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8 Signs That You Are Sapiosexual

8 Signs That You Are Sapiosexual

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It is not uncommon to hear people claim that they are sapiosexual.

While most people throw the word around because they think it’s cool, only a few actually exhibit the true characteristics of a sapiosexual. Fewer understand what it means to be sapiosexual.

The dictionary defines sapiosexual as being sexually attracted to intellectual or mental qualities, rather than to the physical body.

Sapiosexuality is sometimes connected to sex, but not necessarily about it. It simply means that you value a person’s intellect over everything else.

Sapiosexuals are themselves highly intellectual. That is why they recognize and value this trait in others.

To attract a thing, you must first have it yourself. Simply put, like begets like.

Even though the definition is self-explanatory, there are certain qualities that further explain and describe the state of being sapiosexual.

8 Signs that You are Sapiosexual 

  1. You choose content over container

For sapiosexuals, content attracts and retains.

Container might attract sapios but it won’t hold their attention for long.

This is not to say that sapiosexuals don’t appreciate outward appearance or are not actually attracted by container; rather, they prefer intellect over beauty.

Sapios focus more on what is on the inside.

To be sapiosexual is to be more intrigued by a person’s sense of reasoning and thought processes.

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  1. It’s more than achievements for you

Sapiosexuals believe that it is not just about applauds, certificates, awards, and rewards.

For them, it is also not just about accomplishments. Yes, they appreciate those things but more importantly, sapios are more concerned about impact.

They are more interested in how their/love interest’s achievements will influence and inspire.

They believe that the most notable thing about achievements is the change they bring and how societies, institutions and individuals are positively affected.

  1. You enjoy deep and witty conversations

Signs that You're sapiosexual

Small talk is inconvenient for sapios.

Preferring witty conversations over small talk is characteristic of a sapiosexual.

Not everyone is interested in deep talk or even possess the mental capacity to initiate or  engage in such.

Sapios are often deep thinkers; hence, they choose to delve into heavy discussions regarding the universe, human psychology, philosophy, the future and so on.

Sapios are hardly found engaging in animated conversations.

They are often in company where they can participate in witty banter and intellectual discussions.

They associate and interact with people whom they can share and exchange their vast reservoir of knowledge.

You’re likely to be bored out of your brains on a date if the conversation is devoid of wit.

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  1. You love to be challenged mentally

While most people would prefer simple and uncomplicated things, sapios love to stretch their mental capacity.

They love to be intellectually challenged; therefore, they know something about almost everything.

Sapios possess a vast knowledge of various themes, subjects and topics.

They are never weary of learning new things and updating their cognitive tank of diverse subjects. They don’t shy from difficult and complex topics; rather, they run towards them.

So, they’re are attracted to those who have can challenge them intellectually.

  1. You will choose a bookshop or library over a club or bar

Signs that You're sapiosexual

Everyone has their own scene; could be garden, rainforest, party, restaurant, hills, seaside, beach, bedroom, living room, mountain, bar, park etc.

For the sapios, it is definitely not a club nor a bar.

Without thinking or blinking, they would pick a library or bookshop over a bar or a club.

Accompany a sapio to the bookstore and watch their eyes light up like they just discovered the eighth wonder of the world.

Not to say sapios don’t enjoy recreational scenes but they come alive in places relating to their interests – usually books or book-related.

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  1. You are inquisitive and ask questions

Sapios are naturally curious. They love to learn new things and expand their knowledge on topics they know little or nothing about.

They never let the chance to gain fresh knowledge, insights and perspectives slip through them.

Asking questions is characteristic of smart and intellectual people.

If you want to date a sapiosexual, be ready to answer a lot of questions.

  1. Bad grammar turns you off

Sapios are not exactly forgiving when it comes to grammatical errors.

One way to get the attention of a sapio is to be grammatically fluent.

Get your syntax, spelling, tense and pronunciation correct, and you just might earn the respect of a sapio.

  1. You have a good sense of humor

One distinct and distinguishing quality of sapiosexuals is engaging in witty banters that often require high mental reasoning.

Sapiosexuals are known for their sarcasm. It takes creativity to be humorous.

Humor is an art and not everyone is gifted in this category. To extract amusement in a way that the humor connects to the circumstance is a skill often attributed to extremely smart people.


If you exhibit all or almost all of these qualities, you can safely term yourself a sapiosexual.

Meanwhile, it is more important to be kind than to be intellectual.

People would often prefer a kind person over an intelligent one.

This is not to dismiss or demean intelligence, but you will not be remembered for the number of books you’ve read. Rather, people will remember how loved and important you made them feel.

Strive to bring out the best in people with your kind words and actions instead of impressing them with your intellectual abilities or treating people based on their intellectual capacity.