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How Do You Fix A Broken Relationship? 11 Simple Ways To Make It Work Again

How Do You Fix A Broken Relationship? 11 Simple Ways To Make It Work Again

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You might be wondering How Do You Fix A Broken Relationship?

We’ve all been there.

And I categorically tell you that it is not easy to fix a relationship that was once broken.

That point in a relationship when things just aren’t going right. 

Maybe you had a big fight, or things have just slowly deteriorated over time because of piled up issues that were not addressed.

Whatever the case, relationships need to be nurtured, and when they are broken, they need to be fixed. 

Here are 15 basic rules for fixing a broken relationship.

How Do You Fix A Broken Relationship? 11 Simple Ways To Make It Work Again

1. Talk it out:

How Do You Fix A Broken Relationship 

Communication is essential in any relationship especially when things are going in the wrong direction.

Before going into a relationship with a person you must have explored certain grounds such as the things you like and the things you do not like, your expectations and what you need from your partner.

In the event that one of these expectations are not met or one or all the grounds broken, it is expected that the relationship will experience a strain.

Where this train comes up it is important to open up and talk about it.

Talk about what is bothering you, how the action or inaction of your partner has affected you and what you need from your partner to make things right.

Without effective communication it will be very difficult to fix a broken relationship.

Learn to communicate your heart in clear terms so as to help you make it work again.



2. Be willing to compromise: 

Compromise is a major thing in any relationship.

There are times you will have to compromise or give in on either a minor issue or make a major sacrifice.

Being willing to compromise for your partner does not mean you are weak or complacent in any way.

It just shows that you are willing enough to work together to make the relationship work again.



3. Be understanding with your partner: 

How Do You Fix A Broken Relationship 

It is important to note that relationships take work and sometimes things will happen that will be out of your control.

While these things happen do not try to see things from your own angle alone but from also the perspective of your partner.

This will help you to understand things and be rational when making a decision that will likely affect the both of you.



4. Make an effort: 

It is not enough to say you want to make your relationship work without actually making an effort for each other.

Try to make time for each other, be thoughtful and show your partner that you actually care about them indeed.

You cannot say you are trying to make a relationship work without making an effort, put in the work.



5. Be honest with each other:

 How Do You Fix A Broken Relationship 

Trying to build a relationship that has broken down requires a great deal of honesty.

You need to be able to express yourself and how you feel, either good or bad without the fear of judgement.

This type of vulnerability will help you create a stronger bond with your partner which is crucial for rebuilding your relationship.



6. Don’t keep score: 

It is easy to point fingers at someone as the one who is the cause of a breakdown in a relationship.

However, it is important to let go of that type of thinking and it will only lead to a pile-up of grudges against your partner.

Holding onto grudges will only make a broken relationship more difficult to fix, but learning to let go and not keep score will make it easier to fix.



7.Give it time: 

Relationships take time to develop and also they take time to heal.

If you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, don’t expect things to be perfect overnight especially if it is a major issue.

Give yourselves some time to work through the issues and grow stronger as a couple.



8. Be willing to forgive: 


How Do You Fix A Broken Relationship

In any form of human relations you must have the capacity to forgive people if you have been hurt.

Find a way to forgive your partner and mean it genuinely.

This doesn’t mean forgetting what happened but it means letting go of the anger and resentment and not holding it against them at a later date.



9. Be willing to be forgiven: 

As important as it is to forgive your partner it is also important to be willing to be forgiven.

This simply means you’re admitting when you’ve done something wrong at the same time you are receptive to hearing your partner’s forgiveness.

Accepting you’re wrong in trying to make your relationship work does not mean you are weak, rather it is a sign of strength on your own part.



10. Take care of yourself: 

How Do You Fix A Broken Relationship

One major thing to remember is that you cannot fix a relationship if you are broken yourself.

You need to be mentally and physically stable to enable you fix any issue or problems in your relationship.

If you’re constantly stressed you might not be able to objectively navigate the issues you are facing with your partner.

Take some time to rest and do not neglect your self care at this point.

If you need to get rid of clusters just to help you get some clarity on the issue at hand then do so by all means.



11. Seek professional help: 

If you’ve tried everything and you’re still struggling with your relationship you might want to seek a relationship counselor or a therapist.

He will help to provide unbiased guidance and support to help you work through the issues of your relationship.



How  Do You  Fix  A Broken Relationship?

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No relationship is perfect and every couple will go through its own share of ups and downs.

If you find yourself in a broken relationship, it is important to remember that it can be fixed.

However, just know that it is not something you can do alone.

Your partner must be willing to also make things work with you otherwise you will end up being frustrated.


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