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8 Signs He Will Never Marry You

8 Signs He Will Never Marry You

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We all dream of finding the perfect partner, someone who we can build a life with and grow old together. 

However, not every relationship is destined for that fairytale ending. 

Some men are just not interested in tying the knot—for whatever reasons. 

If you are in a relationship with a man for a while, it’s important to know the signs that he will never marry you. 

This way, if he does not want to get married and you do, you can end the relationship before it gets too serious.

8 Signs He Will Never Marry You

1. He avoids talking about marriage

Signs He Will Never Marry You

I understand that everyone has their own timeline when it comes to marriage; however, if you’ve been together for a while and you want to know where the relationship is heading, then it’s only natural to bring up the topic of marriage.

So if a guy avoids the topic of marriage like the plague, it’s likely that he doesn’t want to get married at all.

You’ll notice that he might try to change the subject or get uncomfortable when you bring up marriage.

Marriage is scary, I get it, but a guy who will marry you should be excited at the thought and mention of marriage with you. 

So if he’s not interested in discussing the marriage topic, he might not see you as a potential spouse.

2. His friends and family don’t know you

Marriage is not just between lovers; it’s also a union between families. 

A man who is serious about you understands this and will want to introduce you to his friends and family. 

If he’s keeping you away from the people closest to him, it could be a sign that he’s not planning on making you a permanent part of his life.

A guy who’s ready to marry you will want his loved ones to get to know you and be involved in your relationship.

3. He’s not emotionally available

Signs He Will Never Marry You

A strong, healthy marriage requires emotional vulnerability and openness.

Your spouse will be the most important person in your life, and you can’t help but be open and vulnerable with them. 

You should be able to trust them with your feelings, thoughts, fears, abs desires. 

Otherwise, what’s the point? 

Marriage is a naked affair. 

There should be nothing to hide. 

A man who is emotionally unavailable will consistently distance himself or avoid deep conversations because he’s ready for the emotional commitment that marriage entails.

4. He’s still hung up on his ex 

Your ex is your ex and was a part of your life at some point. 

So it’s okay to think about them, miss them, and even remember them once in a while. 

But being hung up on an ex is a huge red flag! 

When someone is still emotionally attached to their ex-partner, it shows that they are not ready for a new relationship.

So if your guy is still hung up on his ex, it means that he is not over the emotional baggage from his previous relationship.

This can cause him to compare you to his ex and prevent him from committing fully to you. 

And if he is not fully invested in your relationship, it’s unlikely that he will be ready to take the next step and commit to marriage.

In fact, there’s a likelihood of him ditching you if his ex comes along. 

5. He’s afraid of commitment 

A guy who is afraid of commitment has a fear of long-term relationships and the responsibilities that come with them.

A lot of men these days have a phobia for commitment—aka commitment-phobes. 

This fear can come from a variety of reasons, including past traumas and emotional baggage, fear of losing their freedom, or simply not being ready for a long-term commitment.

If yours is part of the statistics, he will be afraid of committing to you and so, will not be ready for a serious relationship, let alone marriage.

It’s not a crime to be afraid of commitment, I get it; marriage is a huge commitment. 

But a guy who wants something serious with you will be willing to work through his fear of commitment.

If he’s not but keeps giving excuses, forget it.

Marriage is far from you. 

6. He tells you he doesn’t want to get married

This is perhaps the clearest and most obvious sign a guy will never marry you.

If he has explicitly told you that he doesn’t want to get married, better believe him and take his words seriously.

Because while people can change their minds, it’s unwise to enter a relationship hoping to change someone’s fundamental beliefs about marriage.

Change is a constant thing in life, but change isn’t that easy as well! 

Imagine how hard it is to change a habit, let alone change a mindset. 

Mindset is probably the most difficult thing to change in a person. 

Respecting his decision and being honest with yourself about your own desires is crucial for both of your happiness.

7. He’s not financially stable, and he’s not making any effort to change it

Signs He Will Never Marry You

Marriage is not just about love and romance.

It also involves making a commitment to build a life together, and that requires some level of financial stability.

If your boyfriend is not financially stable and is not putting in any effort to improve the situation, how will he be ready for marriage?

Marriage involves a lot of financial responsibilities, such as paying bills, buying a house, and raising a family.

Without financial stability, it will be difficult to meet these demands and build a strong foundation for a successful marriage.

Moreover, financial stress can take a toll on any relationship, leading to tension and conflict.

8. His friends are all single, and players

Signs He Will Never Marry You

It is never a good sign when your man’s friends are all single and players.

This can be an indication of his own lifestyle, especially if he is spending more time with them than with you.

If the majority of his close friends are single and don’t believe in settling down, it might mean that your boyfriend does not take the idea of marriage seriously.



Now that you’ve read through these eight signs, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate your relationship.

If you recognize several of these signs in your man, have an open and honest conversation about your future together.

You deserve a partner who is fully committed to you and shares your vision for the future.

If marriage is a priority for you, don’t settle for someone who is not ready to make that commitment.

Trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid to make tough decisions for your own happiness and well-being.

Signs He Will Never Marry You