectful to a man or to step on his ego.

Rather, she brings all these with as much humility as possible, and with the hope that her man can exceed her or measure up to her standards.