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13 Signs He Trusts You

13 Signs He Trusts You

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When you’re in a relationship, it’s important to know that your partner trusts you.

Trust is the foundation of any good relationship, and without it, things can quickly start to unravel.

So, how can you tell if your guy trusts you?

Here are 13 signs to look for.

13 Signs He Trusts You

1. He trusts you with his secrets

Signs He Trusts You

It’s a sign of trust when your partner shares his secrets with you.

This means that he has a level of confidence in your ability to keep his secrets safe and not repeat them.

He may also share things with you that he wouldn’t with anyone else in his life, which shows just how much trust he has in you.


2. He trusts you with his money

A man who trusts you with his money will be willing to share it with you.

This could mean that he lets you handle his finances or gives you access to them, but it also means that he doesn’t keep all of this information secret from you.

He may even trust you enough to allow you to make some financial decisions on your own if necessary.


3. He trusts you with his time

A man who trusts you with his time will give you as much of it as possible.

He won’t be constantly busy with other things or people; instead, he’ll make time for you.

This could mean that he’s willing to spend hours talking with you over coffee or going out on dates regularly.


4. He trusts you with his body

Signs He Trusts You

A man who trusts you with his body will let you see him in his true self without feeling uncomfortable or insecure.

He won’t hide any part of himself from you or feel ashamed about what he looks like.

He would let you see him for who he is without holding back.


5. He trusts you with his family life

A man who trusts you with his family life will let you spend time with him and his family.

He won’t hide them away from you or keep them secret; instead, he’ll introduce them to you at some point in your relationship and let them get to know the real you.

He makes you stay at home with them whether he is there or not.


6. He trusts you with his emotions

Signs He Trusts You

A man who trusts you with his emotions will let you know how he feels and what’s going on in his life without feeling like he needs to hide it from you.

He won’t play games or keep secrets; instead, he’ll be open and honest about everything that comes up between the two of you.

When he has to deal with issues, you know about it all.

He lets you in to the emotions he feels and how he has been handling them.


7. He trusts you with his future

A man who trusts you will let you in to his future.

A man who trusts you with his future will let you know what he wants to do with his life and where he sees himself going in the future.

He won’t hide his plans or dreams from you; instead, he’ll share them with you and discuss them openly so that the two of you can work together toward achieving them.

When a man is this open with you, it shows he is fully into you and trusts you very much.


8. He doesn’t hide his phone and laptop from you

signs you are unofficially dating

When a man trusts you, he won’t have any reason to hide his phone or laptop from you.

If he has nothing to hide, then there’s no need for him to keep his technology hidden away from you all the time—especially if he knows that you’re not snooping through it.

The only time he might keep certain things from you on his gadgets is when they are work-related and there is a duty of confidentiality he needs to uphold.

That doesn’t mean he is keeping them purposely away from you though.


9. He’s not afraid of communicating what he wants

Signs He Trusts You

A man who trusts you will communicate what he wants with you.

When a man is comfortable with himself and confident in his relationship with you, he won’t be afraid of communicating what he wants.

If he wants to make love, he’ll tell you; if he doesn’t want to have sex, he’ll also let you know.

He won’t beat around the bush or try to manipulate you into doing something that makes him uncomfortable.

He won’t resort to emotional blackmail to have you do his bid.

Rather, he would have a meaningful discussion and reach a common ground with you on it.

10. He’s comfortable being vulnerable around you

A man who trusts you will not feel less of a man to be vulnerable around you.

If your guy feels comfortable sharing his deepest, darkest secrets with you, it’s a good sign that he trusts you.

He knows that he can rely on you to be there for him, no matter what.

And the knowledge that you’re a reliable support system for him will keep him going even in dark times.

11. He lets down his guard around you

Signs He Trusts you

Meeting someone new will keep anyone on their toes and not wanting the wall of defense put up to crumble.

We all have our guard up when we first meet someone new.

But as we get to know them better and start to trust them, we let down our guard bit by bit.

If your guy has let his guard down around you and is comfortable being himself, it’s a good sign that he trusts you implicitly.


12. He’s comfortable being Alone with you

Spending time alone with someone can be awkward if you don’t know them well, but if your guy is happy to just spend some quiet time alone with you, it means he’s completely at ease in your company and trusts you .

He doesn’t feel the need to fill every silence with chatter.

We’ve all been in situations where the silence is deafening and all we want to do is fill it with meaningless chatter just to relieve the tension.

But if your guy is happy to just sit in silence with you, it means he’s totally comfortable around You and trusts you totally.


13. He asks for help from time-to-time

A man who doesn’t trust you won’t let himself need anything from anyone because he thinks that means weakness and vulnerability.

These are two things he doesn’t want to show off in front of others or even admit to.

But a man who does trust you know that admitting when he needs help from someone else shows strength, not weakness.

It shows he is with you and trusts you.

Signs He Trusts You

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These are just a few of the signs that your guy trusts You.

If he checks off most or all of these boxes, you’ve got yourself a keeper.

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