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13 Habits of People Who Live an Interesting Life

13 Habits of People Who Live an Interesting Life

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Boredom is not just a state of having nothing to do. In and of itself, it is not a disease, but the issue lies in being consistently and constantly bored.

We all have those moments when the minutes have stretched longer than normal but boredom is deeper. It is more like a state of mind.

While some people drown in the ocean of boredom, some seem not to have enough time in the world to do what they wanna do.

What’s the difference?


Certainly, there are things people who don’t live a boring life do that others who are consistently bored don’t do. There must be some mindsets and actions that produce different results in people.

Below are things people who live an interesting life do that bored people don’t do:

1. They understand the value of time

Time is probably the most important commodity in life that is often not treated as such because not only is it free, we get a deposit of 24 hours every single day!

It’s easier to waste what comes free, easy and cheap.

Time is also what every human, regardless of their colour, age, socio-economic status etc. has in common. The only difference is in how they utilise it.

People who don’t get consistently bored take responsibility for their time. They understand that time is life and make good use of it.

They value time so much that they waste it on nothing.

If you understand the value of time, you’ll not let it pass you by without putting it to productive use.

2. They are good thinkers/meditators

People who live an interesting life would rather spend their time meditating.

Engaging in meditation helps you to connect with your inner self, come up with possible solutions to various problems (personal or impersonal), and gives you a fresh insight to situations.

A lot of inventions and technological advancements we enjoy today are products of some people’s thoughts.

Make meditation a habit instead of wallowing in boredom.

3. They have a sense of purpose/they have found/understand their calling

live an interesting life

Your calling/purpose is the centre of your life. Every other thing surrounds and upholds it.

Your understanding of what you’re called to do in life dictates how you live your life.

It determines the kind of activities you choose to involve in.

People who have found their calling wake up every morning to dedicate their hours to living their purpose.

They don’t get constantly bored because they have work to be done.

4. They have discovered their interests and passion

live an interesting life

Honestly, passion is what makes life livable. It’s what takes your life from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s what adds spice to the routine of life.

Because, come to think of it, isn’t life all about routine? Sleeping, waking, eating, working, getting married and having kids (for some people), and then dying.

What makes the difference is doing what you’re passionate about.

Your passion, which is usually linked to your calling, is what makes you excited about life. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning and gives you the hope of a desirable future.

Even though you might have to work a job you’re not passionate about to earn a living, you can still enjoy doing what you’re passionate about on the side.

Sometimes you’ve got to do what you got to do to survive, but doing what you’re passionate about makes you feel alive.

What are you passionate about? What do you love doing that makes you feel alive? What do you enjoy doing so much so that you don’t feel the hours passing by?

For some, it’s writing, volunteering, making others laugh, teaching, making people feel safe, caring for others, baking, making music, singing, cooking etc.

Some people are fortunate to turn their passion into their profession/career, thereby earning from it.

It feels so good to get paid to do what you love doing.

Discover your passion and say farewell to a boring life.

4. They have discovered their gifts/talents/abilities

live an interesting life

Your talents are your innate/natural abilities, and they’re usually connected to your passion.

It’s natural to love doing something when you know you’ve got what it takes to do it.

For instance, someone who loves singing may have a beautiful voice and someone who loves writing likely has the gift of putting words together.

Although there’s also the place of mastering your talent and becoming skilful at it; because talent in its raw form won’t take you far.

Which leads me to the next point.

5. They have a growth mindset


Growth is not perfection, but progress in every aspect of life.

People who lead an interesting life take personal development seriously.

They understand the power of growth, thus, dedicate their lives and time to being better in their career, relationship, faith etc.

There won’t be space for boredom when you are dedicated to improving and enhancing your life in various aspects.

6. They always have goals they’re pursuing

live an interesting life

What is life without goals?

Goals give you something to dedicate your life and your time to. They take up your time and mental space.

Being dedicated to achieving your goals and aspirations ensure that your life doesn’t get monotonous.

At the beginning of this year, I made a list of goals I wanted to achieve in different aspects of my life.

I’ve met some of them and ticking them off gives me great fulfilment.

The ones that are yet to be achieved keep me motivated.

Make sure you never run out of written goals. This is a way to keep your life interesting.

7. They associate with people who inspire and uplift them

No matter how smart you are, you cannot dilute the influence of your association.

People who find life interesting usually associate with those who are enthusiastic about life as well.

You should move with people who lift your spirit.

Don’t hang around energy vampires, people spit venom into your spirit; who drain you emotionally, mentally, and even physically, who take from you and never give back.

Don’t hang around pessimistic people who see the bad in every situation. They’re always complaining and giving reasons why life isn’t worth living.

Just as positive energy is contagious, negative energy is as well.

If you want to lead an interesting life, associate with people who make you feel good about life.

Look up to people who are doing something with their lives and draw inspiration from them.

8. They have hobbies

People who have hobbies have more fun than those who don’t.

Life is more fun when you find time to do things that give you joy.

Take up hobbies that align with your soul and watch your life spring into excitement.

I love reading. There are millions of books in the world, so I can never run out of books to read. I get bored when I don’t make out time to read.

So, sometimes, the problem isn’t lack of hobbies for most people, it’s creating time or committing to enjoying the hobbies.


9. They are open-minded and willing to try new things


It is often said that you regret things you didn’t do more than the things you did.

When you open yourself to trying new things and having new experiences, it greatly reduces the chances of boredom.

People who live an interesting life are flexible and adventurous. This doesn’t mean they’re are reckless or take unnecessary risks.

10. They’re creative

Being creative helps you to do ordinary things in different ways. Creativity adds spice to things.

People who live an interesting life switch things up by thinking of ways to do things differently.

You have to challenge yourself to bring creativity into everything that you do – work, home, relationships, appearance etc.


10. They cultivate meaningful relationships

We are social animals with a longing to connect with others.

As a matter of fact, having a solid support system greatly influences one’s quality of life.

People who lead an interesting life have healthy relationships with people they love and who love them, usually family and friends.

You can’t do this life alone. You need people.

Ensure you cultivate meaningful relationships and spend time with people who matter to you.

They’ll add spice to your life in ways unimaginable.

11. They know when to work and when to rest

People whose lives aren’t boring understand that there’s time for everything, thus, they know when to work and when to lay everything to rest.

They understand that it’s okay to do nothing sometimes, and they don’t get bored doing nothing.

Busy isn’t the same as productive.

12. A relationship with God

There are times when you can’t help yourself. Times when self-help fails and you need the help of a Higher Power to see you through the troubles and vicissitudes of life.

A relationship with God does not promise a life without challenges but it promises and guidance and victory.


13. They know and understand who they are

Know yourself and every other thing falls into place.

Once you understand the kind of person you are, it dictates the direction your life takes.

Life isn’t just about the routines, fulfilling societal expectations, or running the rat race.

It’s about discovering yourself and staying true to who you are even if it doesn’t fit the society’s definition. 

Granted, there are so many distractions that stand in the way of discovering yourself, but this is something you have to do for yourself.

Not knowing who you are/what makes you tick will only get you lost in the crowd and doing what everyone else is doing.

I hope these 13 tips will help you to make some changes in your life that count towards leading an interesting life.